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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 November 2022

* NASA’s Orion spacecraft reaches far side of moon, completes first such attempt since 1972 >>
* Nasa Launch Pad Sustained Significant Damage During Artemis Takeoff >>
* Orion spacecraft approaching the Moon >>
* Orion spacecraft emerges from behind the Moon >>

* Bob Iger is returning as Disney CEO in a dramatic shakeup >>
* Disney’s new-old CEO Bob Iger had some big ideas about the future at Code conference. >>
* Chinese researchers launch brain-computer interface platform compatible with dozens of available technologies >>
* COP27: one big breakthrough but ultimately an inadequate response to the climate crisis >>

* Scientists vote to scrap periodically-added second by 2035, amid concerns it can wreak havoc for GPS systems and telecoms >>
* Governments vote to retire the leap second by 2035 >>
* The Truth About Faking Orgasms | Karen Gurney | TED >>

* How much would you pay to see a woolly mammoth? >>
* Dams could sustainably feed 1.15 billion people, but as a last resort >>
* An alarming tug-o’-war over a Ukrainian nuclear plant >>

* What Meta’s Galactica missteps mean for GPT-4 | The AI Beat >>
* AI weather forecaster sets sights on battered Asia-Pacific >>
* Watch this robot dog scramble over tricky terrain just by using its camera >>

* Luna Moth ransomware group invests in call centers to target individual victims >>
* Crypto markets fall as FTX hacker begins to move ill-gotten coins >>
* Meta Workers Hijacked User Accounts and Charged Bribes, Report Says >>
* Daixin Ransomware Gang Steals 5 Million AirAsia Passengers’ and Employees’ Data >>
* Octocrypt, Alice, and AXLocker Ransomware, new threats in the wild >>
* Google won a lawsuit against the Glupteba botnet operators >>
* Google provides rules to detect tens of cracked versions of Cobalt Strike >>

* Meet Uncle Sam, your new personal telecom shopping assistant >>
* A Portuguese company’s innovative floating solar panels stalk the Sun’s movements >>
* FDA approves the first-ever drug that can delay the progression of Type 1 diabetes >>

* Tesla issues back-to-back recalls >>
* Twitter Is Not Rocket Science—It’s Harder >>
* Elon Musk went on a firing frenzy at Twitter. Now he’s paying for it >>
* Elon Musk is reportedly considering cutting more of Twitter’s workforce >>

* Continuous glucose monitor startups still have to prove their worth >>
* Lab-grown adrenal glands could help treat hormone-related conditions >>
* An offshore workforce is training Amazon’s warehouse-monitoring algorithms >>

* The next big perk for Gen Z isn’t in the office: it’s belonging >>
* Tumor matrix profiling gives clues to progression of some lung cancers >>
* How many yottabytes in a quettabyte? >>

* Watch NASA’s Orion capsule pass 80 miles from the Moon starting at 7:15 AM >>
* TSMC confirms plans to build 3-nanometer chips in Arizona. >>
* Why This Breakthrough AI Now Runs A Nuclear Fusion Reactor | New AI Supercomputer >>

* Indonesia earthquake kills over 160 people, reduces homes to rubble, injuring hundreds >>
* Gunmen attack police station, sparking deadly shootout in Mexico >>
* First Criminal Case Opened Against Russian Conscripts Refusing to Fight >>

* The Morning After: Elon Musk reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter account >>
* To Coach Leaders, Ask the Right Questions >>
* Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Came Early: Save Big on Echo, Kindle Readers, Fire Tablets and More >>

* TikTok-mad Malaysian voters push Islamic politics to the fore >>
* Microsoft CEO Nadella: Cloud business ‘situated’ for growth >>
* Amazon makes a new push into health care >>

* Bank of Israel hikes key lending rate for sixth time in 2022 to tame inflation >>
* Tech startups could suffer a funding crunch until 2024, experts warn >>
* The metaverse will take over the edtech sector by 2030, analyst predicts >>

* Korea cancels 28GHz allocations over missed rollout targets >>
* ‘Quiet firing’ is a c-suite problem: how companies can stop it >>
* Engineer-Manager-Engineer: The career path nobody talks about >>

* Many Next-Generation Telescopes are Carried on Balloons. Here’s What the Next Decade Holds in Balloon Astronomy >>
* America’s Cup: Team NZ damage test boat in high-speed crash >>

* Montreal Olympic Sports Centre has a 20m (65ft) diving board >>
* Inside the Waymo-Zeekr robotaxi, Bird spirals and layoffs come to Nuro >>
* Space startup Stells wants to put spacecraft-charging covers on the Moon >>

* Security notifications affecting the Tailscale client and service >>
* Introduction The Future of Multicloud Data Protection is Here 11-14 >>
* That’s how they dig the bottom of the sea. Sea dredging process. >>

* Looming recession may hurt 5G in India >>
* Meta Layoffs — Which departments were impacted the most? >>
* Women are locked out of leadership in the metaverse | McKinsey >>

* Waffling can teach us to be better listeners | Matt Smith | TEDx >>
* The importance of blowing a child’s mind | Nick Goldsmith | TEDx >>
* The Power of Spoken Words; Dr. Tilak Tanwar’s take on Manifestation | Tilak Tanwar | TEDx >>
* Get into the box: perspective as the true driver of impact | Sofia Maroudia | TEDx >>
* Could psychedelics help us treat mental health conditions? | Praachi Tiwari | TEDx >>

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