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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 January 2022

* Omicron May Infect Half of Europeans Within Weeks, WHO Says >>
* Mega’ 490ft-long superyacht-cum-blimp designed to FLY as well as sail is unveiled in futuristic concept >>
* China’s Zero-Covid Strategy Tested Ahead of Winter Olympics | WSJ >>
* How Emerging Technologies will Change Work and Society | Robin Brown | TEDx >>

* 6G mobile transmission technology 10-20 times faster than 5G reached in Chinese lab >>
* Orbit Fab’s on-orbit fuel shuttle will top up Astroscale’s servicing satellites >>
* A kilometer-wide asteroid will make its closest pass by Earth next week >>
* Pfizer’s CEO on Omicron, a Fourth Shot and 2022 >>

* Tech to Locate Any Object, Unlock Car Doors, and Eliminate Passwords >>
* Samsung appears set to launch the Galaxy S22 on February 8 >>
* The Optional Chaining Operator, “Modern” Browsers, and My Mom >>

* The Value of Values | Daniel Aronson | TEDx >>
* The Robots Are Not Coming >>
* Why Multi-Functional Robots Will Take Over Commercial Robotics >>

* How do you plan your career around unknown changes in the future? | Marcia France | TEDx >>
* The Great Exhaustion >>
* Software Is Automating Design. What Does That Mean For Designers? >>

* Heart patients will soon be able to carry out their own ECGs at home on their smartphones after NHS treatment watchdog approves £99 device for the first time >>
* Two Minute Papers: Photos Go In, Reality Comes Out…And Fast! >>
* Elon Musk shares dramatic video of wild SpaceX launch and catch tower >>

* IPOs and Beyond: A Guide to Exit Options for Companies >>
* Language I/O aims to strengthen its AI-powered customer service localization service >>

* CI/CD is the New Lock-In >>
* Three Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022 >>
* 6 Top DevOps Technology Trends to Watch >>
* VSM and DevOps Predictions 2022 >>
* Enterprise DevOps Series: GitHub for Mainframe Demo >>
* Windstream’s forecasts enterprise networking and security trends for 2022 >>
* VMware eases app modernization with official launch of Tanzu Application Platform >>
* Weave GitOps Enterprise: Git-Centric Control for Multiclouds >>

* Indian SaaS startups emerge from shadows of consumer tech peers >>
* $28trn global reach of Asian finance >>
* PCI Compliance in the Age of Cloud Native Tech >>

* Remote Daliang Mountain in SW China sees departure of first bullet train >>
* China’s express parcel volume expected to hit 108.5 bln in 2021 >>
* First Lancang-Mekong Express freight train departs SW China’s Kunming >>

* Climate Restoration: An Overview | Ginger Greenfield | TEDx >>
* China’s Chang’e-5 probe finds on-site evidence of water on the Moon’s surface >>
* Ep 33 – Quick and easy real-time communications with Amazon Chime SDK >>

* Two black holes merged to form a huge one moving at incredible speeds >>
* How a pig heart was transplanted into a human for the first time >>
* The first successful pig-to-human heart transplant has been performed >>

* An economist has put a price tag on getting China’s birth rate up: $300 billion >>
* Can autonomous tractors really solve farming’s labor issues? >>
* Today’s news: January 11, 2022 >>

* TED: How to realistically decarbonize the oil and gas industry >>
* Every. Single. Aircraft Carrier. In the World >>
* Please Stop Using These Phrases in Meetings >>

* From Europe to the US, Covid cases in children are surging. Schools aren’t prepared >>
* US record breaking cases and hospitalizations >>
* Will Covid-19 become less dangerous as it evolves? >>
* Where are the Variant Specific Boosters? >>
* Nurses Struggle through a New COVID Wave with Rage and Compassion >>
* U.S. Ranks 59th Globally for Covid-19 Vaccinations, Just Behind Iran >>
* Omicron wave in New York looks worse than in England >>
* AUS ‘Clearer picture’: Spike in COVID-19 cases expected as rapid tests recorded >>
* How to make sense of the CDC’s new quarantine guidance >>
* BioNTech and InstaDeep Developed and Successfully Tested Early Warning System to Detect Potential High-Risk SARS-CoV-2 Variants >>
* When will the omicron wave peak? >>
* China locks down 3rd city, raising affected to 20 million >>
* 800 Doctors in India who died of covid during the country’s second wave >>
* 115,000 Nurses who have died of covid globally, according to WHO estimates >>
* Covid-19: Could New Zealand actually eliminate Delta? >>

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