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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 November 2022

* NASA Launch of Artemis I to the Moon Aboard SLS >>
* Live: Spacewalk Outside ISS with NASA Astronauts Josh Cassada and Frank Rubio >>
* We might be alone in the universe and a new NASA theory explains why >>

* England to crash out of World Cup, while Brazil will face Argentina in final supercomputer predicts >>
* FBL79: Gloria Mark – Understanding Attention in the Digital Age >>
* New Ethernet Cyberattack Crunches Critical Systems >>

* Amazon Clinic is a virtual healthcare service over text chat >>
* Emergency SOS via satellite available on Tuesday in US & Canada >>
* Here’s what it’s like to use Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite >>

* Apple’s Satellite Emergency SOS Feature: A Review & Deep-Dive Explainer >>
* I record myself on audio 24×7 and use an AI to process the information. Is this the future? >>

* WSC Sports’ How AI Keeps the Sports Highlights Coming – Ep. 183 >>
* China-linked APT group breached a digital certificate authority in Asia >>
* 900 Passenger Super Jet – The Lockheed Very Large Plane >>

* Acquired: Qualcomm >>
* Qualcomm Summit 2022: How to watch, what to expect >>
* MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break ‘liquid’ AI’s computational bottleneck >>

* NASA helped find a network security hole in spacecraft networks >>
* Descript’s text-based video editor now lets you write scripts as you go >>
* Ten trends to watch in the coming year >>

* A conversation with Thomas Friedman about AI >>
* World Population passes 8 Billion count, India to be most populated next year. >>
* Sperm counts worldwide have plunged 62% in under 50 years, study finds >>
* Mental Health Apps Are Not Keeping Your Data Safe >>

* Digital avatars will allow 8 billion people to be a part of COP28 and demand action >>
* America’s Parents, AKA Stephen Colbert And Michelle Obama, Call A Family Meeting >>
* Morning After: Nike’s .Swoosh is its big blockchain idea >>

* Ep 54 – Bye-bye, private cloud; hello, public cloud >>
* Why are so many startups failing? | TEDx >>
* Tencent wants you to pay with your palm. What could go wrong? >>

* Why were so many smart people so dumb about FTX? >>
* FTX implosion could affect ‘more than one million’ investors >>
* Countries Where Crypto Owners Are Most Stressed, Mapped >>
* FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Attempts To Raise Fresh Cash Despite Bankruptcy >>
* FTX collapse: Polyamorous group reportedly ran crypto firm from Bahamas >>
* FTX Registered, Licensed By Cftc, Which Failed To Properly Regulate Or Supervise It >>
* FTX’s meltdown, and fallout is reaching DC >>

* How will AIs that generate videos from text transform media online? >>
* Taking a skills-based approach to building the future workforce >>
* The magic of a purpose driven approach | TEDx >>

* Three Ps of my life : Passion, Perseverance and Patience | TEDx >>
* Google to Pay a record $391M fine for misleading users about the collection of location data >>
* The Infinite Cloud Is a Fantasy >>

* Healthy Data: What does it mean to use data in a healthy way? >>
* We have definitive proof why some poos float and others sink >>
* When — and How — to Say No to Extra Work >>

* How to tell the difference between a regular black hole and a wormhole >>
* Electrical Zaps Woke Up Dormant Neurons to Help Paralyzed People Walk Again >>
* RSV Is Bad. Where’s the Vaccine? >>

* Heading Back to the Office? How to Love your Commute >>
* The race to reinvent the car industry >>
* Changing face of grocery demand >>

* AI tool predicts reduced blood flow to the heart >>
* Susan Wilner Golden | Stage (Not Age) | Talks at Google >>

* G-20 leaders to agree on renouncing nuclear use, war ‘era’: draft >>
* China praises Russia’s ‘rational and responsible’ stance on nuclear war >>
* Zelensky snubs Russia as he addresses ‘G19’ at G20 >>
* Biden, Xi lay out red lines on Taiwan to avoid misunderstanding >>
* China zero Covid: Violent protests in Guangzhou put curbs under strain >>
* President Alberto Fernández hospitalised after suffering gastritis at G20 >>
* Xi calls for meeting challenges of the time together at G20 summit >>
* Xi Jinping meets with Anthony Albanese, ending diplomatic deep freeze >>
* Russian missiles pound major cities days after Kherson pull-out >>
* Situation ‘critical’ after wave of Russian missiles – Ukraine >>
* Military Betrayed Us: Desperate Relatives of Russian Draftees Seek Answers >>

* Introducing PlanetScale Boost >>
* Infrastructure as Code >>
* Robots will soon be seen as ‘companions rather than tools’ in healthcare industry, analysts >>

* Comcast’s multi-gig network upgrade to cost less than $200 per home passed >>
* Investing in MotherDuck >>

* This TikTok About What It’s Like To Be A Twitter Exec Right Now Is Painfully On Point >>
* Limitless nuclear fusion energy is one step closer thanks to burning plasma experiment >>
* What A Supernova Explosion In The Universe Would Do To Earth >>

* Changing ‘less than’ to an ‘equal to’ | TEDx >>
* Journey from Zero to Zero: From Impulses to Happiness | TEDx >>
* The Real ROI of Grant Writing | TEDx >>

* Consciousness of Guilt | Matthew Gillett | TEDx >>
* Infratil accumulating cash faster than it can invest >>
* Flexible working hours and wellness initiatives: How Kiwi employers are tackling New Zealand’s labour shortage >>

* AI-powered media editing app Descript lands fresh cash from OpenAI >>
* China’s semiconductor output posts biggest ever monthly decline >>

* Tesla trial: Autopilot and Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package under scrutiny, separate cases >>
* YouTube is bringing affiliate shopping features to Shorts >>
* New Zealand scored C+ for physical activity in children and teens >>

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