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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 January 2022

* 10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech >>
* Build a Mars Civilization or an Asteroid Mining Empire? >>
* Surface of Moon is Electrically Charged, Which Could Allow a Hovering Robot to Explore it >>

* Facebook Launches ‘Privacy Center’ to Educate Users on Data Collection and Privacy Options >>
* Confusion And Chaos: Why The Pandemic Is Such A Mess Right Now >>

* Cyprus reportedly discovers Covid variant that combines omicron and delta >>
* Deltacron is probably a lab mistake, not a new variant >>
* Scientists vacuum zoo animals’ DNA out of the air >>

* JWST User Documentation >>
* James Webb Space Telescope — making 300 points of failure reliable >>
* Matter was a major star at CES 2022, but can it maintain its shine? >>

* Rumored iPhone SE with 5G expected to debut at March Apple event >>
* iPhone at 15: Steve Jobs revealed his greatest product 15 years ago >>
* Apple’s biggest scandal of 2022 is already happening >>

* Omniverse: Nvidia details the future of virtual graphics >>
* Chopsticks at Apogee, now rotating. Ship on Booster stack demo, minus the vehicle. >>
* Chopsticks Undergo Extensive Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Amazon edges further into operator territory with latest Sidewalk product >>
* Chinese brands shine at CES 2022 >>
* London Schools Are Determined to Stay Open. Staff Illnesses Make It Hard. >>
* Disruption, Dismay, Dissent: Americans Grapple With Omicron’s Rise >>

* Amazon cuts paid COVID-19 leave for workers in half >>
* The best of CES 2022 >>
* Dilbert; Sunday January 09, 2022: Taking Care Of It >>

* What it will take to save American democracy >>
* Covid: Visualising 150,000 UK coronavirus deaths >>
* The Role of a Manager Has to Change in 5 Key Ways >>

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