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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2022

* James Webb Space Telescope hit by micrometeoroids five times since its launch >>
* JWST hit by a tiny space rock – but it’s OK >>
* Scientists covered a robot finger in living human skin >>

* A ‘healthy Coke’? Trendy TikTok drink blends balsamic vinegar, sparkling water >>
* NASA is putting together a research team to study UFOs >>
* Quantum computers could create completely new forms of matter >>
* Mars helicopter Ingenuity has a dead sensor but its team aims to keep flying >>

* Commercial Satellites Are National Security’s Next Frontier >>
* James Webb Space Telescope will study how the 1st black hole ‘seeds’ formed in the ‘baby universe’ >>
* JRE #1829: Bobby Azarian – The Romance of Reality: How the Universe Organizes Itself to Create Life, Consciousness, and Cosmic Complexity >>

* TED: How to preserve your private life in the age of social media >>
* Hubble Finds a Bunch of Galaxies That Webb Should Check out >>
* NASA has Purchased 5 More Crew Dragon Missions, Keeping the ISS Going Until 2030 >>

* Ukrainian refugees phoning home boost voice traffic sevenfold >>
* Chinese hackers exploited years-old software flaws to break into telecom giants >>
* Asteroid Samples May ‘Rewrite the Chemistry of the Solar System’ >>

* The Power of Practice: Lessons From 10 Years of Pushups | Emily Saul | TEDx >>
* Google’s new machine learning algorithms create a substantially more private browser >>
* What WatchOS 9 May Reveal About the Next Apple Watch >>

* Elon Musk wanted more data, so Twitter gave him all of it >>
* Twitter Called Elon Musk’s Bluff About Bots. It Could Backfire >>
* How to Stay Focused and Succeed in a World of Chaos | Michal Aibin | TEDx >>

* People Are Using Artifical Intelligence To Make Extremely Cursed Art >>
* Federal government’s Tesla Autopilot investigation is moving into a new phase >>

* Google Chrome’s on-device machine learning blocks noisy notification prompts >>
* Meta has reportedly shelved its watch with in-built cameras >>
* IBM begins laying off its entire Russian workforce >>

* Watch the Summer Game Fest showcase here at 2PM ET >>
* M2 and beyond: What to expect from the M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra >>
* Why are nuclear power construction costs so high? Part I >>

* The collapse of complex software >>
* Ask HN: How to talk with logical flow and coherence at interviews >>
* Sean Scott, PagerDuty | PagerDuty Summit 2022 >>
* Mandi Walls, PagerDuty | PagerDuty Summit 2022 >>

* Incredibly fast. The best factory video I’ve been looking for in 55 years. >>
* When Less Is More Full Life Cycle Serverless Security >>
* Understanding the New Kubernetes Gateway API Vs Ingress >>

* AI’s new frontier >>
* AI should be seen as an ally to human mathematicians, not a threat >>
* News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative: June 2022 >>

* Introduction: June 2022 >>
* Researchers envision wood-derived, self-powered biosensors for wireless devices >>
* The world’s carbon dioxide battery is here and needs only steel and water >>

* A newly proposed Lunar rover is a cross between a centaur and a robot >>
* The ‘world’s largest’ solar power+storage project will displace 1.4M tons of coal >>

* Sparky the electric tugboat is able to move nearly 80 tons on a single charge >>
* Drinking Horse Piss >>
* Why Inflation Is Hitting American Households Like Never Before >>

* It’s Getting More Expensive to Have Your Period, Thanks to Inflation >>
* House Passes Democrats’ Gun Measures as Senate Talks Continue >>
* Stocks Decline on Economic Worries >>

* Why You Should Schedule Your Stress >>
* Microsoft drops non-compete clauses and NDAs from employee settlements >>
* Building the net-zero workforce >>

* Carbon Removal Tech Gets Billions In Funding. Can It Deliver? >>
* EU politicos spar over what big tech pays for infrastructure use >>
* The Cloud Killed Infrastructure, Long Live Infrastructure! >>

* Investing in SCiFi Foods >>
* Smart Contract Security: A Simple Checklist for Web3 Development >>
* Tesla Stock Can Jump Another 50% Thanks To ‘Superior’ Growth In The Years Ahead, Analysts Say >>

* TED: Esports and the new era of play >>
* TED: The brain science (and benefits) of ASMR >>
* Do job titles matter? | Carissa Nimah | TEDx >>
* Silence is Not Golden | Camille Carvalho | TEDx >>

* China’s overzealous covid testing is creating new billionaires while punishing the poor >>
* The real reason toxic leaders keep getting promoted >>
* The Absurdity of Arming Texas Teachers >>

* New Emotet Variant Stealing Users’ Credit Card Information from Google Chrome >>
* Researchers Warn of Unpatched “DogWalk” Microsoft Windows Vulnerability >>

* Top 3 Questions to Ask about SaaS Application Security >>
* AI is embedded everywhere at Walmart >>
* How AI is shaping the future of work >>

* Report: 85% of digital builders would leave their job due to poor tech >>
* JRE #1828: Michio Kaku >>

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