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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2022

* First Orbital Launch Pad Water Deluge Test | Starship Boca >>
* Two Minute Papers: This New AI is Photoshop For Your Hair! >>

* Watch Rocket Lab Try To CATCH Electron w/ a Helicopter For The First Time! >>
* Breaking Analysis: The Ever expanding Cloud Continues to Storm the IT Universe >>

* SpaceX Starship FAA Delay and Booster Repair, Crew 4 launch, Axiom 1, JWST Update + much >>
* NSF Live: Starship Environmental Approval Update, Falcon 9 Performs Record Turnaround, and More >>
* SpaceX just flew its fastest Dragon astronaut trip to the space station ever >>

* X-Ray Tech That Reveals Chip Designs >>
* Amazon Rekognition introduces Streaming Video Events to provide real-time alerts on live video streams >>
* SpaceX Starship builds VERA Station in 6 months? >>

* The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump >>
* Webb telescope’s new dazzling photos prove it has perfect vision >>
* Scientists Warn of Looming Mass Ocean Extinction >>

* It’s cloud time for boards—in seven charts >>
* AI Completions. Never Code Alone. >>
* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 30) >>
* Famous Ukrainian fighter pilot ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ has been killed in battle >>

* Scientists are beaming Earth’s location to contact aliens despite the warnings >>
* The ever-expanding cloud continues to storm the IT universe >>
* What to Expect at Dell Tech World 2022 >>

* Visibility Across Clouds … Is It a Myth? >>
* Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes With AWS EKS and Weaveworks >>
* Better Testing With Fewer Smarter Tests >>

* Bored Ape Metaverse Frenzy Raises Millions, Crashes Ethereum >>
* New COVID-19 cases slow in Asia as omicron wave ebbs >>
* Ukraine war highlights Europe’s failure to reassure ASEAN >>
* Drug-related violence soars to ‘critical’ levels in Rosario >>

* Tech Stocks Finish Punishing Month With Another Tumble >>
* Elon Musk’s Twitter Labyrinth >>
* Researchers fear what a Musk acquisition might mean for Twitter research data >>

* Why Convergence Is The Next Big Thing For Media Companies And How To Deliver It >>
* Why Airbnb Is Letting Employees Work Anywhere >>
* Comcast, Charter take DOCSIS 4.0 and ’10G’ a step toward commercial reality >>

* Elon Musk Wants to Rid Twitter of ‘Spam Bots.’ Nearly Half His Followers Are Fake >>
* How Amazon is passing on inflation costs >>
* Microsoft Documents Over 200 Cyberattacks by Russia Against Ukraine >>
* Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Exposes PostgreSQL Databases to Other Customers >>

* A Video Codec Designed for AI Analysis >>
* Johns Hopkins Engineers Use AI for Deeper Look Into Brains of Mice >>
* The real cost of cloud computing >>
* The basics of decentralized finance >>

* What it will take to implement Web3 >>
* Review: Skydio 2+ Drone >>
* An Antimatter Experiment Shows Surprises Near Absolute Zero >>
* Automation Isn’t the Biggest Threat to US Factory Jobs >>

* Methane emissions from cows spotted from space for the first time >>
* UK’s First Autonomous Passenger Bus Started Road Tests This Week >>
* These Futuristic Glasses Let You Listen To Tunes And Tailor The Tint On Demand >>

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