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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 September 2022

* NASA spacesuit featuring climate control could help women going through menopause providing hot flash relief >>
* Google AI can tell what things smell like by the molecular structure >>
* Astronomers may be getting Webb Space Telescope exoplanet measurements wrong >>

* Vulnerability management: Most orgs have a backlog of 100K vulnerabilities >>
* Only 10% of orgs had higher budget for cybersecurity, despite increased threat landscape >>
* Future of the web will need a different sort of software developer >>

* New tools to create more engaging ads >>
* Airless tires made with NASA tech could end punctures and rubber waste >>
* China to produce clean energy with nuclear fusion by 2028, top weapons expert claims >>

* Zoom is down in a major outage >>
* TikTok is back online following an hour-long outage that left thousands of frustrated users >>
* TikTok Won’t Commit To Stopping US Data Flows To China >>
* TikTok experiment asks you to share BeReal-style daily posts with friends >>
* Is TikTok’s time running out? >>

* It’s not business as usual during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral >>
* World leaders prepare to jet set between the Queen’s funeral and the UN general assembly >>
* Queen’s funeral: Heathrow cancels flights on Monday >>
* Crooks are using lures related to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in phishing attacks >>
* Prince William says walking behind Queen’s coffin brought back memories of Diana’s funeral >>
* How Rich Is King Charles III? Inside The New Monarch’s Outrageous Fortune >>

* Inflation is upending politics in the most unequal region on Earth >>
* Hunger returns to haunt Brazil amid divisive vote >>
* Battling Herd Mentality | Muktha Kaja | TEDx >>

* Internet of things hiring levels in the tech industry rose in August 2022 >>
* Crabs Could Be the Unlikely Hero the Battery Industry Needs >>
* Why I gave my teenage daughter a vibrator–and you should too | Dr. Robin Buckley | TEDx >>

* SCO summit to bring together Xi, Putin, Modi: 4 things to know >>
* Putin tells Xi he values China’s ‘balanced position’ on Ukraine >>
* Putin and Xi meet to solidify partnership against ‘ugly’ West >>
* Vladimir Putin’s war is failing. The West should help it fail faster >>
* Russia Accepting Recent Loss and Putin Blames His Generals >>
* Putin spent 2 decades building army which has been largely been destroyed in Ukraine, could threaten grip on power >>
* Satellite Data Shows How Russia Has Destroyed Ukrainian Grain >>

* An AI that can design new proteins could help unlock new cures and materials >>
* An AI used medical notes to teach itself to spot disease on chest x-rays >>
* The Merge is here: Ethereum has switched to proof of stake >>
* Samsung-backed group wins $11bn Philippine airport deal >>

* FCC proposes new rules to tackle space debris >>
* The Search for Intelligent Life Is About to Get a Lot More Interesting >>
* Blue Origin’s rocket exploded, but the capsule escape system worked a charm >>
* DNA clocks suggest ageing is pre-programmed in our cells >>

* Becoming a human firewall – Digital identity’s in a connected world | Jamie Wilkinson | TEDx >>
* Donkey Genome Reveals Journey To Domestication >>
* Black Holes Could Finally Solve the Mystery of Dark Energy (And the Expanding Universe) >>
* Futures Literacy: shaping your present by reimagining futures | Loes Damhof | TEDx >>

* First iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown reveals internal redesigns >>
* Photographer Austin Mann puts the iPhone 14 Pro through its paces >>
* Apple Watch Series 8: A week with the new best smartwatch (for now) >>
* How to track your medications on Apple Watch, iPhone >>

* LG demos 320-meter wireless reach over tricky THz terrain >>
* Brightcove CEO braces for the next big shift in streaming >>
* CEO says HFC upgrades are smarter for Charter >>
* Frontier CEO doesn’t fear DOCSIS 4.0, FWA threats >>

* Oracle Announces MySQL HeatWave on AWS >>
* NASA-funded spacesuit tech may help with menopause relief >>
* Economy transitioning to a post-covid future >>

* Oracle & AMD Partner to Power Exadata X9M >>
* The Elusive Future of San Francisco’s Fog >>
* Nvidia Exhibits Hopper in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks >>

* Most Pets Can’t Sweat: What You Can Do for Them in a Heat Wave >>
* Nano drugs dosed via skin could become easier to develop, thanks to Israeli research >>
* Here’s What Happens To Stocks When The Fed Raises Rates By 100 Basis Points >>

* Mortgage Rates Hit 6% for First Time Since the Financial Crisis >>
* Nikola Founder Trevor Milton Faces Jury Over Electric-Truck Claims >>
* Who Should Pay for Pakistan’s Historic Flood? >>

* Your Skill is Your Value | Mohammad Al-Shamsi | TEDx >>
* It’s All About the Money (Movement): Simplifying Cross-Border Payments >>
* Three countries possess over 50% of Africa’s total wealth >>

* Stop using Alpine Docker images >>
* Most Software Developers are Amateurs >>
* Experts warn of self-spreading malware targeting gamers looking for cheats on YouTube >>

* Vonage introduces AI Studio for creating customer engagement solutions >>
* White House guidance requires agencies to inventory all software in 90 days >>
* How Stable Diffusion Could Develop as a Mainstream Consumer Product >>

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