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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 May 2022

* Apple, Google and Microsoft commit to ‘end-to-end’ password-free sign-ins >>
* Google Assistant can now automatically change passwords >>
* Starlink users can now take their terminal on the road >>
* NASA is Looking for Ideas on How to Simulate Missions to Mars! >>

* China developed a drone swarm that can fly effortlessly through an entire forest >>
* Old Russian Rocket Motor Explodes in Orbit, Creating More Space Debris >>
* WHO: Nearly 15 million deaths associated with Covid-19 >>
* SpaceX is Making Vital Changes to Starship Launch Tower, FAA Report Delayed AGAIN, Crew4, Angara 1.2 >>

* AI Podcast: Waabi CEO on Using AI, Simulation to Teach Autonomous Vehicles to Drive – Ep. 169 >>
* Could we build the Millennium Falcon from ‘Star Wars’? >>
* Algorithm to Improve Reconstruction Exoplanet Images from Gravity Lensing >>

* Qualcomm shows off world’s first 8K HDR footage shot on a smartphone >>
* The gene-edited pig heart given to a dying patient was infected with a pig virus >>
* Neuralink rival Synchron begins human trials of its BRAIN IMPLANT >>

* Smartwatch for plants monitors water content in leaves and pings the owner when they need a drink >>
* Splatter count on vehicle number plates suggests flying insect numbers have plunged by 60% in less than 20 years, report >>
* NASA Spacecraft Will Visit Apophis, Once Earth’s Deadliest Asteroid Threat >>
* Second Tesla Shanghai Factory Confirmed >>

* Spatial partners with Ready Player Me to bring enhanced avatars to its metaverse >>
* Shopify to Acquire Deliverr for $2.1B: Building the Future of Global Logistics for Independent Brands >>
* Boeing’s problem-plagued Starliner spacecraft is hoisted on top of Atlas V rocket for unmanned spaceflight >>
* High Bay 2 Closer to Building Starships | SpaceX >>

* Two Minute Papers: DeepMind’s New AI Finally Enters The Real World! >>
* NASA will try again to fuel Artemis 1 moon rocket in June as launch slips to August >>

* Artificial Intelligence Challenges in Connected Autonomous Vehicles | Jaerock Kwon | TEDx >>
* Next agricultural revolution | Sam Norton | TEDx >>
* LONDON: Welcome to DeepMind: Embarking on one of the greatest adventures in scientific history >>

* China has given the world goosebumps with its mega underwater project. >>
* #AWS​​​ Enabling Autonomous Flight with the Cloud >>
* TikTok playing a role in car thefts >>

* A Dyson Sphere Could Bring Humans Back From the Dead, Researchers Say >>
* Why Meta’s E-Commerce Plans Have Stumbled >>
* The internet’s famous dancing baby from 1996 is getting a new look >>

* Russian Soldiers in Ukraine Rebel Against Their Generals >>
* A new approach to reproduce human and animal movements in robots >>
* Using AI to analyze large amounts of biological data >>
* Amazon’S Outer Range Brings The Weird Fiction Mindset To Westerns >>
* Volta’s electric urban delivery trucks will come to the US in 2023 >>

* Apple, Google, Microsoft announce commitment to ‘passwordless’ future >>
* ‘Drop passwords altogether’ to improve online security, expert says >>
* Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins >>

* Jeff Clarke, Dell Technologies | Dell Technologies World 2022 >>
* Michael Dell, Dell Technologies | Dell Technologies World 2022 >>
* Achieve DevOps Success While Closing Skill Gaps >>

* 7 Dimensions of a Project-to-Product Transformation >>
* Xi encourages youth to help boost China’s aerospace sci-tech self-reliance >>
* China sets up world’s highest automatic weather station >>

* Smart Buildings Promise Happier Workplaces But Could Pose Cyber Risks >>
* Grindr Users’ Data Could Be Purchased Through Ad Networks >>
* Germany’s Difficult Breakup with Russian Energy >>
* Building Our Shared Future | Valeria Colunga | TEDx >>

* Philosophy and the Quest for Meaning | Velimir Stojkovski | TEDx >>
* Hybrid work is burning women out >>
* F5 Warns of a New Critical BIG-IP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability >>

* Heroku Forces User Password Resets Following GitHub OAuth Token Theft >>
* Infrastructure as Code: Keeping developers productive, keeping organizations safe >>
* JFrog extends support for Terraform >>

* Kinetix uses no-code AI to create 3D animations, secures $11M >>
* Meeting the challenge of moms’ ‘double double shift’ at home and work >>
* Meet Logseq, an open-source knowledge management system that ‘stores data like a brain’ >>

* Can Covid Lead to Impotence? >>
* Meta’s Challenge to OpenAI—Give Away a Massive Language Model >>
* Fully and Rapidly Replicable Factories Video >>
* Watch a swarm of drones navigate a forest without crashing >>

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