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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 September 2022

* Scientists Try To Teach Robot To Laugh At the Right Time >>
* Marcus House: SpaceX’s Starship Booster Testing, Blue Origin Abort, CAPSTONE Trouble, Sierra Space Habitat Test >>
* First demonstration of cutting metal in orbit Nanoracks cut a piece of metal in space >>
* (LTE) Rotary Cell Phone >>

* Tim Cook, Sir Jony Ive KBE, and Laurene Powell Jobs | Full Interview | Code 2022 >>
* P0f Network-level fingerprinting >>
* World’s first flying bike, made in Japan, debuts in the US >>

* Queen Elizabeth II: Why the state funeral will be an event beyond compare >>
* Queen Elizabeth II mourners visible from space >>
* Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: U.K.’s biggest security detail post-WWII >>

* Breaking Analysis: How CrowdStrike Plans to Become a Generational Platform >>
* Video Friday: Loona >>
* TEDMonterey: The trick to regaining your childlike wonder >>

* Is web3 a scam? | Jan Liphardt | TEDx >>
* Creating the internet we deserve: The case for Web3 >>

* Uber apparently hacked by teen, employees thought it was a joke >>
* Uber investigates security breach of its internal systems >>
* Uber Says ‘No Evidence’ User Accounts Were Compromised in Hack >>

* UBTECH – the future with robots now >>
* Rocket Labs 30th Electron Rocket Launches Successfully >>
* YouTube Irks Users by Displaying 5 To 10 Unskippable Ads in a Row >>

* Chess Is Just Poker Now >>
* Elon Musk Enters In-Flight Wi-Fi Market With Small Satellites >>
* Moderna v. Pfizer: What the Patent Infringement Suit Means for Biotech >>

* Telecom Giants Sued for Failing To Stop Movie Piracy >>
* TikTok’s C.E.O. Navigates the Limits of His Power >>
* Saturn Might Have Torn a Moon Apart to Make its Rings >>

* Beyond Amazon.com: Tech giant’s new Worldwide Stores CEO on its next big bets in e-commerce >>
* The Tarantula Zone >>
* Tiny static electricity generators could produce power from waves >>
* Russia says PRIVATE satellites used by America and its allies could become a ‘legitimate target’ during wartime >>

* Starship 26 Nosecone Rolled Out Without Heat Shield Tiles >>
* Ukraine Wants the U.S. to Send More Powerful Weapons. Biden Is Not So Sure. >>
* World’s largest carbon removal facility could suck up 5 million metric tonnes of CO2 yearly >>
* Space cement is here: How it could be used to build houses on Mars and the Moon >>

* Strange quark star may have formed from a lucky cosmic merger >>
* White House releases framework for regulating digital assets >>
* Modi tells Putin that today is ‘not an era of war’ >>
* With a grin, Putin warns Ukraine: the war can get more serious >>

* Parler pivots to ‘uncancelable’ cloud services >>
* YouTube is turning on the money hose for Shorts — and taking on TikTok for real >>
* Honda to join lunar rover project by JAXA >>

* Nvidia DPU Tackles Zero Trust >>
* Argentina’s Central Bank hikes interest rates to 75% as inflation nears 100% >>
* China’s property crisis hasn’t gone away: it is getting worse >>
* Full video of Steve Jobs panel with Cook, Ive & Powell Jobs is available >>

* From Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion >>
* Good CI/CD and SRE Blogs >>
* Software at Scale >>
* TechWorld with Nana >>

* FedEx Miss Is Worst Deutsche Bank Analysts Have Seen in 20 Years >>
* Your Body Has a Clever Way to Detect How Much Water You Should Drink Every Day >>
* The Early Reactions To ‘Andor’ Are Out, And They Are Spectacular >>
* The Conservation Conundrum: How Do We Decide Which Species to Save? >>

* The Notebook Dump: Broadband proliferation, chicanery and hotel soap >>
* Graphiant’s new spin on network-as-a-service >>
* The slow march to standalone 5G >>

* The New Learning Economy: It’s Time To Build in Education >>
* What The Merge Means >>
* What’s the story? ‘2022 is the year of T-Mobile’ >>

* Lies, biases, and predictions | Owase Jeelani | TEDx >>
* The future will be written with the language of the past | Marlikka Perdrisat | TEDx >>
* Deepfakes: Facing the Challenge of Synthetic Media | Clifford B. Anderson | TEDx >>

* Trends in AI — August 2022 >>
* North Korean Hackers Spreading Trojanized Versions of PuTTY Client Application >>
* Midjourney founder says ‘the world needs more imagination’ >>

* Survey reveals two-thirds of NZ employees want more work-life flexibility – how should employers respond? >>
* Will YouTube’s pledge to fight online extremism make a difference? >>
* Surgery backlog highest on record as hospitals trial shorter stays to address issue >>

* ‘Unprecedented’ super typhoon approaches Japan, officials urge evacuation >>
* ‘World’s largest electrolyzer’ has the shape of a multi-bit screwdriver >>
* U.S. and China should discuss controls on drones >>

* Graphiant’s new spin on network-as-a-service >>
* The First cry From a Brand new Baby Star >>
* Will AI Really Perform Transformative, Disruptive Miracles? >>

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