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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 November 2022

* Blood Test Only Needs a Drop and a Smartphone for Results >>
* Video Friday: Little Robot, Big Stairs >>
* Vorboss offers 100 gigabit connectivity – but only in central London >>

* Preview of Artemis I Powered Flyby of Orion Around the Moon (Official NASA Briefing) >>
* Artemis I Close Flyby of the Moon >>
* NASA’s Artemis Launch Just Kicked Off a New Age in Space Exploration >>

* Meet Unstable Diffusion, the group trying to monetize AI porn generators >>
* JRE #1900 – Steve-O: latest book, “A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions >>
* Some notes on the Stable Diffusion safety filter >>

* Listening to the brain: A functional cure for epilepsy | David Garrett | TEDx >>
* Israel sets robotic target-tracking turrets in the West Bank >>

* India’s first private rocket, built by startup Skyroot, makes successful launch >>
* Autonomous delivery startup Nuro lays off 20% of workforce >>
* Importance of pain on path to resilience | Scott Greenberg | TEDx >>

* Porsche invests in quantum computing as auto industry sees diverse application potentials >>
* Qualcomm surrounds all platforms with AI technology; AR and PC applications receiving attention >>

* Queen Caroline: The ‘Fake Charity Nerd Girl’ Behind FTX Collapse >>
* Exec who cleaned up Enron calls FTX mess ‘unprecedented’ >>
* FTX’s Workers Are Angry and Financially Ruined >>
* Celebrities FTX used to build trust are being sued, but can they really be held accountable? >>
* Worst is yet to come: FTX pandemic could ‘wipe out’ several crypto companies >>
* Scrollable, annotated, incredibly complex org chart of FTX >>
* Celebrities FTX used to build trust are being sued, but can they really be held accountable? >>

* Our brains and rational decision-making | Thomas Karel | TEDx >>
* The 3 Principles of Communication that Connects the World | Samina Chowdhury | TEDx >>
* A Historically Bad Year to Retire >>

* Qatar World Cup shows how football is changing >>
* Ban on Beer Is Latest Flash Point in World Cup Culture Clash >>
* An Unlikely Group Scrambles for World Cup Rooms: FIFA’s Elite >>
* Qatar’s $200 billion splurge will be hard to justify when the World Cup ends >>

* Friday’s tech news live: All eyes on Twitter (again) >>
* VergecastL Taylor Swift, Twitter, and the disaster of Meta’s latest headset. >>
* Elon Musk has used Twitter once per hour on average since buying the company >>
* Former Twitter employees fear the platform might only last weeks >>

* Choose your words wisely – the right words do matter | Lorraine Stamp | TEDx >>
* Microsoft Teams makes it easier to host meetings using sign language >>
* Dell Technologies | The Future of Multicloud Data Protection is Here >>

* 6 Ways to Reenergize a Depleted Team >>
* Global Population Is Aging. Is Your Business Prepared? >>
* The age of eSIM is officially here >>
* I found out my biological age—and was annoyed by the result >>

* Greg Gage | How Your Brain Works: Neuroscience Experiments for Everyone | Talks at Google >>
* AI-generated deepfake faces could help protect privacy on social media >>
* Researchers Quietly Cracked Zeppelin Ransomware Keys >>
* How to Use a Laser to Kick an Electron out of a Molecule >>

* This Is How an Alzheimer’s Gene Ravages the Brain >>
* Meta’s Galactica AI can write scientific papers, but is it any good? >>
* Brazil picked as 2022 World Cup winners by Alan Turing Institute model >>
* The map of the Universe: from the Milky Way to the edge of what can be seen >>

* NASA just released the full report of its investigation into James Webb. >>
* Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says layoffs will continue into next year >>
* Ransomware is a global problem that needs a global solution >>
* IoT Startups Target Rails, Railcars >>

* Follow Orion’s trip to the moon with NASA Artemis 1 tracking website >>
* How Close Are We to Nuclear War? >>
* North Korea ICBM had range to hit US mainland – Japan >>
* There’s a Cloud of Space Debris Around Earth. Here’s how we Could get a Better Picture of it >>

* China launches mysterious Earth observation satellites >>
* In a hotter, more crowded world, immigration is inevitable >>
* Historic Launch of Our Artemis I Flight Test on This Week @NASA – November 18, 2022 >>
* NASA Launches the World’s Most Powerful Rocket | Artemis I Highlights >>

* When Brian Cox and Brian Cox collide on BBC Breakfast >>
* NASA picks SpaceX’s Starship for its second crewed Artemis lunar landing >>
* 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite that crashed into Earth solves the mystery of water on our planet >>

* COP27 is leaving huge loopholes for greenwashing >>
* As hundreds leave Twitter, Elon Musk gets more than he bargained for >>
* Democratic senators ask FTC to investigate Elon Musk over his handling of Twitter >>

* Inside Twitter as ‘mass exodus’ of staffers throws platform’s future into uncertainty >>
* SpaceX employees file unfair labor charges alleging they were fired for criticizing Musk >>
* Elon Musk’s $50 billion trial comes to an end today >>
* Twitter locks staff out of offices until next week >>
* What’s happening to Twitter? Fears of a platform on the brink as offices shut down, chaos ensues >>
* New Twitter accounts will have to wait 90 days before buying a subscription >>
* A running list of all the things that aren’t working on Twitter anymore >>

* Anthony Dina, Dell Technologies and Bob Crovella, NVIDIA | SuperComputing 22 >>
* Lucas Snyder, Indiana University and Karl Oversteyns, Purdue University | SuperComputing 22 >>
* Ian Colle, AWS | SuperComputing 22 >>

* Grandparents raising grandkids face high levels of food insecurity >>
* The risk that Russia will go nuclear in Ukraine is real >>

* A new migration crisis is brewing in Europe >>
* DevOps-as-a-Service, the Shortcut to DevOps Adoption >>
* Samsung Vietnam smartphone factory expected to shut down for 15 days >>

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