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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 August 2022

* Starship and Booster Engine Testing Double Header | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Two Minute Papers: OpenAI’s New AI Learned To Play Minecraft! ⛏ >>
* StemRad gears up for major demo of anti-radiation suit on NASA’s Artemis I >>
* Chinese astronauts set up new lab module, test robotic arm on space staton >>

* Samsung’S All Alone At The Foldable Party >>
* How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event >>
* How Apple could approach a folding iPhone >>
* Foldable phones might be the next big thing: Here’s what you need to know >>

* Backward Shockwaves From Deep Space Are Puzzling Scientists >>
* AT&T is using amphibious vehicles, drones and more to restore its network during disasters >>
* Is Amazon building 5G robots? >>

* Ep 47 – Half measures : Let’s be real: shifting workloads to the public cloud is no easy task >>
* FBL66 – Rob Reich: The Failures of Big Tech and How to Fix it >>
* Why money can’t buy happiness | Daniel Sachau | TEDx >>

* Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen’s DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion >>
* Inside the rush to build ‘superclouds’ >>
* How industry cloud platforms will transform the next decade of cloud services >>

* At SIGGRAPH, Nvidia pushes the envelope for virtual worlds and digital humans >>
* More Skipping College Today, What Will that Mean for Tomorrow? >>
* Explosion Rocks Russian Air Base in Crimea >>
* China’s new iron chefs: Robots and AI dish out $4 menus in Shanghai >>

* Walmart is reportedly looking at deals with streaming services >>
* ‘Only the Paranoid Survive.’ Some CEOs Are Cutting Staff Even as the Labor Market Booms >>
* Snapchat rolls out option to let parents see who their teens are messaging >>

* Watch a massive comet crash into the sun and vaporize immediately >>
* Will Europe Force a Facebook Blackout? >>
* Twitter: An incident impacting some accounts and private information >>
* Who Should Write the Terraform? >>

* Biden signs CHIPS Act into law as tech arms race with China heats up >>
* Taiwan tensions a boon for defense industry but supply clogs loom >>
* New model can predict best drug combinations for osteoporosis >>
* Burger King just emailed everyone a blank receipt in a whopper of a mistake >>

* This Laser-Firing Truck Could Help Make Hot Cities More Livable >>
* Serena Williams Heads Into Retirement As A Tennis Icon — And One Of America’s Richest Self-Made Women >>
* Serena Williams is evolving from tennis to VC >>
* A Phone Carrier That Doesn’t Track Your Browsing Or Location >>

* Inventors Must Be Human, Federal Circuit Rules in Blow To AI >>
* IMAGE SYNTHESISThe ‘Nonsense Language’ That Could Subvert Image Synthesis Moderation Systems >>
* Tiny electromagnetic robot runs fast and re-forms after being squished >>
* Artificial neuron swaps dopamine with rat brain cells like a real one >>

* HBO’s “Industry” is “Wall Street” meets Gen Z existential office angst >>
* Scammers In Paris >>
* Chinese Hackers Targeted Dozens of Industrial Enterprises and Public Institutions >>

* Twilio Suffers Data Breach After Employees Fall Victim to SMS Phishing Attack >>
* Why Developers Are Building So Many Side Projects >>
* Machine stage: Machines and humans join forces. Amazing worker video. >>

* Dr. John Campbell: Monkeypox, emerging data >>
* The Morning After: Netflix’s slow start in gaming >>
* Amazon iRobot play takes ambient intelligence efforts to next level >>

* First the Great Resignation, now tech workers are worrying about losing their jobs >>
* Digital presenteeism is creating a future of work that nobody wants >>
* House can view Trump’s tax records, appeals court rules >>

* Smart roads, wireless EV charging, and the future of American infrastructure >>
* Muon Space plans a ‘turnkey solution’ for custom Earth observation satellites >>
* The Inflation Reduction Act Is About to Jumpstart U.S. Climate Policy and Change the World >>

* How the Physics of Nothing Underlies Everything >>
* DevOps Institute’s 2022 Global SRE Pulse Survey >>
* The State of SRE >>

* Sri Lanka’s black market for fuel churns alongside mileslong lines >>
* The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being >>
* Eurobites: UK telcos slammed over post-Brexit roaming confusion >>

* Robot helps reveal how ants pass on knowledge >>
* LinkNYC begins deploying 5G kiosks – but not yet with 5G inside >>

* Social media is polluting society. Moderation alone won’t fix the problem >>
* Why we all want to watch influencers suffer >>
* How to teach TikTok what you like to watch >>
* She TikToked her divorce, then her husband killed her >>
* TikTok influencers are coming for the midterms >>

* We need to address basketball trafficking | Javier Wallace | TEDx >>
* The science behind how close relationships change your life | Elizabeth Gillespie | TEDx >>
* South Korea’s First Orbital Mission to the Moon is on its Way >>

* Watch NASA’s next-generation lunar Gateway space station build up in concept video >>
* Dilbert: Keep The Plastic Bag >>
* iRobot CEO Colin Angle on Data Privacy and Robots in the Home >>

* On Technique: How might Copilot’s descendants change the craft of programming? >>
* India’s Rocket Fails To Put Satellites In Right Orbit In Debut Launch >>
* 7-Eleven Stores In Denmark Closed Due To a Cyberattack >>

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