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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2021

* Taxi! To the Airport — by Air, Please. >>
* Zeva’s 160-mph electric UFO: An air taxi experience like no other >>
* NASA Is Crashing a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid. Here’s How to Watch the Launch. >>
* Hubble Telescope Checks In With the Most Distant Planets >>

* This AI tool lets you visualize how climate change could affect your home >>
* Contending with the Pandemic, Wealthy Nations Wage Global Battle for Migrants >>
* FBL35: Cory Doctorow: Navigating the Economics and Failures of Technology >>
* China’s AI giant SenseTime readies Hong Kong IPO >>

* SpaceX Starbase and Stage Zero! How close are we to Starship Orbital Flight Test? >>
* SpaceX rocket business leadership shakes up as two VPs depart >>
* Dent Reality raises $3.4M to bring augmented reality into the grocery store >>

* With his first re:Invent looming, what will AWS’s new boss bring to the table? >>
* AWS commits to update its own Linux every other year >>
* The Largest Digital Camera Ever Built Will Soon Capture the Deep Universe >>

* Niantic and a crypto debit card company made an AR game where you earn Bitcoin >>
* Becoming a Leader When Everything Is Shifting >>

* NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope launch to December 22nd >>
* Cancer Cells Use ‘Tiny Tentacles’ To Suck Mitochondria Out of Immune Cells >>
* AirAsia debuts parcel delivery in Malaysia with Thailand to follow >>

* Your Boards of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You >>
* 3 Strategies to Help Employees Thrive in the New “Normal” >>
* Second part of Hubble Space Telescope is working almost a MONTH after it went into safe mode >>
* Hubble Space Telescope shows off never-before-seen epic views of the solar system’s gas giants >>

* Why Older Americans Are Fleeing the Workforce >>
* Crypto Thieves Target Small-Time Investors >>
* Hulu Caught in Crossfire as Streaming Wars Intensify >>

* Samsung to Choose Texas for $17 Billion Chip-Making Factory >>
* Monday assorted links >>
* What will it take to go from ‘travel shock’ to surge? >>

* Edge Computing Integrated with Blockchain >>
* ServiceNow acquires DotWalk >>
* Japan allocates $5.2bn to fund chip plants by TSMC and others >>
* Beyond Metcalfe’s Law for Network Effects, and Towards a Better Model >>

* As Virus Cases Rise in Europe, an Economic Toll Returns >>
* Keep Calm And Make Sure Your Password Isn’t On This List of the 200 Most Common Ones >>
* The UN Is Engineering a Floating City. To Withstand a Category 5 Hurricane? >>

* This AI tool lets you visualize how climate change could affect your home >>
* Inflation is raging everywhere, but it’s worst in Latin America >>
* U.S., China and others to tap oil reserves to rein in inflation >>
* Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional >>

* Blue Origin sets six-person tourist trip to space for Michael Strahan, Laura Shepard Churchley and first parent-child duo >>
* Watch BMWi’s Electric Wingsuit Break the World Record at 186 MPH >>
* A Distant White Dwarf Is Slowly Devouring an Object 500,000 Miles Away >>
* Virtual Reality Fluid Drawing Is Here! >>

* TED: How accurate is the weather forecast? >>
* No One Hires You For Your Expertise | Rain Bennett | TEDx >>
* The Rooming-In Approach: Care for Opioid-Dependent Newborns and Mothers | Adam Newman | TEDx >>
* The science doesn’t lie: Cognitive contamination in forensics | Hilary Hamnett | TEDx >>
* What I Got Wrong About Waste in India | Anish Malpani | TEDx >>
* Your Roof Can Fix Climate Change – Easier Than You Think | Elizaveta Fakirova | TEDx >>
* Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Rise of AI >>
* Countdown Summit: An action plan for solving the climate crisis >>
* Countdown Summit: The forest is our teacher. It’s time to respect it >>
* How to manage your emotions in difficult times | CJ Calvert | TEDx >>
* Are Gigs the Future of Work? | Vineet John Samuel | TEDx >>

* Network Routing Protocol Design – Complete Course >>
* Modern Physics || Modern Physics Full Lecture Course >>
* Git and GitHub for Beginners – Crash Course >>

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