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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 September 2022

* Putin announces partial military mobilization in Russia >>
* Putin is trying to raise the stakes in Ukraine. Here’s what it means >>

* NASA Conducts Tanking Test of SLS Rocket Ahead of Artemis I Mission >>
* New Webb Image Captures Clearest View of Neptune’s Rings in Decades >>
* SpaceX Starship orbital flight ‘highly likely’ in November, Elon Musk says >>

* Longevity breakthrough as scientists discover how to reverse aging in skeletal muscle >>
* Watch this team of drones 3D-print a tower >>
* China launches Yunhai-1 03 Earth-observing satellite into orbit >>

* What if young people ran the world? | Nasra Ayub | TEDx >>
* VergeCast: GTA leaks, Tiktok search, and Apple Reviews Hotline >>
* I tried replacing Google with TikTok, and it worked better than I thought >>
* YouTube unveils latest strategy in war against TikTok: Money >>
* What China Can Teach Us About the Future of TikTok and Video Search >>

* Nvidia launches Omniverse cloud services in 100 countries to power the metaverse >>
* The AI Podcast: Overjet’s Ai Wardah Inam on Bringing AI to Dentistry – Ep. 179 >>

* TED2022: You don’t have to leave your neighborhood to live in a better one >>
* B1M: Europe’s New Skyscraper Capital Isn’t Where You Think >>

* Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA’s New AI: Beautiful Simulations, Cheaper >>
* Satellite Direct to Cellphone >>
* Rana el Kaliouby: Emotion AI, Social Robots, and Self-Driving Cars | Lex Fridman Podcast #322 >>

* Getty Images bans AI-generated art over copyright concerns >>
* Record DDoS Attack with 25.3 Billion Requests Abused HTTP/2 Multiplexing >>
* Mosquitoes are being genetically modified so they can’t spread malaria >>

* Patients immersed in virtual reality during surgery may need less anesthetic >>
* Bananas threatened by devastating fungus given temporary resistance >>
* Sustainable, Regenerative… What’s next for business? | Elena Rodríguez Blanco | TEDx >>

* Eye-Popping 3D Visualization Demonstrates How World’s Longest Immersed Tunnel Is Being Built >>
* OpenAI open-sources Whisper, a multilingual speech recognition system >>
* Introducing Whisper >>

* Your gut microbes may influence how ill you get with malaria >>
* Jupiter reaches its closest approach to Earth since 1963 on Monday evening. >>
* Stable Diffusion is only 30 days old… a MEGA THREAD >>

* Rocket Lab Investor Day / Neutron Update Livestream! >>
* Meta is reportedly cutting staff and reorganizing teams >>
* Researchers reveal dinosaurs may have been extinct before the meteorite hit >>
* Gathering storm: The transformative impact of inflation on the healthcare sector >>

* How Rude? Dealing With the Big #@$%! Changes in Workplace Etiquette >>
* Moving a Family Business Beyond the Founder’s Vision >>
* Tesla FSD Beta Expanding to 160,000 Owners >>
* Protein restriction may be useful in reducing obesity, diabetes: Study >>

* Putin threats: How many nuclear weapons does Russia have? >>
* Self-Control Is Not ‘Like A Muscle’ — But Linked To A Calm Mind (M) >>
* NASA: Artemis I Cryogenic Demonstration Test >>
* Dish’s biggest cloud turns out to be Microsoft, not AWS >>

* Booster 8 Rolled Out to the Launch Site for Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Milliseconds matter: Keeping customers happy in hard times >>
* Where the hell are they? Australia’s migrant ‘deficit’ is up to 190,000 >>

* Apple Watch Ultra review: an aspirational debut >>
* Case studies on 3,780 successful businesses. >>
* Hackers stole $160 Million from Crypto market maker Wintermute >>

* Over 39K unauthenticated Redis services on the internet targeted in cryptocurrency campaign >>
* A religious group is strangling access to Calif.’s most beautiful waterfall >>
* How to GitHub webhook to a private server >>

* Beyond Chaos Engineering: Using Reliability Scores to Drive Real Results >>
* SaaS Security Trends, Challenges and Solutions for 2022 >>
* Fed hikes interest rate 0.75 percentage point to tame inflation >>

* Black apricots and ‘watermelon plums’: Farm grows unique fruits >>
* Quantum Tunneling Makes DNA More Unstable >>
* Foot massage effective in improving sleep quality and anxiety in postmenopausal women >>

* Why you should hire more mothers | Franc Carreras | TEDx >>
* Live to BLOOM: Dare beyond purpose | Rosemary Martinez | TEDx >>
* How Sci-Fi Fuels Reality | Nora Al Noman | TEDx >>

* The president of the World Bank isn’t sure climate change is real >>
* A 4-day work week for our engineering team: How we made it work >>
* HTTP based Microservices is a bad idea >>
* Why Zero Trust Should be the Foundation of Your Cybersecurity Ecosystem >>

* Nvidia Intros Large Language Model Customization, Services >>
* Tackling Developer Onboarding Complexity >>
* Cooperative AI Infrastructure Can Provide Surveillance and Epidemic Services >>

* Nvidia-Deloitte partnership aims to accelerate AI adoption >>
* Sustainable Fashion Begins with AI >>
* ServiceNow evolves from ITSM, aims to simplify business processes >>

* Russians rush to book one-way flights after Vladimir Putin calls up reservists for Ukraine war >>
* Russian airlines ordered to stop selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65 >>
* Vladimir Putin’s situation looks ever more desperate >>
* Do Russia’s military setbacks increase the risk of nuclear conflict? >>
* Biden and Zelensky address UN General Assembly >>

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