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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 November 2022

* Cancer patients test world’s first ‘computer-designed’ antibodies, made in Israel >>
* Zaporizhzhia: Explosions at occupied nuclear site in Ukraine >>
* Ukraine and Russia blame each other for shelling Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant >>

* COP27 redraws the map for the global climate responsibility >>
* China claims ‘world’s first’ kerosene-powered engine could propel jets nine times the speed of sound >>
* Something is wrong with Einstein’s theory of gravity >>

* Twitter loses another executive as Donald Trump’s account gets restored >>
* Trump Cites Twitter ‘Problems,’ Says He’ll Stick to Own Platform >>
* Twitter Before & After Elon Musk. Notice any difference? >>
* Musk Considers Further Twitter Layoffs in Sales on Monday >>
* Twitter’s Survival as a Subscription Service Depends on Apple and Google >>
* Twitter chaos and Trump reinstatement leave users worried about data >>
* US government still isn’t sure about Elon Musk’s Twitter >>
* I’ve been ‘Jesus Christ’ on Twitter for 14 years — and thanks to Elon Musk, I’m now verified >>
* Elon Musk Embraces Twitter’s Radical Fact-Checking Experiment >>

* Bullies aren’t strong managers >>
* Dictators hate political cartoons — so I keep drawing them | TED >>
* Picture Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips >>
* 29 foot crocodile discovered in a lake in Maine. Considered to now be the worlds largest >>

* Autism Treatment Shifts Away from ‘Fixing’ the Condition >>
* Was This $100 Billion Deal the Worst Merger Ever? >>
* Will Neural Sensors Lead to Workplace Brain Scanning? >>

* Microsoft, Meta and Others Face Rising Drought Risk to Their Data Centers >>
* The EV Transition Explained: Battery Challenges Batteries expose supply chain and skills gaps >>

* Nearly 45,000 criminal cases opened against Russian military >>
* Lex Fridman: Climate Change Debate: Bjørn Lomborg and Andrew Revkin | Lex Fridman Podcast #339 >>
* Amazon spreads joy (while firing 10,000 people) >>

* Why Meta’s latest large language model survived only three days online >>
* No, the metaverse is not dead – it’s inevitable >>
* Forrester’s 2023 predictions indicate a bumpy road ahead for CISOs >>

* How Web Tech Got This Way and How It May Evolve in the Future >>
* Why people love watching sports | TED >>
* Only Way the U.S. Can Win the Tech War with China >>

* Helping Shell, and Others, Get EV Charging Going >>
* Why Indonesia matters >>
* A Tesla stock buyback could come in the next year as Elon Musk continues to tease one >>

* Effective Altruism Is Bunk, Crypto Is Bad for the Planet, and Other Basic Truths of the FTX Crash >>
* The world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai will have a crown of diamonds >>
* A super adventure to infinite space: How generation ships could bring us to stars >>

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