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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 July 2022

* DeepMind found the structure of every protein (200M+) known to science: >>
* Could Google’s DeepMind help cure all diseases? >>
* Instagram Is Walking Back Its Changes For Now —Explains Why >>

* SpaceX Starship Could build this huge Station in 6 months >>
* PRO ROBOTS: Japan’s largest robot exhibition | Implanting chips into brain >>
* Could a DAO Build the Next Great City? | Scott Fitsimones | TED >>

* Ultrasound stickers could continuously image internal organs for days >>
* What recession? Tech spending stays robust as digital transformation plans forge ahead >>

* Inflation is making McDonald’s breakfast a success >>
* McDonald’s says customers are ordering cheaper options and cutting out combos because of inflation >>
* NASA plans to bring rock samples back from Mars with the help of two space helicopters >>

* AWS us-east-2 outage >>
* Tesla Looks to Open Its Charging Network to Competitors >>
* Non-Exhaustive Yet Fairly Thorough View of Big Tech via Consumer Product Lines >>

* Parsnip.ai – Parsnip teaches you to make incredible food and track your skills >>
* Exploration Company is developing a brand new reusable orbital spacecraft >>
* Fed to markets: Don’t expect us to tell you what comes next >>

* Fibre-optic cables could be used to spy on people a kilometre away >>
* Ford reveals an F-150 Lightning built for police work >>
* NASA Is Planning To Find Aliens Using Spacetime Warped Around the Sun >>

* How a Crypto Bank Went Bankrupt >>
* JRE #1849 – Rich Benoit: Rich Rebuilds, The Electrified Garage: an electric vehicle maintenance and repair company. >>
* NASA tests prototype electric astronaut van for Artemis moon missions >>

* The new era of operations >>
* Singapore Airlines returns to profit as Asia travel surges >>
* Commonwealth Games opening ceremony live in Birmingham >>

* The Company Behind the World’s Only Monkeypox Vaccine >>
* A breakthrough study reveals pits and caves on the Moon to call ‘home’ >>
* ‘Artificial synapse’ could make neural networks work more like brains >>
* Become the Person You Can’t Imagine | Norman Bacal | TEDx >>

* Tesla 4680s Have Eliminated Key Failure Area With Structural Pack >>
* B7.1 Tank Tested | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Investing in Fly.io >>
* Zuckerberg Wants Meta’s AR/VR Business To Be As Big As Ads By 2030 >>
* In the Metaverse, Your Heart Can Be as True as the Boobs Are Fake >>

* Instagram starts asking some users about their race and ethnicity >>
* Microsoft’s multi-cloud vision would keep Amazon from running away with federal deals >>
* As pandemics collide, push to end AIDS stumbles >>

* EdgeDB 2.0 >>
* AI Coding with CodeRL: Toward Mastering Program Synthesis with Deep Reinforcement Learning >>
* Toronto Apartment Rents Soar 20% to Record Levels With Market Tightening >>

* Xi warns Biden not to ‘play with fire’ over Taiwan >>
* An AI May Have Just Invented “Alternative” Physics >>

* TED: How the US fails working parents — and what they need to thrive >>
* TED: The future of fashion — made from mushrooms >>
* How to grow 10,000 kg of food on a ¼ acre | Niva & Yotam Kay | TEDx >>

* Saving 1.5C Requires the U.S. to Quickly Rethink Work, Debt, and Fiscal Spending >>
* Things Suck for Zuck as Meta’s Growth Comes Unstuck >>
* Microsoft Uncovers Austrian Company Exploiting Windows and Adobe Zero-Day Exploits >>
* Covid in China: Million in lockdown in Wuhan after four cases >>

* Japan daily COVID cases top 230,000; record for 2nd straight day >>
* Dilbert: Long Covid Support Group >>
* Here are the biggest technology wins in the breakthrough climate bill >>

* Stitching together the grid will save lives as extreme weather worsens >>
* Flexible robot hand with precise grip lifts 1000 times its own weight >>
* Everyone feels the inflation pain this time >>

* Real wages won’t rise for years as inflation bites: Chalmers >>
* The era of big-tech exceptionalism may be over >>
* Condense bags $4.5m to bring live concerts to the metaverse >>

* Future or fantasy? Designs one-building city stretching 106 miles in Saudi Arabia >>
* S3 Isn’t Getting Cheaper >>
* US has ambitious reforestation plans: Planting 1 billion trees >>

* Biden speaks with China’s Xi as tension grows over Taiwan >>
* Dow Jumps 300 Points Despite U.S. GDP Shrinking For A Second Quarter In A Row—But Experts Say No Recession Yet >>
* US economy shrinks again sparking recession fears >>

* Fury as energy firms post record profits while squeezed Brits face monthly bills of £500 >>
* This Is the Difference Between a Generator and a Backup Battery for Your Home >>
* It’s TikTok’s World. Instagram Just Lives in It >>

* Alphabet’s DeepMind uses AI to predict 200M+ protein structures >>
* Google’s DeepMind AI Solves 3D Structures of the ‘Entire Protein Universe’ >>
* DeepMind’s protein-folding AI cracks biology’s biggest problem >>

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