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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 November 2022

* 263+ Best Black Friday Deals Available to Buy Right Now >>
* Thanksgiving of the Future: What Climate Change Means for Your Plate >>
* Researchers 3D-printed a fully recyclable house from natural materials >>

* San Francisco police seek permission for its robots to use deadly force >>
* It’s time to talk about killer robots >>
* Mercedes new $1,200/year subscription for quicker acceleration in its cars >>

* Satellite Constellations Could Harm the Environment, New Watchdog Report Says >>
* Israeli lab ‘explodes’ mice tumors using gas, in possible alternative to surgery >>
* We could run out of data to train AI language programs >>
* Days of cancer relapse are over, thanks to this novel chemoimmunotherapy >>

* “Avatar 2” return to China stalled by covid-19 lockdowns >>
* Newborn female mice live longer if they smell older females’ urine >>
* Indoor mini-drone for first responders >>

* Israeli scientists invent face mask made of thin air, which blows virus away >>
* China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide >>
* Zero-Covid China asks: Is World Cup on another planet? >>

* Life on Mars? Scientists confirm that Mars’ Jezero Crater was full of organic materials >>
* Afghanistan: ‘I drug my hungry children to help them sleep’ >>
* Ukraine battles to restore power after Russian strikes leave ‘vast majority’ of people without electricity >>
* Pro-Russian group Killnet claims responsibility for DDoS attack that has taken down the European Parliament site >>

* We’re Saving the Wrong Bees | Nicholas Dorian | TEDx >>
* Harnessing Madness | Lena Chauhan | TEDx >>
* Why we all have a role in eradicating intestinal worms | Mariana Stephens | TEDx >>
* In the War on Thanksgiving, America May Finally Be Winning >>

* Elon Musk’s ‘Extremely Hardcore’ Twitter >>
* Elon Musk polls Twitter about a general amnesty for suspended accounts >>
* Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover disrupted Christchurch Call – NZ to rethink digital strategy >>
* Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta is now available to everyone in North America >>

* JWST peers into the atmosphere of an exoplanet bombarded by stellar radiation >>
* JWST Detects Signs of Active Chemistry and Clouds in the Atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-39 b >>
* With JWST Fully Operational Again, we get Images Like This: Saturn’s Moon Titan >>

* Indian police force has a rat problem. Or so it claims >>
* Three New Ebola Vaccines Will Soon Be Tested in Uganda >>

* Microsoft warns hackers are targeting long-discontinued Boa web server >>
* British government bars Chinese-made security cameras from sensitive sites >>
* What the rise of the robots means for BT >>

* Robot Tractors Are Coming, Just as Soon as We Crush a Few Bugs >>
* Shen, the Multimillion-Dollar T. Rex Up For Auction, May Not Be Totally Authentic >>
* Europe faces an enduring crisis of energy and geopolitics >>

* Asia’s Scamdemic: The Age of Internet Predators >>
* ‘Gold Hydrogen’ Is an Untapped Resource in Depleted Oil Wells >>
* Water recycling technologies developed for space are helping a parched American west >>

* Does Influencer Marketing Really Pay Off? >>
* How Southeast Asia’s small businesses can go global >>
* What It’s Like To Park Your Car In A $300,000 Parking Spot In New York City >>
* Mars rover documentary ‘Good Night Oppy’ now streaming on Prime Video >>

* ERIS, Very Large Telescope’s newest infrared eye on the sky, reveals the inner ring of the galaxy NGC 1097 in stunning detail >>
* Amazon will spend $1B on movies for theatrical release >>
* Windows Subsystem for Linux launches in Microsoft Store >>
* Scientists Ruin Delicious Seabass to Probe Why Some Organs Don’t Fossilize >>

* Wireless smart bandage provides new insights on healing chronic wounds >>
* Weary and Thirsty, World Cup Fans Try to Find Joy at a Complicated Tournament >>
* Giving Power Grid Operators the Gift of Foresight >>
* Big Tech will love India’s draft data protection bill >>

* With changing definition, Meta becomes India’s largest media company >>
* Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022: deals, news, and more >>
* A very smart Vergecast Thanksgiving >>

* It’s not your imagination: Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse >>
* TikTok keeps hiring as other tech companies shrink workforces >>
* U.S. Stocks Rise on Signs of Interest-Rate Hike Slowdown >>

* Neural Networks Learn Better by Mimicking Human Sleep Patterns >>
* Low-Cost Robot Navigates Nearly Any Obstacle >>
* Researchers Pave Way for Next-Gen Life-Inspired Materials >>

* The US and China are pointing fingers each other over climate change >>
* Ducktail information stealer continues to evolve >>

* TED2022: What you can learn from people who disagree with you >>
* TED: How to lead a conversation between people who disagree >>
* TED: How to have constructive conversations >>
* TED: An NFL quarterback on overcoming setbacks and self-doubt >>
* Mealworms: The unlikely shift food of the future, today | Akissi Stokes-Nelson | TEDx >>
* How To Stop Living For Tomorrow | Vlad Gheorghiu | TEDx >>

* New RansomExx Ransomware Variant Rewritten in the Rust Programming Language >>
* Millions of Android Devices Still Don’t Have Patches for Mali GPU Flaws >>
* This Android File Manager App Infected Thousands of Devices with SharkBot Malware >>
* Why AI needs a steady diet of synthetic data >>

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