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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 October 2021

* William Shatner rockets to space with Blue Origin: How to watch live >>
* Event-Based Camera Chips Are Here, What’s Next? >>
* AI fake-face generators can be rewound to reveal the real faces they trained on >>
* Microsoft Fended Off a Record 2.4 Tbps DDoS Attack Targeting Azure Customers >>

* Mechazilla Chopstick Catching Structure Assembled | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* See how NASA ships the James Webb telescope in a massive ‘suitcase’ >>
* Arrived! NASA’s James Webb $10 billion Telescope arrives on shore in French Guiana >>
* 5G Promised to Change Everything, Why Hasn’t It Happened Yet? >>

* Google wants to take your mobile network off your hands, telcos >>
* Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18 >>
* Apple’s Mac event invite has a ‘warp speed’ AR easter egg >>

* The booming business of knitting together the world’s electricity grids >>
* Boeing satellite broadband nears FCC approval >>
* TIM launches satellite service for the underserved >>
* Smartphone vendors love 5G, but supply chain problems loom >>

* Strange radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way stump scientists >>
* Mysterious Radio Signal From the Galaxy’s Core ‘Fits No Currently Understood Pattern’ >>
* Next Big Thing In Podcasts Is Talking Back >>

* New Universal Force Tested by Blasting Neutrons through Crystal >>
* This upcoming Google search engine feature will compete with Facebook, Twitter in curating news >>
* No-code AI analytics may soon automate data science jobs >>

* Surviving the 21st century with interdisciplinary teams | Jeannie Johnson | TEDx >>
* A gift is wrapped in every problem | Nimesh Mehta | TEDx >>
* Will the Climate Crisis Make Our Children Less Well-Off? | Jacek Piskozub | TEDx >>
* How to Find Life on Mars While Protecting Earth | Moogega Cooper | TEDx >>
* Learning from Mars; Or, Facing our Shit | Lydia Kallipoliti | TEDx >>

* The Quality of Auto-Generated Code >>
* Germany Unveils the World’s First Fully Automated Train in Hamburg >>
* Woman rocked awake by meteorite chunk crashing into her bedroom >>

* Edge computing: The architecture of the future >>
* Merging UX design with low-code & no-code platforms >>
* Lockheed Martin’s CTO Steven Walker on Future Defense Technologies >>
* James Webb’s 30 Days of Terror >>

* New PostgreSQL Interface makes Cloud Spanner’s scalability and availability more open and accessible >>
* Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as ‘ignition’ triggered in a lab >>
* Blockchain, AI, Internet of Things Will Change Banking, RBC CEO Says >>

* How China stumbled into a painful energy shortage >>
* Creating the new hydrogen economy is a massive undertaking >>

* Microsoft Warns of Iran-Linked Hackers Targeting US and Israeli Defense Firms >>
* ITER Talks (3): The ITER Magnets >>
* Data Cloud: Simply transform with a universal data platform >>

* Jre #1717 – Alex Berenson >>
* New Nobel Prizes >>
* Dubai Has Built the World’s Biggest Observation Wheel >>

* AWS Console Unavailable >>
* Peter Norvig Leaves Google To Join Stanford AI Unit >>
* Texas Governor Signs Executive Order Banning COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates >>

* Netgear wants you to buy its $1,500 Wi-Fi 6E mesh router to fix your smart home >>
* WHO SIGNED OFF ON THIS? Trailer For The ‘Home Alone’ Reboot And Sweet Jesus, What Were They Thinking? >>
* Guy Attempted To See If The Most Dangerous Stunt From ‘Prince Of Persia’ Could Be Copied In Real Life >>

* How to transfer your Google Authenticator 2FA to a new phone >>
* Google files a counterclaim in Epic Games lawsuit, saying it’s owed financial relief >>
* Google Cloud Next – All Sessions >>
* At Cloud Next, Google debuts Distributed Cloud plus data and AI product additions >>
* Finding a home for your story | Salik Shah | TEDx >>

* Microsoft Patch Tuesday bug harvest festival comes to town >>
* On Friday NASA’s Lucy probe starts its 12-year quest to map Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids >>
* Mesh Wi-Fi vs. traditional router: Which one’s best for your home? >>

* Women are less likely to get pregnant for two years after a concussion tps://www.newscientist.com/article/2293252-women-are-less-likely-to-get-pregnant-for-two-years-after-a-concussion/#ixzz7993ny4d2
* Facebook open to changing US law that protects companies from being held accountable for what users post on their platforms and will give regulators access to its algorithms >>

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