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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 June 2022

* Marcus House: SpaceX Starship Booster Static Fire Campaign, Falcon 9 Breaks Record, FAA Updates, Astra Setback >>
* If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail >>
* Two Minute Papers: DeepMind Takes A Step Towards General AI! >>

* A Linux Botnet That Spreads Using Stolen SSH Keys >>
* Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers >>
* Snowflake Summit 2022: All about apps and monetizing data >>

* Record-Breaking Voyager Spacecraft Begin to Power Down >>
* Purpose Driven Toughness. The secret to confidence and success | Dr. Gregg Steinburg | TEDx >>
* Video: Chinese Navy just launched its biggest aircraft carrier ever >>

* What’s The Deal With This AI Performing A Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up Routine? >>
* Is BTS Breaking Up? >>
* Advocacy group asks Meta to add Facebook relationship options for non-monogamists >>

* Watch SpaceX launch 3rd rocket in 36 hours early Sunday >>
* Zebrium Root Cause as a Service — Never dig through logs again >>
* World’s first railway loop around a desert opens in NW China’s Xinjiang >>

* Some Chanel customers are spending so much money the brand is giving them special stores >>
* Skyrocketing gas prices have sparked fuel thefts that are just plain weird >>
* What gas prices do — and don’t — tell us about the economy >>
* Why It Could Be a Long Time Before Gas Prices Come Down >>

* The World Has a Choice: Work Together or Fall Apart >>
* There are 6 types of people online who worry about the environment >>
* The surprising paradox of intercultural communication | Helena Merschdorf | TEDx >>

* The universe is surprisingly lopsided and we don’t know why >>
* Atlassian Confluence Flaw Being Used to Deploy Ransomware and Crypto Miners >>
* Meta is getting data about you from some surprising places >>

* Astronomers discover a multiplanet system nearby >>
* How the James Webb Space Telescope will unlock the secrets of the first galaxies >>

* NASA begins fourth Artemis 1 rocket ‘wet dress rehearsal’ fueling test today >>
* ARMO: Misconfiguration Is Number 1 Kubernetes Security Risk >>
* Why Is Everyone Ignoring the Day 2 Kubernetes Problem? >>

* Age 40 is when busy Americans get the least sleep >>
* Egg freezing: The pandemic made me think about fertility >>
* Research shows development of hybrid sensor to help diagnose cancer >>

* A young pulsar is blazing through our galaxy at a speed of over a million miles per hour >>
* NASA publishes the results of its intense killer asteroid dress rehearsal >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through June 18) >>

* MOSCOW: What country would you like to be REBORN in? >>
* Dr. John Campbell: Large covid percentage increases >>

* Detailed tour through a Lockheed F-22 Raptor! >>
* Surprise! We can teach ‘bi-manual’ robots how to stir-fry food to pure bliss >>
* Founders of recycling startups say the pandemic changed the investment game >>

* V Language Review (2022) >>
* Inside the dissolution of Apple’s legacy design team >>
* China Daily talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook on AR, Chinese developers and more >>

* Pig Brains and Butterfly Goo >>
* Eight days that shook the markets >>
* Canadian Stocks Plummet in Worst Week Since the Pandemic Crash >>
* Inflation Is on Track to Hit 7.3% in Canada, Highest Since 1983 >>

* Latin America’s vicious circle is a warning to the West >>
* Unhappiness is soaring around the world, laments Jon Clifton >>
* Reinventing globalisation >>

* What does slavery have to do with it? | Rachel Cargle | TEDx >>
* China, India build roads and bridges in disputed Himalayan region >>
* Post-lockdown Shanghai among top spending cities during China’s 618 online shopping extravaganza >>

* How AI and human intelligence will beat cancer >>
* How ML-powered video surveillance could improve security >>
* Bitcoin’s cascading losses accelerate in record-breaking rout >>

* Cyber alert: The 10 numbers that might ruin your life >>
* Benoit Dageville, Snowflake | Snowflake Summit 2022 >>
* Vitali Klitschko: Russians are dying for Putin’s ambitions >>
* New Zealand Tackles Climate Change With Cow Burp Tax >>

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