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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 May 2022

* Virtual ‘answering machine’ records the real world while you are in VR >>
* SpaceX Starship Booster 7 Back, FAA Updates the Timetable, Rocket Lab Recovery, Crew 3 Return & more >>
* NVIDIA’s Robot AI Finally Enters The Real World! >>

* The diminishing returns of productivity culture >>
* Breaking Analysis: What you May not Know About the Dell Snowflake Deal >>
* Wi-Fi 7 Home Mesh Routers Poised To Hit 33Gbps >>

* Itzik Reich, Dell Technologies & Magi Kapoor, Dell Technologies >>
* 7 Essential Ingredients of a Metaverse >>
* Scientists made a laser beam shaped like a photorealistic cat >>
* Future of Space Tourism Is Now. Well, Not Quite. >>

* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through May 7) >>
* Eight working mothers on the realities of post-pandemic life >>

* Taste of the future: Robot chef learns to ‘taste as you go’ >>
* The future of on-prem and the cloud >>
* Virgin Galactic pushes 1st planned commercial passenger flight to 2023 >>

* Large Hadron Collider experiment investigates neutrino’s minuscule mass >>
* Ship 24 readied for Nosecone Stacking | SpaceX Starbase >>
* A novel ‘gravity telescope’ concept could help us explore life on exoplanets >>

* Nanomedicine: Could nanoparticle treatments be the key to treating cancer? >>
* It’s official. Remote work has zero negative impact on your productivity >>
* The Great Resignation, meet the Great Reset >>

* Apple’s Self Repair Program was never going to be what repair advocates wanted >>
* What makes hybrid work…work? New report offers insights for managers >>
* Extreme uncertainty: What the year holds for Toyota, Nissan and Honda >>

* The end of Roe v. Wade — and what comes next for reproductive freedom >>
* New Fileless Malware Hides Shellcode in Windows Event Logs >>
* What voice tech can teach us about brand innovation in the Web3 era >>
* The island of sanity: Navigating through loved ones’ addictions | Karen Perlmutter | TEDx >>

* Report: Google Cloud is forming a dedicated Web3 team >>
* Efficiency is the Enemy >>
* Faecal Transplants Reverse Hallmarks Of Ageing >>
* Video Friday: No Time to Dance >>

* Programmers, Managers, Agile, and Failures: Software’s Long Crisis >>
* why do you waste so much time on the internet. >>
* Sailing ‘On the Edge of Control’: Inside the Extreme Speeds of SailGP >>

* A new Google Cloud team is building services for Web3 developers >>
* Post-pandemic reset leads to wave of layoffs in tech >>
* Tomorrow Farms wants to revamp the pantry >>

* Guy Asks Random People On The Street Whether They’d Choose $1 Million Or $5,000 Monthly For The Rest Of Their Life And Their Answers Were Fascinating >>
* First Couple To Have A Baby >>
* See what the world’s most powerful crane is up to. It can lift tons of weight. >>

* US labor market is cooling off >>
* US abortion clinics in border cities are preparing for a wave of new patients >>
* NASA will try to fuel its $21 BILLION mega moon rocket again in June >>

* How Apple overcame its culture of secrecy to create AirPods Pro >>
* NASA’s SLS vs SpaceX’s Starship: The Race to Orbit >>
* What Samsung’s Return to U.S. Chip Manufacturing Means For the Economy | WSJ >>

* Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Startup >>
* America’s Supreme Court faces a crisis of legitimacy >>
* ‘Nanomagnetic’ computing can provide low-energy AI >>

* James Webb Space Telescope begins final check-outs before science observations >>
* Why Believing in the Multiverse Isn’t Madness >>
* Venus-like worlds are surprisingly common in ‘habitable’ zones >>

* Elon’s Plan to Grow Twitter from Investor Pitch Deck >>
* Dilbert: Dave’s Urban Culture >>
* Florida pension fund sues Elon Musk over Twitter deal >>

* Microsoft is using “Fortnite” to fuel its cloud gaming growth >>
* Russia’s Grave Miscalculation: Ukrainians Would Collaborate >>
* As data privacy laws expand, businesses must employ protection methods >>

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