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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 03 August 2022

* Webb Captures Stellar Gymnastics in The Cartwheel Galaxy >>
* Sheryl Sandberg stepping down from leadership role at Facebook parent company Meta >>
* How do we connect to solve problems? Afghan evacuation and human connection | Chris Liggett | TEDx >>

* LIVE: Pelosi visits Taiwan in defiance of Chinese warnings >>
* China announces live-fire drills in 6 zones surrounding Taiwan >>
* U.S. deploys ships and planes near Taiwan as Pelosi eyes visit >>
* THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Why Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Is Utterly Reckless >>
* Taiwan’s presidential website hit by cyberattack ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s visit >>

* U.S. Says Drone Strike Killed al Qaeda Leader Ayman al Zawahiri >>
* Did US slice up al Qaeda leader with “flying Ginsu” drone? >>
* The death of al-Qaeda’s leader may not halt a jihadist resurgence >>

* Elon Musk is planning to build his own airport outside of Austin >>
* Who should Elon Musk be afraid of? >>
* In a world first, scientists rewrite DNA to cure ‘genetic heart conditions’ >>
* Dark Extinction Has Scientists Worried. Here’s What They’re Doing About It >>

* PlanetScale CEO on Cloud-Prem and Climbing the Engineering Ladder >>
* Satellite photos show China’s new nuclear test site in Xinjiang >>
* Russians reportedly building a satellite-blinding laser — an expert explains the technology >>

* Covid Leave Changes and the Future of the Worker-First Workplace >>
* Eurobites: Vodafone, Ericsson apply AI to the 5G private network >>
* New DNA ‘Camcorders’ Can Record ‘Movies’ of a Cell’s Development Through Time >>

* SpaceX (still) Preparing Starship 24 for Static Fire Testing >>
* FBL65: Bobby Azarian – The Evolutionary Journery to the Singularity & Beyond >>

* American Household Debt Hits Record $16.2 Trillion As Mortgages, Credit Card Spending Swell—Delinquencies Creep Up >>
* Despite fewer job openings, Americans keep quitting at record rates >>
* Want A Pay Raise? Switching Jobs Has Much More Upside Amid Soaring Inflation, Report Finds >>
* Apple should have followed Google’s Pixel 6A playbook with the iPhone SE >>

* Will TikTok Music be the next big podcast platform? >>
* Controlling access in today’s digital-first world: Why it really, really matters >>
* LG’s newest 4K CineBeam projectors start at $6,000 >>

* If You Can’t Buy It Twice, Don’t Buy It >>
* 20B-parameter Alexa model sets new marks in few-shot learning >>

* Bumblebees kept in isolation make up for it by being more social later >>
* Is It Easier to Get COVID-19 Outdoors with BA.5? >>
* Can You Solve the Dice Probability Problem? >>

* 5 Weapons You’ll See on the Battlefield of the Future, Influenced by Russia’s War in Ukraine >>
* James Webb Telescope spots its first supernova >>
* Wall-Climbing Robot Shelves to Keep You Organized >>

* The biggest challenges facing developer managers today >>
* Insider risk: Employees are your biggest cyberthreat (and they may not even know it) >>
* How to Shift Security Left: Best Practices From a Fortune 500 DevSecOps Leader >>

* Pakistan army chief appeals to U.S. in rush to avoid debt default >>
* Argentina’s Next New Economy Minister Readies Plan to Boost Dollar Revenue >>
* Eurobites: EU wants more progress on 5G, AI >>
* Nuclear Regulatory Commission Has Nearly Frozen Nuclear Designs for 48 Years >>

* Gamma ray bursts could help unravel how fast the universe is expanding >>
* Preparing for the World’s biggest radio telescope >>
* Harxon launches dynamic website with antenna selection feature >>

* ULA Tory Bruno: BE-4 engine suddenly made new progress ready to fight back to beat SpaceX Raptor 2! >>
* Gen Z: ‘The money will come back.’ But will It? >>
* There is nothing new on Wall Street >>
* McDonald’s employee shot in neck after argument about cold fries in Brooklyn >>

* MEF’s Stan Hubbard on accelerating automation with APIs >>
* The reactionary roots of crypto and web3 | Dave Troy | TEDx >>
* I wish I could hear their voice again” | Isaac Gibson | TEDx >>

* Let’s get honest about our money problems – Tammy Lally #shorts #tedx >>
* I build robots that move like worms—here’s what I’ve learned | Jessica Burgner-Kahrs | TEDx >>
* How Robots can give us superpowers | Daniela Rus | TEDx >>

* The Token Economy Revolution | Michael Healy | TEDx >>
* Apple is just getting started with Apple Silicon >>
* How I Used DALL·E 2 to Generate The Logo for OctoSQL >>

* This YouTuber Took Seven Years To Recreate And Land His Miniature Model SpaceX Rocket >>
* Apple should have followed Google’s Pixel 6A playbook with the iPhone SE >>

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