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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 December 2021

* How AI, VR, AR, 5G, and blockchain may converge to power the metaverse >>
* Tokamak Energy Has Just Made a Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion >>
* Another Decade of Tesla, SpaceX, Cryptocurrency, Apple Domination >>

* Real Reason We’re All So Busy (and What to Do About It) | TEDx >>
* This is one reason why being online felt so bad in 2021 >>
* Words that defined business in 2021 >>

* Microsoft’s AI Understands Humans… But It Had Never Seen One! >>
* China Allegedly Launched Three Warships. In Just One Day? >>
* Radio Telescope Reveals How Lightning Begins >>

* China’s gaming crackdown: concerns about Steam ban heightened after Christmas connectivity issues >>
* China’s Baidu jumps into the metaverse realm >>
* Science fiction visions, starting with flying cars >>

* Companies Benefiting From Fragmenting Internet Privacy Rules >>
* Apple, Google, Meta prepare for the next big 5G battle >>
* 2021’s Top Stories About AI >>
* A dinner party game to spark your radical imagination | TEDx >>

* Biden is gambling that clean hydrogen could be the next Tesla >>
* In 2021, Ambani and Adani bet on India’s future as a renewable energy giant >>
* 10 reasons to combine digital twins and synthetic data >>

* 2021 Year in Review: Security >>
* Time Bombs Inside Software: 0-Day Log4Shell is Just the Tip of The Iceberg >>
* Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detectors Can Be Hacked Remotely >>
* Securing Infrastructure Against Ransomware – Thought Leaders >>

* Excessive debt is burden on global economy, World Bank head >>
* Return to office paused (again) as COVID rages: Will we ever go back? >>
* Great resignation is changing work in America, and experts say it’s here to stay >>
* After 2 years of the COVID pandemic… we still have big questions >>
* Is it time for the US to require covid vaccines on domestic flights? >>

* Metaverse platform Decentraland is preparing for its first fashion week as digital clothing rakes in big business >>
* Testing the Neuralink chip on humans | New Augmented Reality Glasses >>
* 2022 look ahead: Five predictions for China tech >>

* Rise Of The Robotic Working Dog >>
* LG Display shows off a versatile lineup of transparent OLED screens at CES 2022 >>
* Decoding James Webb Space Telescope >>

* Baidu’s Jidu Auto To Mass Produce Its ‘Robot’ Electric Vehicles in 2023 >>
* Year Everyone Remembered That Chips Matter >>
* Can We Ever Adopt a Scalable Water-From-Air Device? >>

* Apple reportedly hires Meta’s AR public relations lead >>
* Space Launch System Will Lift Off >>
* Microsoft’s wins, fails, and WTF moments of 2021 >>

* This ambitious smart ring hopes to one day monitor chronic illnesses >>
* USS Gerald Ford Finally Gets All Its Advanced Weapons Elevators Installed >>
* Future Is Not Only Useless, It’S Expensive: In the end, we’re all bored apes >>

* Kenya Airways converted two 787 Dreamliners to carry cargo. Here’s why >>
* Australia records first Omicron death as nearly 1000 Sydney residents sent false-negative test results >>
* Qantas returns flagship A380 to service earlier to ease pressure on 787 pilots >>

* Robert Pattinson Faces Existential Questions From Friends And Foes In New ‘The Batman’ Trailer >>
* ‘Cobra Kai’ delivers plenty of new kicks with its twisty fourth season >>
* E.O. Wilson has passed away >>

* LG Display’s latest transparent ‘shelf’ OLED can display or augment artworks >>
* Amazon’s ‘New World’ is among the year’s biggest money makers on Steam >>
* New MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac, and more: What to expect from Apple in early 2022 >>

* Hypernerf: A Higher-Dimensional Representation for Topologically Varying Neural Radiance Fields >>
* Ten Years of Logging My Life >>
* The secret missile that can wipe out air defenses >>

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