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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 September 2022

* Microsoft Azure ramps up access to cloud computing via SpaceX’s Starlink satellites >>
* Starlink arrives in Antarctica >>
* Swedish Company Wants to Transform Offshore Wind With Vertical-Axis Turbines >>

* Northeastern University targeted by anti-VR bomber >>
* Zoom is reportedly developing email and calendar apps >>
* Einstein’s gravity principle still correct, finds most precise test >>
* JWST’s First Glimpses of Early Galaxies Could Break Cosmology >>

* Scientists reveal ‘painless’ tattoos that can be ‘pressed onto the skin’ in MINUTES >>
* Why Some Workers Feel Jilted as Colleagues Return to the Office >>
* TEDxHultLondon: How to lead in the new era of employee activism >>

* Eliminating brain cancer at its source | Natalie Artzi | TEDx >>
* Dan Luu on Futurist Predictions >>
* The Sims 4 base game is going to be free next month >>

* AI Podcast: Reinventing the Wheel: Gatik’s Apeksha Kumavat Accelerates Autonomous Delivery >>
* As Tokamaks Get Hotter, Scientists Must Control the Unruly Plasma Inside >>
* Nike launches ROBOT in London store can polish and repair your old shoes in 45 minutes >>

* Microsoft integrates Israeli tech to upgrade video streaming quality >>
* A daily multivitamin could keep your memory sharp as you age >>
* Starship 25 Nosecone Stacked and Booster 7 Spin Prime Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Twitter whistleblower reveals employees concerned China agent could collect user data >>
* TikTok search results are reportedly swarming with misinformation >>
* Vladimir Putin’s Meeting With Xi Jinping Comes at a Crucial Time for Russia >>

* Ukraine has allegedly captured one of Russia’s most advanced aerial electronic warfare pods >>
* Rocket Lab fired up a used engine for the first time after retrieving it from space >>
* PODCASTS: Everyone knows what YouTube is — few know how it really works >>

* LG demos 320-meter wireless reach over tricky THz terrain >>
* Hidden value of voice conversations: Part 1, Trends and technologies >>
* Hidden value of voice conversations: Part 2, Reaping the rewards >>

* h-m-m (hackers mind map) >>
* Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon faces arrest in South Korea over ecosystem collapse >>
* Japan set to announce restart of visa-free tourist travel >>

* Cathie Wood Spent Over $40 Million Buying These Plunging Tech Stocks During Inflation-Spurred Market Crash >>
* US cell site count nears half a million >>
* Learning from others | Budmed Ganbaatar | TEDx >>

* Invest in the Care of the Female Athlete: Don’t Fear Our Potential | Kate Ackerman | TEDx >>
* Why is inflation higher in rural India than in urban? >>
* Britain’s New Prime Minister Is a Corporate Assassin Who Will Destroy the British Economy >>

* How AI Can Boost Care Via Remote Patient Monitoring >>
* Book: How AI Can Democratize Healthcare >>
* Tesla Reveals A Special New Factory In Texas! >>

* Queen Elizabeth II leaves Buckingham Palace for the final time >>
* Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin procession – in pictures >>
* RAF plane carrying Queen Elizabeth’s coffin sets all-time flight tracking record >>
* How Charles transformed his royal estate into a billion-dollar portfolio >>
* King Charles’ biggest problem isn’t his crown, but his voice >>
* McDonald’s is closing all its UK restaurants Monday for the Queen’s funeral >>
* Piers Morgan lashes out at Harry and Meghan again, claims truce is fake and ‘all for show’ >>

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