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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 02 August 2022

* Scientists baffled as Earth spins faster than usual, making days shorter >>
* SpaceX Starship Testing Ramp Up, Huge International Space Station Changes, & more >>
* Two Minute Papers: Google’s Parti AI: Magical Results! >>

* Nichelle Nichols was my hero and a groundbreaking figure for Black women >>
* Breaking Analysis: How the cloud is changing security defenses in the 2020s >>
* Video Friday: Grip Anything >>

* Humanoid diving robot explores shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean >>
* NASA Sending Two More Helicopters to Mars >>
* Live-caption glasses let deaf people read conversations using augmented reality >>
* Dilbert: Fund Long Covid Support Group >>

* Free AI tool restores old photos by creating slightly new loved ones >>
* Earth’s Magnetic Field Almost Completely Collapsed 550 Million Years Ago >>
* The James Webb is Measuring Distant Galaxies 5-10 Times Better Than any Other Telescope >>

* How the cloud is changing security defenses in the 2020s >>
* A Large Chunk of Rocket Space Debris Landed In Australia >>
* Samsung’s ‘Repair Mode’ Lets Technicians Look At Your Phone, Not Your Data >>

* DeepMind’s AI has now catalogued every protein known to science >>
* China’s uncontrolled rocket crashes down over the Indian Ocean >>
* Engadget Podcast: Who owns Dall-E’s AI art? >>

* This Badass Machine Could Hunt Down the Universe’s Elusive Dark Matter for the First Time >>
* Twitter warns of ‘record highs’ in account data requests >>
* ‘Escaping Gravity’ Takes a Brutally Honest Look at NASA >>

* The Case for Making Public Transit Free Everywhere >>
* Vergecast: Instagram’s risky week and Big Tech earnings >>
* Canada confirms 803 monkeypox cases >>

* Metaverse Jobs Are Disappearing as Hiring Slows at Google, Facebook >>
* Scientists Discover 200 Pits On the Moon That Are Always 63F/17C In the Shade. >>
* MIT boffins make AI chips ‘1 million times faster than the synapses in the human brain’ >>

* NASA’s ‘Moonikin’ mannequin boards Orion spacecraft for Artemis 1 moon mission >>
* Why can’t we have legs in the metaverse? >>
* Virologist: Monkeypox Genome Doesn’T Explain Outbreak >>
* How do you see Russia after Putin? >>

* New Satellite Is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in Space >>
* AlphaFold: Why DeepMind’s protein-folding AI is transformational >>
* Nuclear annihilation just one miscalculation away, UN chief warns >>
* Wikipedia blocks any mention of junk DNA in the “Human genome” article >>

* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through July 30) >>
* No Pigs Were Harmed for These Pork Sausages, But They’re Real (Cultured) Meat >>

* Author Talks: Don’t skip the ‘soft stuff’ >>
* Massive LNG Purification Stack No Longer Needed | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* A stand-alone solar farm in Crete that integrates graphene perovskite solar panels >>

* Advancing dynamic brain imaging with AI >>
* Oxford’s single-dose rabies vaccine is a promising step toward fighting the disease >>
* Earth Has An Unexplainable, 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Mass Extinctions >>

* Breaking down Apple’s tricky, ‘gravity defying’ $83 billion June quarter >>
* Apple added more than 30 million paid subscriptions in 2022 >>
* US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design >>
* MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body >>

* Argentina Names Third Economy Minister in a Month Amid Crisis >>
* How is the James Webb Space Telescope changing astronomy? >>
* Climate Change is a Moral Crisis. But Our Political System Doesn’t Treat It That Way >>

* Intel misses targets in Q2 with revenue falling 17% to $15.3B >>
* Why Twitter still has those terrible Trends >>
* SpaceX Starship getting ready for the orbital flight & Relativity Space announcing Mars mission! >>

// Sorry, out with covid over last few days..

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