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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2022

* Robots Chop a Few Bucks off the Price of Lunch at This Fully Automated Restaurant >>
* DeepMind AI learns to play soccer using decades of match simulations >>
* SpaceX could launch 100 missions in 2023, Elon Musk says >>

* T-Mobile will let you try its network free for three months >>
* The B1M: Why London Is Building Luxury Homes In a Housing Crisis >>
* DALL·E: Introducing Outpainting >>

* NASA moves next Artemis I rocket launch attempt to September 3rd >>
* Dual Static Fire Attempts for SpaceX Booster 7 and Starship 24 >>
* Grow or Die: A Framework for Turning Your Company Around Fast >>

* The AI Podcast >>
* Starlink will deploy satellite broadband on Royal Carribbean cruise liners >>
* India’s economy grows 13.5% in April-June, slowdown expected >>

* GO#WEBBFUSCATOR campaign hides malware in NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope image >>
* Vast corporate profits are delaying an American recession >>
* Iconic James Webb Space Telescope images turned into music >>

* Protons inside some types of hydrogen and helium are behaving weirdly >>
* NASA made enough oxygen on Mars to last an astronaut for 100 minutes >>
* Space: Building a digital infrastructure above the sky >>
* Why it’s time to talk about poo >>

* What does GPT-3 “know” about me? >>
* US life expectancy falls to lowest level since 1996 >>
* A study on 10,000 kinds of Earth’s minerals could help us discover extraterrestrial life >>

* What we expect from Apple’s iPhone 14 event >>
* Paramount+ and Showtime to combine into single app & service >>
* Will California Eliminate Anonymous Web Browsing? >>
* DevOps Unbound: Report on AI-Augmented DevOps >>

* T-Mobile’s ‘organizational shifts’ cut employees from network division >>
* On art, ideas, and building community – Tanya Nock #shorts #tedx >>
* Fusion Energy: What’s next? >>

* Lung fluid may provide basis for cancer-treating vaccines: Israeli research >>
* World’s most advanced attack submarine joins Royal Navy >>

* Helium’s chilling journey to cool a particle accelerator >>
* Overcoming the fear factor in hiring tech talent >>
* Overcoming obstacles to the electrification of transportation >>

* TEDxOakParkWomen: The root cause of undiagnosed pain >>
* AI that can learn the patterns of human language >>

* NASA has solved the mystery of Voyager 1’s strange data transmissions >>
* Using a GAN architecture to restore heavily compressed music files >>
* Scaling up the production of liquid metal circuits >>
* Why are deep learning technologists so overconfident? >>

* Things not available when someone blocks all cookies >>
* AUKUS submarines: A burden too big for overloaded U.S. shipyards >>
* Bill to allow minors to be vaccinated without parental consent is withdrawn >>

* World’s hottest economy goes cold as Chileans run out of money >>
* This Hot Summer Is One of the Coolest of the Rest of Our Lives >>
* FDA Authorizes Covid-19 Booster Shots Targeting Omicron Subvariants >>

* The U.S. Needs Weather Data. Satellite Companies Aren’t Collecting It. >>
* America’s billionaires are twice as rich as previously estimated >>
* Microsoft’s cloud computing changes stir up a storm >>

* Netflix is using its 25th anniversary to stoke the nostalgia Gen Z loves >>
* Experts Find Malicious Cookie Stuffing Chrome Extensions Used by 1.4 Million Users >>
* SD Times August 2022 >>

* Code visibility tool for enterprises untangles spaghetti code >>
* The Honest Trailer For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Reminds Us How Much They Blatantly Ripped Off ‘Star Wars’ >>
* The Rings Of Power Is Small-Screen High Fantasy Done Right >>

* Mikhail S. Gorbachev, Reformist Soviet Leader, Is Dead at 91 >>
* Mikhail Gorbachev liberated millions, even if he didn’t always mean to >>
* Queen’s first meeting with U.K. prime minister to happen in Scotland, not Buckingham Palace >>

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