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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2022

* Wheelchair that can be controlled with your MIND >>
* China Will Allow ‘Avatar’ Sequel In Theaters — A Crucial Win For Massively Expensive Movie >>
* Fifa World Cup 2022: Germany stunned by Japan comeback >>

* Dinosaur Bone Market Is Booming. It Also Has Growing Pains. >>
* Amazing Interactive Map of the Universe Takes You All the Way Back to the Big Bang >>
* AI Supercomputer Has 13.5 Million Cores—and Was Built in Just Three Days >>

* B1M: The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel >>
* NASA loses contact with Artemis 1’s Orion spacecraft for 47 minutes >>
* A game-changing new hybrid EV battery recharges in only 72 seconds >>

* PRO ROBOTS: The largest robot exhibitions in China, Japan and UAE 2022 >>
* Wisdom of Dogs and the Spiritual Lessons Learned | TEDx >>
* Foxconn offers US$1,400 to leave Zhengzhou factory after violent protests to new hires >>

* * Two Minute Papers: Crushing 1,000,000 Particles With a Hydraulic Press! >>
* Never-before-seen images show what a migraine looks like in the brain >>
* Another telco supply-chain shortage: cable ships >>

* Sam Bankman-Fried speaks out about FTX’s dramatic collapse in internal employee letter >>
* Sam Bankman-Fried’s memo to FTX employees, edited to remove the bullshit >>
* Meta’s game-playing AI can make and break alliances like a human >>

* Etihad’s ‘Greenliner’ shows a glimpse of a more sustainable future for aviation >>
* China Covid: Angry protests at giant iPhone factory in Zhengzhou >>
* How Vaccines Are Developed – and Why They’re Safe | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter | TED >>

* Meta says it got 55,497 requests from Indian govt for user data >>
* Drug triggers immune cells to attack prostate cancer >>
* What will quantum computers be made of? | John Morton | TEDx >>

* Ukraine claims sniper shot Russian soldier 1.7 miles away >>
* How HIMARS Rocket Launchers Helped Ukraine ‘Get Back in the Fight’ >>
* 2023 Outlook: Coming out of year of Black Swans, semiconductor industry likely to be less volatile in 2023 >>

* As Elon Musk Cuts Costs at Twitter, Some Bills Are Going Unpaid >>
* Elon Musk belongs to club that forbids members from taking pictures. Here’s everything we know about San Vicente Bungalows. >>
* How Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Is Ruining His Own Myth — And Tesla’s Stock >>
* Truth Social Is Rising as the Anti-Mastodon >>

* FDA approves the first-ever drug that can delay the progression of Type 1 diabetes >>
* GPU Market Nosedives, Sales Lowest In a Decade >>
* SES CTO on launching software-defined satellites >>

* Why Using IaC Alone is a Half-baked Infrastructure Strategy >>
* Time for enterprise architects to take their place in the boardroom >>
* Experts claim that iPhone’s analytics data is not anonymous >>

* Microsoft releases out-of-band update to fix Kerberos auth issues caused by a patch for CVE-2022-37966 >>
* Study suggests AI cruise control could kill traffic jams by cutting out the ‘intuition’ factor >>
* CAR T cell therapy could reach beyond cancer >>

* New York’s crypto mining restrictions are the first in the nation >>
* US Has a Bomb-Sniffing Dog Shortage >>
* Leaked Release Notes for Tesla FSD Beta v11 w/ James Douma #40 (Ep. 699) >>

* Google: Get started with Security Command Center and Active Assist >>
* Meta Workers Hijacked User Accounts & Charged Bribes, Report Says | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ >>
* LightSail 2 proved flight by light is possible, now passes the torch to NASA >>

* Earth’s largest iceberg – 2 times bigger than London – is floating toward the equator >>
* How Many Yottabytes in a Quettabyte? Extreme Numbers Get New Names >>
* Disney CEO Drama, Explained With One Simple Chart >>

* White House’s plan to colonize the moon, briefly explained >>
* ooh.directory – A collection of 852 blogs about every topic >>
* FTX customers in China make up 8 per cent of total, defying Beijing’s crypto ban >>

* Xi Jinping’s big bang for Chinese stockmarkets >>
* GaN Devices for Space Applications >>
* Global Economy Slows, But Not as Much as Feared >>
* Giving Thanks: The Right Way to Show Appreciation At Work >>

* T-Mobile execs open a door to mmWave FWA >>
* Dish begins publishing APIs, courting developers for 5G >>
* Why a recession is great for companies with high cloud computing bills >>

* 34 Russian Cybercrime Groups Stole Over 50 Million Passwords with Stealer Malware >>
* Ducktail Malware Operation Evolves with New Malicious Capabilities >>
* New Black Basta ransomware campaign is actively targeting US companies >>
* Analysis on Docker Hub malicious images: Attacks through public container images >>

* Microsoft says attackers are hacking energy grids by exploiting decades-old software >>
* Report warns of urgent need to address cybersecurity in offshore oil and gas infrastructure >>
* We are on the cusp of a data revolution >>
* Supermarkets use of facial recognition technology ‘raises significant privacy and ethical concerns’ >>

* The Power of Forgiveness | Anna Ponder, PHD | TEDx >>
* How To Be The Leader You Want To Work For-It’s Easier Than You Think | Maria Haggo | TEDx >>
* How to Live an Impactful Life | Birgit Pestalozzi | TEDx >>
* How NFTs Represent Obsession with Authenticity | Clara Flatau | TEDx >>

* Blackouts across Ukraine amid wave of Russian strikes >>
* US: He just started shooting: Walmart manager opens fire in breakroom >>
* NZ: The worst has happened: Manhunt under way after dairy killing >>

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