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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 November 2021

* Nvidia’s latest AI tech translates text into landscape images >>
* The metaverse will make your meetings worse >>
* Server Error 500 sees some Tesla drivers locked out of their MuskMobiles >>

* NASA Provides Update on Webb Telescope Launch >>
* BREAKING! JWST Incident During Launch Prep >>
* Black Friday sales have begun: Target, Best Buy and Amazon deals live now, Walmart joining today >>
* Rolls-Royce’s all-electric airplane smashes record with 387.4 MPH top speed >>

* Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How. >>
* EU plans to outlaw encryption and introduce telecommunications surveillance >>
* Astra moves full steam ahead after successful orbital launch, looks to test Rocket 4.0 next year >>

* The ideas and conflicts that led to Web 3.0 >>
* Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Course >>

* UK will require new homes to have EV chargers starting in 2022 >>
* The Future of Contactless Commerce >>
* World’s First Electric Wingsuit – Guinness World Records >>
* Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Rise of AI >>

* The Metaverse, Crypto and EVs Are Among 2021’s Big Tech Winners >>
* New Scientist is 65 years old and our mission remains the same as ever >>
* NASA’s first ever ‘planetary defence’ mission is ready for launch THIS WEEK to test if an asteroid can be deflected by crashing a spacecraft into it at 15,000mph >>

* Astronomers have found a second trojan asteroid sharing Earth’s orbit >>
* This Robot will Cook Your Food By 2022 >>
* Penny-Size Computer Monitors Bone Health >>

* Covid live: UK records 44,917 new cases; strict restrictions for unvaccinated come into effect in Greece >>
* Another Covid Christmas: Britons urged to delay festive plans >>
* Hackers Exploiting ProxyLogon and ProxyShell Flaws in Spam Campaigns >>

* Facebook Postpones Plans for E2E Encryption in Messenger, Instagram Until 2023 >>
* 11 Malicious PyPI Python Libraries Caught Stealing Discord Tokens and Installing Shells >>
* Understanding Metaverse: A Basic Explanation >>

* How Digital Real Estate Is Changing Lives | Brother Ben X | TEDx >>
* The Magic of Libraries | Stephanie Ralph | TEDx >>
* Ericsson, Nokia line up new CTOs in North America >>
* Crypto Thieves Target Small-Time Investors >>

* China’s New Solar EVs Boast Up to 450 Miles of Range >>
* Web 3.0: The New Internet Is About to Arrive >>
* American inflation: global phenomenon or homegrown headache? >>

* Apple’s Christmas sales in Asia at risk from global supply crunch >>
* Main tower of Tongzi River grand bridge in Guizhou capped >>
* Red Hat OpenShift Data Science aims for more open approach to machine learning development >>

* People mistake the internet’s knowledge for their own >>
* Harry Potter films at 20: What the cast did next >>
* The chip shortage is boosting US manufacturing: What you need to know >>
* The Blue Technology Barometer >>

* Boeing’s B-52 Bombers Took Down Fighter Jets in Vietnam War Dogfights >>
* A UK Rocket Company Wants to Put Nuclear Fusion Power in Orbit by 2027 >>
* Black Friday 2021 smart home tech deals: speakers, cameras, robots, and more >>

* World’s highest 360-degree infinity pool opens in Dubai >>
* Bodies pile up outside hospital morgue as Romania struggles with fourth wave of Covid >>
* Travel high on wish lists amid ‘radical shift’ in post-COVID consumer behaviour >>

* Orbital Launch Mount Venting | SpaceX >>
* Life in a Container | Taylor Wells | TEDx >>
* Dynamic Programming – Learn to Solve Algorithmic Problems & Coding Challenges >>
* Advanced Python for Everybody – Python Advanced Tutorial >>

* CloudOps vs DevOps : Which One Should You Use >>
* Watch Google Tensor vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (Watch the reveals) >>
* The Chip Shortage Hurts Auto Sales a Lot, Consumer Electronics Only a Little >>
* Can Earth’s Digital Twins Help Us Navigate the Climate Crisis? >>
* We’re Constantly Battling Invasive Species Here on Earth. What Does That Teach us About Infecting Other Worlds With Earth Life? >>

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