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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 June 2022

* SpaceX Wins Environmental Approval for Launch of Mars Rocket >>
* Live Reaction: FAA Releases Outcome of Starship Environmental Assessment >>
* Robot can find keys in a bag just by listening as it rummages around >>

* Amazon to start deliveries by drone in California this year >>
* Amazon’s troubled drone delivery project is finally taking off >>
* AI finds hidden evidence of ancient human fires 1 million years ago >>
* Parts of the brain form a circuit that may fuel smoking addiction >>

* One epigenome-editing injection could cut cholesterol level for years >>
* Has Google’s LaMDA artificial intelligence really achieved sentience? >>
* Buzz Lightyear film banned from cinemas by UAE >>

* Gaia telescope’s new map of the Milky Way will let us rewind time >>
* Create, train, and deploy a billion-parameter language model on terabytes of data with TensorFlow and Amazon SageMaker >>
* Ep. 645: The Future of the ISS >>

* Chinese Hackers Distribute Backdoored Web3 Wallets for iOS and Android Users >>
* Microsoft Teams now uses AI to improve echo, interruptions, and acoustics >>
* Mckinsey: The future of the space economy >>
* Mckinsey: Potential of microgravity: How companies across sectors can venture into space >>

* FAA Says SpaceX Can’t Expand Its Texas Launch Site—Yet >>
* FAA requiring SpaceX to make changes to Texas launch site ahead of future launches >>

* Mckinsey: Probing reality and myth in the metaverse >>
* Tesla Will Reveal Working Tesla Bot At AI Day 2022! >>
* FBL58: Yanis Varoufakis – Techno-Feudalism & the Death of Capitalism >>

* How a “Hi Level” Mindset Helps You Realize Your Potential | Cordae | TED >>
* Synthetic Worlds for Training Self-Driving Car >>

* Google engineer says Lamda AI system may have its own feelings >>
* Google suspends veteran engineer over claims that AI chatbot is sentient >>
* Artificial neural networks are making strides towards consciousness, according to Blaise Agüera y Arcas >>
* AI is already causing harm and we need legislation >>

* Starquakes and star DNA: Why the ESA’s giant data dump is huge for astronomy >>
* The future of quantum RAM? Scientists watch two time crystals interact >>
* Scientists have developed a breakthrough treatment method for leukemia >>

* The world’s largest 3D printed housing project just launched in Virginia >>
* MIT built a new reconfigurable AI chip that can reduce electronic waste >>
* Inflation In G7 Countries Over The Last Two Years, Visualized >>

* Astra’s failed launch resulted in the loss of two NASA weather satellites >>
* The Developer’s Guide to SaaS Compliance >>
* LUMI, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer, is solving global challenges and promoting a green transformation >>

* A Framework for GitOps App Recoverability With Red Hat OpenShift and TrilioVault >>
* Japan’s helicopter carrier embarks on 4-month Indo-Pacific tour >>
* How supply-chain turmoil is remaking the car industry >>

* America’s senators manage to reach a deal on gun control >>
* Senators Reach Framework on Measures to Address Gun Violence >>
* Inflation in America may be even worse than thought >>

* Dow Plunges Nearly 900 Points, S&P 500 Enters Bear Market Territory As Inflation Fears Roil Markets >>
* 5G Americas on mile markers for 5G and the digital divide >>
* Eurobites: Vodafone lays claim to UK top spot for fiber >>

* Telcos and tech companies slug it out for 5G spectrum in India >>
* Why the Software Supply Chain Needs More Security >>

* The Iron Man Model: How Startups and the Military Can Work Together >>
* Meet the Pharmacist Expanding Access to Abortion Pills Across the U.S. >>
* SMART CITIES: Marseille’s battle against the surveillance state >>

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