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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2021

* William Shatner becomes the oldest person to reach space >>
* William Shatner “I hope I never recover from this,” he says afterward. >>
* Back on Earth, Shatner and Bezos have a Kirk-Spock moment. >>
* REWATCH: William Shatner’s trip to space >>

* Webb has Arrived Safely at the Launch Site >>
* Next Generation Telescopes Could Detect the Direct Collapse of Enormous Black Holes Near the Beginning of Time >>
* Samsung announces Unpacked 2 event for Wednesday Oct 20th, right after Apple and Google >>
* Mechazillas chopsticks catch and crane arm preassembly Boca Chica Oct 13 2021 >>

* AI Predicts Accident Hot-Spots From Satellite Imagery and GPS Data >>
* Ericsson suggests ‘6G Basic’ standards could be released in 2027 >>
* Tokens are a New Digital Primitive, Analogous to the Website >>
* B1M: Japan’s 400 Kilometre Tsunami Shield >>

* Countdown Summit: A roadmap for young changemakers >>
* Countdown Summit: The billion-dollar campaign to electrify transport >>
* How This One Simple Method Set Me Financially Free | Emily King | TEDx >>
* Grades have Forced Learning into Hiding | Javier Flores | TEDx >>

* Cyberattack response time averages 2 days, report finds >>
* The Low-Code / No-Code Summit: Enabling Enterprise Agility >>
* DeepMind is developing one algorithm to rule them all >>

* Yes, Robot Dogs Can Now Carry Sniper Rifles on Their Backs >>
* The US Air Force Has Successfully Tested Its New Bunker Breaker Bomb >>
* Accelerating Customer Onboarding Using OpenShift and Joget >>

* How ‘Squid Game’ Became a Megahit >>
* South Korea’s Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest original show debut >>
* Squid Game’ takes China by storm despite censors over violent content >>
* Global Sensation ‘Squid Game’ Is Most Brutal Show To Work For Since ‘Ellen,’ Says Honest Trailers >>

* BT aims to keep Huawei for fiber until early 2030s >>
* BT’s Howard Watson: Eyeing the ‘prize’ of a 5G converged core >>
* BT’s Rob Shuter: Enterprises want solutions, not just connectivity >>
* DOCSIS 4.0 puzzle starting to come together >>
* Nokia boasts of mmWave breakthrough for 5G FWA >>

* Elon Musk explains when we’ll see a Tesla electric plane >>
* JRE: Dr. Sanjay Gupta new book, “World War C: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One,” >>
* NASA Designs Near Light Speed Engine That Breaks Laws Of Physics >>
* Two Raptor Boost Engines Leave Starbase | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Google Cloud Next—Day 2 livestream >>
* IoT Hacking and Rickrolling My High School District >>
* Microsoft Store previews WSL; Unqork 2021.10; Tableau-Google Cloud collaboration; Solo.io supports GraphQL >>

* Podcast the story of artificial intelligence >>
* We analyzed 80 million ransomware samples – here’s what we learned >>
* Using cloud technology for the good of the planet >>
* Microsoft’s Massive New Language AI Is Triple the Size of OpenAI’s GPT-3 >>

* How Italy’s high-speed trains helped kill Alitalia >>
* America is Choking Under an ‘Everything Shortage’ >>
* US Overtakes China as Biggest Bitcoin Mining Hub After Beijing Ban >>
* What Is HTTP/3 and What Does It Mean for APIs? >>

* The human neck is a mistake of evolution >>
* Scientists Can Grow Meat Protein. With Gene-Edited Barley? >>
* Sony’s lightweight 70-200mm zoom has features designed for video creators >>

* At Cloud Next, Google debuts Distributed Cloud plus data and AI product additions >>
* Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Modern Software Delivery >>
* Neat AI does Lenia – Conway’s game of life arrives in the 21st century >>

* Why the U.S. Cyber Agency Doesn’t Want to Be a Regulator >>
* The World Needs a New Protocol for Global Travel >>
* How COVID-19 has Made us Entrepreneurs | Saskia Lavelle | TEDx >>
* Can we mitigate the effects of climate change? | Molly Downes | TEDx >>
* Stronger Together – A home for everyone | Yusra Mardini | TEDx >>

* Shell Scripting Crash Course – Beginner Level >>
* Web Development In 2021 – A Practical Guide >>
* Build a Web Scraper (super simple!) >>

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