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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 June 2022

* This European airline just ordered a fleet of airships >>
* Watch a robot cat chase a robot mouse >>
* Sorry, But Chinese Scientists Didn’t Actually Find an Alien Radio Signal >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Company will build a 34-mile tunnel network underneath Las Vegas >>
* First Starship Tower Section Rolls to LC-39A | SpaceX KSC >>
* NASA is worried SpaceX’s Starship could destroy its iconic launch pad 39A >>

* Vergecast: Dish’s 5G network, Apple’s Major League Soccer deal, and Google’s AI debate >>
* The Many Possible Futures of Streaming Television >>
* CEOs, Here’s How to Lead in an Era of Constant Change >>

* NASA’s Artemis 1 megarocket faces huge test this weekend for launch around the moon >>
* US Targets Russia With Tech To Evade Censorship of Ukraine News >>
* Leading in an age of employee activism: The do’s and don’ts | Megan Reitz | TEDx >>

* Polar bears adapting to climate change by hunting on freshwater ice >>
* Can polar bears survive climate change? A discovery sheds new light on a warmer world >>
* Online tool predicts impact on your life expectancy from 1800 diseases >>

* Ferrari says 60 percent of its lineup will be electrified by 2026 >>
* Web3 Is Dead. Long Live Web5. >>
* Female CEOs Change How Firms Talk about Women >>

* Samsung merges Pay and Pass into a single Wallet app >>
* Working in virtual reality for a week made people less productive >>

* Celebrities Loved Crypto and NFTs. Then the Markets Crashed. >>
* BlackCat Ransomware Gang Targeting Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers >>
* A Microsoft Office 365 Feature Could Help Ransomware Hackers Hold Cloud Files Hostage >>

* Amazon Prime Day kicks off July 12th this year >>
* 200 3D Printed Houses Are Going Up in Virginia >>

* Dr. John Campbell: Monkeypox, multiple mutations confirmed >>
* B1M: This £12M Station Could Transform a Town >>
* This is how China produces 50 million tons of apples. Modern apple factory. >>

* How to Change Your Mind | Official Trailer | Netflix >>
* How Labor Unions Shape Society | Margaret Levi | TED >>
* COVID-19 reinfection warning as new Omicron strain becomes dominant >>

* Alarming Footage Shows Robot Battle Tank Blowing Up Cars >>
* US researchers build palm tree-like hurricane resilient turbines >>
* China built a 246-foot tower to test an emerging solar power system >>

* Bill Gates says crypto and NFTs are sham, worthless assets >>
* Self-driving cars crash, too, but figuring out what it means requires much better data >>
* Instagram is testing a new full-screen TikTok-like feed >>

* Snowflake Summit 2022: Here’s what digital leaders found interesting >>
* Frank Slootman, Snowflake | Snowflake Summit 2022 >>
* Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake | Snowflake Summit 2022 >>

* The tricky restructuring of global supply chains >>
* Dow Loses More Than 700 Points, Undoing Post-Fed Rally >>
* Navigating a ‘generational moment’ in broadband funding is no small feat >>

* Nobody has the foggiest about the edge >>
* Omdia’s Julie Kunstler on how fiber is challenging the cable industry >>
* India to hold 5G spectrum auction in July >>

* Render’s Sam Pratt on using tech to streamline fiber network builds >>
* Mental Illness – the Elephant in our Swedish “society room” | Klas Bergling | TEDx >>
* On why not to do an internship this summer | Marius Ketels | TEDx >>

* The baby formula supply chain faces a new challenge—extreme weather >>
* How the Queen saved the UK from a recession—for now >>
* SpaceX made a surprising peace deal to focus its satellite fight with Amazon >>

* Artificial Intelligence and the Crisis of Materialism >>
* Why most enterprises are failing to implement IAM >>
* Report: AWS, Azure and GCP evaluated for overall performance — which is best? >>
* 2022 AI Trends: How Will AI Affect You? >>

* Adobe Creative Cloud >>
* Multi-platform Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom with Lisa Carney – 1 of 2 >>
* Multi-platform Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom with Lisa Carney – 2 of 2 >>

* Hong Kong bids farewell to Jumbo Kingdom, the world’s largest floating restaurant >>
* IT DID HAPPEN! Nuclear Fusion Is Now Available to the Public! >>
* Armory launches Continuous-Deployment-as-a-Service >>

* EU should declare Ukraine a candidate for membership >>
* Zelensky says Ukraine is ready to work to join EU, but needs more powerful weapons to defeat Russians >>
* Lavrov: Russia is not squeaky clean and not ashamed >>

* Five Key Takeaways From Musk’s Twitter Staff Meeting >>
* Main Takeaways From Elon Musk’s Address To Twitter Employees Today >>
* Elon Musk says Twitter employees doing ‘excellent’ work can continue working from home >>
* Elon Musk tells Twitter employees he wants to be involved in product >>
* Elon Musk hints that layoffs are in Twitter’s future >>

* Are 10,000 Tesla jobs facing the axe? Musk’s firm begins lay-offs >>
* SpaceX employees say Elon Musk is an ’embarrassment’ as he waffles on work-from-home >>
* SpaceX employees draft open letter to company executives denouncing Elon Musk’s behavior >>

* Elon Musk just revealed Starship orbital flight timeline after FAA’s approval >>
* First Upgraded Sections of Booster 9 Spotted | SpaceX >>
* Musk, Tesla, SpaceX Are Sued for Alleged Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme >>

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