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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 June 2022

* NEXTGEN UNREAL ENGINE 5 Demo with Realtime Water Physics >>
* Amazon memo says the company may run out of available labor by 2024 >>
* Backpack-wearing rats could start search-and-rescue missions next year >>

* Elon Musk had a bad week >>
* SpaceX President Targets Producing One Starship Rocket Per Day >>
* Here’s why SpaceX and OneWeb just asked the FCC to forget all past disputes >>

* World’s largest plane, The Roc, soared to 27,000 feet during its latest test >>
* The Personal Brand Is Dead: Gen Z would rather be anonymous online.>>
* Meta is launching a digital clothing store where you can purchase outfits for your avatar >>

* 3D rabbit ‘hologram’ created by levitating screen using sound waves >>
* Morning After: Half of Japan’s businesses are still using Internet Explorer >>
* Quantum microphone works even better than a regular one >>

* Tracking People via Bluetooth on Their Phones >>
* Video Friday: Baby Clappy >>
* 4,000 Robots Roam the Oceans, Climate in Their Crosshairs >>

* Engadget Podcast: Google’s AI isn’t sentient but we must examine the ethics >>
* China launches ‘Fujian,’ its most advanced aircraft carrier >>
* Amazon Went Big During the Pandemic. Now It’s Feeling the Hangover. >>

* The Collapse of Complex Software >>
* Dilbert: Friday June 17, 2022 >>
* Microsoft Defender goes cross-platform for the masses >>

* “Ethical non-monogamy” want more relationship-status options on Facebook. >>
* World’s most efficient passenger plane gets hydrogen powertrain >>
* AT&T and Verizon give FAA another year to remedy C-band 5G interference issues >>

* Migrate to Modernize – How to Upgrade DevOps as You Move to the Cloud >>
* How Fortune 500 Companies Leverage Kubernetes and AWS to Accelerate App Modernization >>
* How to scale machine learning inference for multi-tenant SaaS use cases >>

* Everest’s base camp is melting >>
* Himalayan rivers will survive glacial retreat >>

* ‘Contactless fingerprinting’ will soon let the police scan your prints with a smartphone >>
* The Brain Has a ‘Low-Power Mode’ That Blunts Our Senses >>
* What Leaders Get Wrong About Resilience >>

* How Companies Should Invest in a Downturn >>
* Solar storms may cause up to 5500 heart-related deaths in a given year >>
* Lawmakers push for universal chargers for smartphones, mobile devices >>

* The best way for companies to build their talent pool: Embrace employee mobility >>
* Cybersecurity legislation: Preparing for increased reporting and transparency >>
* Amazon Will Pilot Drone Delivery in California This Year >>

* Chinese Hackers Exploited Sophos Firewall Zero-Day Flaw to Target South Asian Entity >>
* Over a Million WordPress Sites Forcibly Updated to Patch a Critical Plugin Vulnerability >>
* Tabnine updates AI-based code-writing assistant for developers >>

* Economics of Quitting | Trip Gorman | TEDx >>
* Nerd Warriors: How Treasury Department is waging economic war on Russia >>
* TED: The actual cost of preventing climate breakdown >>

* Major Scientific Breakthrough Toward the Benefits of Exercise in a Pill >>
* A technique to teach bimanual robots stir-fry cooking >>
* How the James Webb Space Telescope will examine stars for signs of Earth 2.0 >>

* World’s largest methane gas leak could have powered 2.4 million homes for a year >>
* Here’s Every Time They Say ‘Back To The Future’ In The ‘Back To The Future’ Movies >>
* Got a gut feeling? That could be because probiotics help treat depression >>

* Alien Intelligence and the Concept of Technology >>
* Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire >>

* Credit Cards at 20%, Mortgages Near 6%: The Fed’s Rate Hikes Are Already Having an Impact >>
* Crypto crash exposes overleveraged trades, risking deeper losses >>
* Worst Fears Confirmed As Fed ‘Plays Dangerous Game’ With Inflation And Rate Hikes >>
* Recession fears plunge markets further into bear territory >>
* Money parked by Indians in Swiss banks increased by 50% in 2021 >>

* At Least 20% of People Who Get COVID-19 Develop Lingering Conditions, CDC Study Says >>
* A Dyson Sphere Could Help Humankind Live Forever. So We Found Out How to Build One. >>
* Newly-Observed ‘Starquakes’ Are Tiny Storms That Can Change the Shapes of Stars >>

* This Week in Elon: smashing the irony button >>
* Dogecoin and discrimination: Elon Musk just got sued twice in 24 hours >>
* SpaceX fires at least five workers while Elon Musk touts freedom of speech >>
* SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say >>

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