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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 September 2022

* Extraordinary photos from the Queen’s funeral >>
* Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: How the world watched >>
* Booster 7 – Seven Engine Static Fire | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* “Return to Monkey Island” is out today >>
* Lex Fridman Talks Singularity With Ray Kurzweil >>
* Why Household Robots Like Rosie From the ‘Jetsons’ Are Still Out of Reach >>

* Coding Made AI—Now, How Will AI Unmake Coding? >>
* Congress wants transparency on Blue Origin launch failure investigation by FAA >>

* How to Monetize Your Backyard >>
* James Webb Space Telescope’s 1st images of Mars reveal atmosphere secrets >>
* First Milky Way Black Hole Image Lets Scientists Test Physics >>

* Omicron coronavirus variant may protect against flu >>
* Hilton will design suites and sleeping quarters for Voyager’s private Starlab space station >>

* Uber claims hack came from Lapsus$, the group behind Microsoft and T-Mobile attacks >>
* Smart face mask could detect coronavirus on other people’s breath >>
* A single gene mutation may have made us smarter than Neanderthals >>
* DAOs are the Future of Work >>

* Brain scans reveal the areas that light up when we look at food >>
* Why we should go back to the moon – and this time to build a home >>
* Israeli startup nabs $25m for robotic systems that power ‘nano’ fulfillment centers >>

* Internet will be 90% AI-generated content by 2026, claim experts >>
* By 2033, Elon Musk’s Tesla and its AI will be smarter than humans: Study >>
* A novel holographic microscope could image mouse brain through its skull >>

* Smart shopping-cart startup Veeve’s new device gives regular carts a high-tech upgrade >>
* Still feeling good: The US wellness market continues to boom >>
* 125th anniversary of the little engine that couldn’t >>

* Software bill of materials: Managing software cybersecurity risks >>
* Winter is fast approaching in Ukraine. Here’s what comes next for the conflict >>
* Goodyear to produce airless tires for Moon rovers of Artemis program >>
* $300bn Google-Meta advertising duopoly is under attack >>

* TED2022: Nuclear power is our best hope to ditch fossil fuels >>
* Fame vs talent – Maisie Williams #shorts #tedx >>
* #1870 – Max Lugabere = The Genius Kitchen >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin nears certification for its BE-4 engine >>
* How This Guy Ended Up Making $128K, A Month After Quitting Engineering Job, To Open A French Bakery >>
* Just make the cars go slower >>

* Apple’s hidden redesign makes iPhone 14 much easier to fix >>
* Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory made its 10,000th Model Y SUV >>
* How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly >>

* Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor. >>
* VMware warns new ChromeLoader variants pose a serious risk >>
* Will the future of music sound a lot like the past? >>

* Identity Zero-Trust: From Vision to Practical Implementation >>
* Biden: U.S. forces would defend Taiwan if China invades >>
* Facebook directly linked to decline in mental health, new study says >>

* Nano drugs dosed via skin could become easier to develop, thanks to Israeli research >>
* Introducing – How to Build a Metaverse >>
* The Conservation Conundrum: How Do We Decide Which Species to Save? >>

* China sees two manned submersibles put into joint operation in deep sea for first time >>
* Egypt’s Suez Canal to raise transit fees in 2023 >>
* 5G may expand into 12.7GHz-13.25GHz next >>
* 17 Killer GitHub Repos You Need to Save Right Now! >>
* The metaverse: Land of opportunity for retailers >>

* How Instacart is bringing the best of online shopping to grocery stores >>
* Report: Ransomware attack frequency and amount demanded down in H1 2022 >>
* Hybrid workers don’t want to return to the office. But soon, they might have to >>

* There is Something Happening to People in the Western World >>
* US consumers are becoming more cautious in their spending >>
* Who was at the Queen’s funeral service – and who was not? >>
* Why the monarchy matters >>

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