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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 September 2022

* Dark energy camera gives a tasty view of a lobster-shaped nebula >>
* Roblox’s avatars are about to get more expressive >>
* Senators press Twitter CEO to address whistleblower claims >>

* Blood Test Spots Multiple Cancers Without Clear Symptoms, Study Finds >>
* The Vast Wasteland of Internet Television >>
* Scientists discover that it takes 10 ants to form a stable raft >>

* When the Queen Died, Someone Had to Tell the Bees >>
* 12-kilometer Xiang’an Bridge in China’s Fujian completes closure >>
* Trend Micro addresses actively exploited Apex One zero-day >>

* AI helps detect pancreatic cancer >>
* Google AI is just as good as HUMANS at describing what things smell like >>

* Futurist prediction accuracy >>
* NASA desperate to launch doomed Artemis 1 mission to the moon on September 27 >>
* Whistle-Blower Says Twitter ‘Chose to Mislead’ on Security Flaws >>

* ‘The Future of Hospitals’: Flexible Space for the Next Pandemic >>
* Recycle-bot using artificial intelligence may make sorting your garbage less of a hassle >>

* PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling quality prompts >>
* Meta Built an AI That Can Guess the Words You’re Hearing by Decoding Your Brainwaves >>
* Transforming government in a new era >>

* Green Growth: Capturing Asia’s $5 trillion green business opportunity >>
* Why NASA’s Artemis Has Fuel-Leak Problems That SpaceX Doesn’t | WSJ >>
* Ethereum Merge: What will the radical update mean for cryptocurrency? >>

* Weird ‘failed star’ seen blasting off its outer layers for first time >>
* Singapore Aging Reversal Center Targets Adding 5 More Healthy Years of Life >>
* James Webb Space Telescope captures Orion Nebula with ‘breathtaking’ details >>
* Royal-Reunion Photos Have Body-Language Experts Working Overtime >>

* Failure of Blue Origin’s New Shepard a reminder that spaceflight is still hard >>
* UN warns world is entering ‘uncharted territories of destruction’ from climate crisis >>
* The affordable, 3D-printed bionics of the future >>
* A deep learning-augmented smart mirror to enhance fitness training >>

* Scientists discover a 100-year-old math error, changing how humans see color >>
* Researchers develop messenger RNA therapy for ovarian cancer, muscle wasting >>
* SpaceX fans who uprooted their lives and moved to Starbase >>

* What Do We Really Know About Mental Illness? >>
* US throws millions at AI to diagnose diseases by the sound of your voice >>
* Tom Gillis, VMware | Advanced Security Business Group >>

* China-Europe freight train services see robust growth in August >>
* Markets Plunge as Inflation Data Undercuts Wall Street’s Optimism >>
* Nearly 300m residents caught in China’s latest lockdown wave >>

* Cyber warfare: China attacks force Taiwan to bolster defenses >>
* More empty homes: Japan’s housing glut to hit 10m in 2023 >>
* It’s Time To Rethink the Origins of Pain >>

* $35 Billion Worth of Real Estate Could Be Underwater by 2050 >>
* Examining the Future of Green Engineering Jobs >>
* Harpoons, robots and lasers: how to capture defunct satellites and other space junk and bring it back to Earth >>

* Inflation Climbed 8.3% In August—Slowing For Second Straight Month As Gas Prices Plunged >>
* Inflation Is Easing, But Not Fast Enough for Investors >>
* Instagram Struggles to Make Reels a Real Competitor to TikTok >>

* The Media Mogul Taking an Ax to Hollywood >>
* What’s the story? German telcos face geopolitical troubles >>
* Remote Startups Will Win the War for Top Talent >>

* Our Cities Have an API Problem. Startups Can Fix It. >>
* After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death, Many Indians Are Demanding the Return of the Kohinoor Diamond >>
* Anthony Fauci: On Health, Healing and Our Future >>

* Mentors: Your backstage pass | David Gould | TEDx >>
* Twitter shareholders will take Elon Musk’s dumb joke money, thank you very much >>
* How Elon Musk Learns Faster Than Everyone Else >>

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