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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 January 2023

* Scientists steer lightning bolts with lasers for the first time >>
* Economic woes, war, climate change on tap for Davos meeting >>

* Davos returns to normal form for 1st time since COVID >>
* As Elites Arrive in Davos, Conspiracy Theories Thrive Online >>
* Why it is important to explore the outer limits of knowledge >>

* Future of Fission Reactors May Be Small >>
* Alarmed by A.I. Chatbots, Universities Start Revamping How They Teach >>
* China trounces U.S. in AI research output and quality >>
* Dilbert: ChatGPT >>

* People Are Testing GPT Chat AI And Sharing Their Hilarious Results On Twitter >>
* ChatGPT goes pro, layoffs at Alphabet, and Dungeons & Dragons flirts with restrictive new licensing >>
* How ChatGPT Hijacks Democracy >>

* ChatGPT and Knowledge Strategy >>
* Laid-Off Workers Are Flooded With Fake Job Offers >>
* Research review suggests long COVID may last indefinitely for some people and mimic other ailments >>

* A blast of ultrasound waves could rejuvenate ageing cells >>
* Cellular Reprogramming Extends Lifespan in Mice, Longevity Startup Says >>
* Protein injections could finally repair muscle after a heart attack >>

* Everything You Need to Start Your First Ai Business >>
* Reid Hoffman | Talking AI with AI : Introducing Fireside Chatbots >>
* An A.I. Translation Tool Can Help Save Dying Languages. But at What Cost? >>

* Why health-care services are in chaos everywhere >>
* The first breach of 1.5°C will be a temporary but devastating failure >>
* Billionaires are collectively adding $2.7 billion to their fortunes daily >>

* Google: Why we focus on AI (and to what end) >>
* Elon Musk’s next drama: a trial over his tweets about Tesla >>

* As COVID-19 Barrels Through China, Some Are Turning to Black Market Amid Drug Shortages >>
* ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ takes Best Picture at Critics Choice Awards >>
* Netflix streaming turns 15 today >>

* GPT-3 Is the Best: Journal I’ve Ever Used >>
* 3D-printed antennas could bring 5G and 6G to remote communities >>
* The battle of the standards: why the US and UK can’t stop fighting the metric system >>

* Burden of Tech Security Rests on the Wrong Shoulders >>
* How to demonstrate the business value of data >>
* How McDonald’s latest ad got everyone talking about an everyday facial expression >>

* A court ruling barred some ex-Twitter employees to join a class action suit against Elon Musk’s company >>
* ChatGPT, CES and cybersecurity advice from AWS >>

* China’s SpaceX 3D Prints over 30 Parts for Rocket Engine >>
* How Successful Women Sustain Career Momentum >>

* The First CRISPR Gene-Edited Meat is Coming >>
* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches classified mission for US Space Force >>
* The Supreme Court Justices Do Not Seem to Be Getting Along >>

* AI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuit >>
* AI and the Human Brain: How Similar Are They? >>

* China gaming crackdown: sales shrink for first time in two decades amid regulatory pressure, slowing economy >>
* America’s Must-Win Semiconductor War >>
* Solid-state batteries, artificial photosynthesis lead Japan’s energy R&D >>

* Toyota says it could produce 10.6m vehicles in 2023 >>
* Israel’s inflation at 5.3% in 2022, its highest level since 2008 >>
* Oceans Break Heat Record for Fourth Year in a Row >>
* NASA’s return to the moon is off to a rocky start >>

* Ransomware has now become a problem for everyone, and not just tech >>
* BMW wows with ‘chameleon car’ in 32 shades >>
* Scientists Find Building Blocks Of Life In Meteor That Smashed Into Family’s Driveway >>

* Biometrics will become more important >>
* The replication and emulation of GPT-3 >>
* Reflections on Trusting Trust & AI >>

* Implications of large language model diffusion for AI governance >>
* NASA’s Plan To Rescue Stranded Astronauts – Playing Sardines In A Space Capsule >>
* Yes, trust still matters in the workplace >>

* Mystery of why Meghan Markle has gone ‘missing’ for the past month >>
* Jeremy Clarkson says he apologised to Harry and Meghan for Sun column >>
* Richest 1% own 40.5% of India’s wealth, says new Oxfam report >>

* AI code-writing assistant that understands data content >>
* China’s BRI ‘circle of friends’ expanding >>
* Germany achieves 100Mbit/s (mostly) everywhere all the time >>

* What 2023 holds in store for telecom in India >>
* DeepMind’s CEO Helped Take AI Mainstream. Now He’s Urging Caution >>
* 12 AI Websites That Will Blow Your Mind >>

* Wind Turbine as Tall as a 70-Story Building Announced in China >>
* 3 Tips on spotting an AI-generated article >>
* Avast researchers released a free BianLian ransomware decryptor for some variants of the malware >>

* Europol arrested cryptocurrency scammers that stole millions from victims >>
* 1.7 TB of data stolen from digital intelligence firm Cellebrite leaked online >>
* High-powered lasers can be used to steer lightning strikes >>

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