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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 September 2022

* NASA prepping for key fueling test of Artemis 1 moon rocket on Wednesday >>
* SpaceX Tests Raptor Blast Shield >>

* Clearview AI, Used by Police to Find Criminals, Now in Public Defenders’ Hands >>
* Queen’s Funeral Sets Off the Biggest UK Police Operation Ever >>
* NVIDIA’s AI: Amazing DeepFakes And Virtual Avatars! >>

* New AI assistant can browse, search, and use web apps like a human >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 17) >>
* NASA requests proposals for 2nd moon lander for Artemis astronauts >>

* China trolls Taiwan with its stealth UAV ‘Soaring Dragon’ and civilian drones >>
* Apple’s Satellite-Based ‘Emergency SOS’ Prompts Speculation on Future Plans >>
* How to find out if your phone has been compromised >>

* Queen’s funeral guest list: who is invited and who is not? >>
* Ukraine’s first lady meets Princess of Wales >>
* Just get on with it: Queen Elizabeth’s advice to Jacinda Ardern >>

* US scientists to test advanced, real-time algae sensor at water treatment plant >>
* 18-year-old allegedly hacks Uber and sends employees messages on Slack >>
* Uber investigating cybersecurity incident after hacker breaches its internal network >>

* Here’s What the iPhone 14 Pro’s Cameras Can Do >>
* CableLabs’ Kyrio unit tackles mobile hotspot automation >>
* The Notebook Dump: Broadband proliferation, chicanery and hotel soap >>

* The simple way to inspire your team | David Burkus | TEDx >>
* Why we get mad–and why it’s healthy – Ryan Martin #shorts #tedx >>
* Lies, biases, and predictions | Owase Jeelani | TEDx >>

* Remote Work Will Be Blamed For “Killing” The Office >>
* McDonald’s event-driven architecture: The data journey and how it works >>

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