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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 November 2022

* Ever wondered what you would have looked like during the Viking Age? AI transforms your photos into hyper-realistic images from history >>
* AI Photoshop, robot art, and a big fight about the future of colors. >>
* IBM quantum computer runs largest quantum program yet >>

* Quantum computers in use today are vulnerable to eavesdropping hackers >>
* Average monthly data usage nears half a terabyte as 1-Gig adoption climbs – study >>
* Online Connectivity In Real Life | Juliette Henry | TEDx >>

* iPhone 15 Pro rumored to get Thunderbolt connectivity >>
* Wet pet food has seven times the carbon emissions of dry food >>
* Biohybrid microrobots could be prescribed to you one day >>

* Lucid Dreaming Is a Mystery We’re Starting to Crack >>
* Covid-19 infection may reactivate several latent viruses in body, study >>
* Industry First, Upside Foods’ Lab-Grown Chicken Gets FDA Approval >>

* The snap back of travel: Airlines’ ability to keep pace >>
* Ride a balloon into SPACE from a floating spaceport >>
* Archer Reveals Its Electric Air Taxi for 10-Minute Flights to the Airport >>

* Intel unveils real-time deepfake detector, claims 96% accuracy rate >>
* Addressing AI’s ‘Hand-Me-Down Infrastructure’ Issue >>
* WhatsApp now helps you search for businesses >>

* NASA’s Webb Draws Back Curtain on Universe’s Early Galaxies >>
* Qatar’s sustainable stadium is 100% dismountable and made of shipping containers >>
* Google’s Live View AR search feature starts rolling out next week >>

* Meta fired staff for hijacking Facebook and Instagram accounts >>
* Meta punished dozens of employees for offering an inside line to account recovery >>
* Elon Musk lays out options for remaining Twitter employees: click ‘yes’ or you’re done >>
* Elon Musk’s Tesla payout has a $50 billion hand in whether or not he remains the world’s richest person >>

* Who is Tesla’s next CEO? – Elon Musk’s BIG decision (Ep. 698) >>
* High Severity Vulnerabilities Reported in F5 BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Devices >>
* How Google made web search great… and then kind of lost its way >>

* Notion’s latest feature is an AI that can write blog posts, to-do lists and more >>
* A new tick-borne disease is killing cattle in the US >>

* China’s Xi confronts Canadian prime minister in hot mic moment >>
* China: Missile launching vehicles en route to designated area >>
* Chinese Hackers Using 42,000 Imposter Domains in Massive Phishing Attack Campaign >>

* Elastic report: Nearly 33% of cyberattacks in the cloud leverage credential access >>
* What’s the Story? All SES wants for Christmas are MEO satellites >>

* This New Algorithm Could Turbocharge How We Solve Cold Cases With DNA >>

* FTX used corporate funds to purchase employee homes, new filing shows >>
* FTX had no accounting department and reimbursements were processed with emoji >>
* FTX’s New CEO Says Crypto Exchange Suffered ‘Complete Failure of Corporate Controls’ >>
* Defiant Sam Bankman-Fried declares he has ‘2 weeks to raise $8b’ after FTX bankruptcy >>
* Binance CEO assures that crypto ‘will be fine’ after backing out of deal to rescue FTX >>
* Billions Of FTX Assets In Limbo As Exchange Follows Voyager Into Bankruptcy >>
* Is this the end of crypto? >>

* Zero trust: The new security paradigm >>
* Russian Tech Workers’ Latest Exodus Hits Local IT Sector >>
* Dutch Court Convicts 3 Men in Case of 2014 Flight Shot Down Over Ukraine >>

* Day 1 Keynote Analysis | SuperComputing 22 >>
* Travis Vigil, Dell Technologies | SuperComputing 22 >>
* Bhavesh Patel, Dell Technologies & Shreya Shah, Dell Technologies | SuperComputing 22 >>
* Evernote, once the king of note-taking apps, has been bought by Bending Spoons >>

* Autonomous robots to help modernize grape, wine industry >>
* Cloud-Native Requires DevOps—Or Does It? >>
* Automating Compute Infrastructure to Accelerate Your Cloud Journey >>
* Hubble Space Telescope offers stunning view clouded out by a future star >>

* NASA has a Plan to Minimize Future Micrometeoroid Impacts on JWST >>
* Early meteorites brought enough water to Mars to create a global ocean >>
* Air Force, FBI raid homes in probe of Area 51 website >>

* Engineers test novel navigation technology for NASA’s Artemis mission in Arizona desert >>
* Iranian Hackers Compromised a U.S. Federal Agency’s Network Using Log4Shell Exploit >>
* The Arc browser is the Chrome replacement I’ve been waiting for >>
* U.S. midterm elections: money wins presidency >>

* Running reduces chance of some cancers by 72%, Israeli scientists find >>
* Exploring the future of education with experts around the world >>
* New Records for the Biggest and Smallest AI Computers >>

* In The Age Of Hybrid Working, Are Work Friendships A Nostalgic Dream? >>
* U.K. economy in recession for first time since 2008 >>
* Housing Market Recession: Deterioration Continues As Cratering New Home Construction Threatens To Intensify Shortage >>
* Parliament is not a normal workplace – anti-bullying policy must start with ethical leadership >>

* Pelosi announces she will not run for leadership post after GOP wins House >>
* Queen so greatly missed, says Camilla in first speech as Queen Consort >>
* World’s most expensive restaurant experience comes to Dubai >>
* Air NZ confident Botox, fillers, identical twins won’t cause problems for facial recognition verification >>

* China calls for strengthening ethical governance of AI >>
* Tokyo University to up ratio of female teachers to 25% from 16% >>
* Awesome Node-Based UIs >>
* Mark Zuckerberg gives new push to his old WhatsApp for business ideas >>

* What a shrinking workforce means for the world’s manufacturing hubs >>
* Microsoft releases SQL Server 2022 flagship database, unites on-premises and cloud services >>

* Dilbert: Tik Tok >>
* xkcd: Social Media: “Feature Comparison” >>
* The Official Best Apple Rankings >>
* TikToker has discovered his bones are black – Here’s why >>

* Artemis 1 launch success makes NASA’s SLS the most powerful rocket ever to fly >>
* Spacesuited Snoopy doll floats in zero-g on moon-bound Artemis 1 mission >>
* Artemis 1 launch from 3 miles away >>
* Blastoff! NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket launches on historic first mission >>

* Why you will never find your purpose | Ra James | TEDx >>
* How “Net-Zero” Marketing Can Act To Help The Planet | Iulia Potor | TEDx >>
* TED: Language shouldn’t be a barrier to climate action >>
* TED: The danger and devotion of fighting for women in Afghanistan >>
* TED: It’s impossible to have healthy people on a sick planet >>
* Making Law of Attraction work in your favour | Dharmendra Kumar | TEDx >>
* FBL79: Gloria Mark – Understanding Attention in the Digital Age >>

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