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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2022

* Nasa’s Artemis Moon rocket lifts off Earth >>
* Artemis: NASA’s Slingshot Around the Moon (Step-by-Step Breakdown) >>
* NASA’s Orion snaps a stunning ‘blue marble’ image of Earth >>

* Russia Blames Ukrainian Air Defenses for Deadly Poland Blast >>
* NATO and Poland Say Deadly Blast Was Likely Unintentional >>

* Donald Trump says he’ll run for president again in 2024 >>
* Introducing Notion AI >>
* Nightclubs are harvesting body heat for green energy >>

* Elon Musk tells Twitter staff to work long hours or leave >>
* Elon Musk gives employees two days to commit to ‘hardcore’ Twitter or lose their jobs >>
* Elon Musk Testifies He Had Little Say in His Giant Tesla Pay >>
* Elon Musk says he will find a new leader for Twitter >>
* Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout Was A Billion Dollar Windfall For These 13 Hedge Funds >>

* Without Climate Action, Tuvalu Will Be The First Nation To Be Forced Into The Metaverse >>
* The Future Will Be Shaped by Optimists | Kevin Kelly | TED >>
* B1M: Why It’s So Hard to Build a Skyscraper Here >>

* Microsoft and Nvidia team up to build new Azure-hosted AI supercomputer >>
* Microsoft Teams now lets you challenge colleagues to a game of Minesweeper or Solitaire >>
* Who needs MLflow when you have SQLite? >>
* Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 is all about Azure >>

* Amazon begins layoffs as economic woes mount >>
* New code suggests Twitter is reviving its work on encrypted DMs >>
* How AI has made hardware interesting again >>

* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 gives us a glimpse of 2023’s Android flagships >>
* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip leans on AI to supercharge smartphones >>
* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip offers hardware-accelerated ray tracing >>
* Apple reportedly plans to use US-made chips starting in 2024 >>
* AMD kicks off ‘rolling thunder’ of microprocessor releases as next-gen servers prepare to hit the market >>

* A New Sperm-Blocking Male Birth Control Is Being Put to the Test >>
* Bost Boston Dynamics sues rival Ghost Robotics for allegedly copying its robot dog >>
* Cost of Living: ‘I’ve given up booze and Netflix to cut costs, but I’ve got hope’ >>

* Authentic communication: Ask. Allow. Share. | Meagan Hopper | TEDx >>
* NASA’s Webb Catches Fiery Hourglass as New Star Forms >>
* Scientists created a glowing black hole in the lab to test a Stephen Hawking theory >>

* Giving a bat flowers might preempt a pandemic >>
* The scary truth about AI copyright is nobody knows what will happen next >>
* AI at the Edge >>

* 6G push picks up speed with focus on innovation>>
* Over 5,600 exhibitors attend China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen >>
* Running reduces chance of some cancers by 72%, Israeli scientists find >>

* Crypto exchanges need to prove their financial resilience >>
* Pad Damage Inspected after Booster 7 Static Fire | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Inside the Mexican City That Believes It’s Protected by Aliens >>

* Warriors of Future | Official Trailer | Netflix >>
* Stealth Planes Still Have One Very Visible Problem: Contrails >>
* Emirates Team New Zealand LEQ12 Day 3 Summary >>

* Morning After: Tuvalu, threatened by climate change, turns to the metaverse >>
* What makes Git so hard to use? >>
* Ahead of Its Time, Behind the Curve: Why Evernote Failed to Realize Its Potential >>

* Why not just get rid of the Dark Web? | Aaron Warner | TEDx >>
* We all have our own “WHYs” | Meeta Gutgutia | TEDx >>
* TED-Ed: Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad >>
* Why You Should Pray For A Midlife Crisis | Keren Eldad | TEDx >>
* Why Live Puppetry Is True Synergy In The Here & Now | Tim Cherry-Jones | TEDx >>

* Among Us VR, Bonelab & More Nominated For Best VR At The Game Awards 2022 >>
* As SaaS app usage soars, consolidation and security concerns drive change >>
* Positive signs seen in China, Australia ties >>

* Eurobites: Heavy hitters combine on telco cloud stack initiative >>
* What’s the Story? Edge computing ain’t easy >>
* Left Amazon after 7.5+ years; Here is my honest review. >>
* Why We Are Not Likely to Transition to IPv6 Any Time Soon >>

* Behind the Scenes of Europe’s First Commercial Fully Driverless Shuttle Service >>
* AI Won’t Take Customer Service and Sales Jobs Away; It Will Improve Them >>
* Beginning 2023 Google plans to rollout the initial Privacy Sandbox Beta >>

* Will Smith’s Oscars slap didn’t make Apple delay ‘Emancipation,’ says director >>
* Ralph Macchio on the role that defined his life >>

* How will aging nations pay for their retirees? >>
* Indian cities need $840 billion in infrastructure over the next 15 years >>
* More Americans are starting new businesses despite the slowing economy >>

* Earth Views from Artemis I Mission to the Moon >>
* Artemis 1 Live Tracker >>
* NASA Artemis 1 in Cabin View of Orion Spacecraft >>
* Who are the astronauts NASA will send to the moon? >>
* NASA’s successful Artemis 1 rocket launch brings humanity closer to a lunar landing >>
* NASA taps SpaceX for 2nd astronaut moon landing >>
* When NASA’s moon rocket sprang a fuel leak, launch team called in ‘red crew.’ >>
* U.S., China in new space race with Artemis lunar rocket launch >>
* Replay: Artemis I Launch to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast) >>

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