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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 September 2022

* Blue Origin’s uncrewed capsule safely escapes after midflight anomaly >>
* Intel says one of its 13th Gen CPUs will hit 6GHz out of the box, 8 GHz Overclocking >>
* Google’s New AI: Fly INTO Photos! >>
* A Poll of over 580 tech leaders shows a return to the office looms >>

* FBL71: Kevin Roose – Futureproof in the Age of Automation >>
* Leak appears to show Meta’s Quest Pro headset a month ahead of launch >>
* New attack can unlock and start a Tesla Model Y in seconds, say researchers >>
* SpaceX Tests Super Heavy Booster 7 >>

* Culture Transplant: How Migrants Make the Economies They Move To a Lot Like the Ones They Left >>
* Satellite communications industry primed for upheaval >>
* TikTok fame doesn’t always mean impact | Taylor Cassidy | TEDx >>

* Losses in Ukraine Prompt Something New on Russian TV: Debate >>
* Ukraine war: What will Russia’s losses mean for Putin? >>
* Is Russia on the run? >>
’s First Hydrogen Trains Started Passenger Service in Germany >>
* Israeli defense firm selling anti-drone systems to Ukraine by way of Poland >>
* Russia is now offering even more discounts to India on oil >>

* Scammers live-streamed on YouTube a fake Apple crypto event >>
* ‘Disruptive’ Drone-Delivery Startup Zipline Hires Former Tesla CFO >>
* Comcast debuts 2Gbps internet service in four states >>

* London hotels raise prices more than 300% as demand soars before Queen’s funeral >>
* Queen’s funeral poses biggest security test, says Olympics police chief >>
* A Queen’s Legacy and a King’s Future >>

* New Zealand Scraps Most Covid Rules as Virus Battle Winds Down >>
* Who Owns the Ocean’s Genes? Tension on the High Seas >>
* JWST has caught hot stars destroying gas and dust in the Orion Nebula >>

* Comcast debuts 2Gbps internet service in four states >>
* World’s first personal passenger drone Jetson one cleared for delivery >>
* Cockatoos Work to Outsmart Humans in Escalating Garbage Bin Wars >>

* Scientists Use CRISPR to Condense a Million Years of Evolution Into Mere Months >>
* NASA replaces leaky seals on Artemis 1 moon rocket, fueling test next >>
* Self-replicating protein factories are a step towards artificial life >>

* Monkeypox Shots, Treatments and Tests Are Unavailable in Much of the World >>
* We should pursue speculative climate solutions like quantum batteries >>
* Quantum diamond sensor used to measure neuron activity in mouse tissue >>
* Scientists find air pollution link to lung cancer >>

* watchOS 9 is now available >>
* iOS 16 is now available >>
* iOS 16 Is Now Available for Download: Every Big Change Hitting Your iPhone >>

* In first, new Israeli blood test could detect pancreatic, colorectal cancers >>
* Instagram knows it has a Reels problem >>
* Google Cloud closes $5.4b Mandiant acquisition >>

* US Navy rejects requests to release UFO videos due to ‘national security’ concerns >>
* Why ancient humans didn’t need to use sunscreen or parasols >>
* In a first, scientists develop an AI tool to help doctors distinguish between infectious diseases >>
* mmune cells engineered to battle cancer can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ >>

* The emerging shift to responsible product management >>
* First Nvidia Hopper Benchmark Tests and Other AI Milestones >>
* China battles ‘porkflation’ as price of popular meat soars >>

* NASA Chooses a Supplier to Build its Moonwalking Spacesuits >>
* Can this invention fix dirty transportation? | Challengers >>
* How Can Giant Telescopes Help Humanity? | Dr. Jacinta Delhaize | TEDx >>

* The world is almost back to pre-covid activity levels >>
* Māori Spectrum Commission demonstrates 5G private network potential >>
* The AI Unbundling >>

* Why the US Nvidia chip ban is a direct threat to Beijing’s artificial intelligence ambitions >>
* How Vivienne Tam brought Chinese flair to the fashion world >>
* Report: US to place new restrictions on chip technology exports to China >>

* TED2022: What if you could sing in your favorite musician’s voice? >>
* TED2022: How green hydrogen could end the fossil fuel era >>
* TED2022: Everyone can participate in building the metaverse >>
* TED2022: The shift we need to stop mass surveillance >>

* Re-inventing Spirituality for the Digital Age | Scott Lyon | TEDx >>
* Why language is humanity’s greatest invention – David Peterson #shorts #tedx >>
* Educating the next generation of jobseekers | Alex Ellison | TEDx >>
* What can rocks tell us about the origin of life on earth? | Tara Djokic | TEDx >>

* Acquired: Replay: Sequoia Capital >>
* Why Peru Is So Corrupt >>

* The Webb Space Telescope Snaps Its First Photo of an Exoplanet >>
* What Else Happens When Your Face is Your Passport? >>
* China Claims It’s Discovered a New Mineral in Its 2020 Samples from the Moon >>

* DNA of DeForest Kelley, Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy from ‘Star Trek,’ will fly to space with original cast on memorial spaceflight >>
* Scaled-down festivities in Denmark for queen’s 50-year reign >>

* Welcome to Supercloud22 | Supercloud22 >>
* Rajiv Ramaswami, Nutanix | Supercloud22 >>
* Apple’s iPhone subscription may still arrive in 2022 >>

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