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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 October 2021

* Star Trek’s William Shatner on his plan to boldly go into space >>
* Microsoft taps AI techniques to bring Translator to 100 languages >>
* The emergence of datacenter-as-a-service >>
* Does Your Project Have a Purpose? >>

* AstraZeneca antibody cocktail succeeds in late-stage study to treat COVID-19, company says >>
* Instagram to introduce ‘take a break’ feature and ‘nudge’ teens away from harmful content >>
* Sydney comes out of 4-month lockdown after reaching vaccination target >>

* California could ban gas-powered generators and mowers by 2024 >>
* Google AI Introduces ‘FLAN’: An Instruction-Tuned Generalizable Language (NLP) Model To Perform Zero-Shot Tasks >>
* How health care AI could help train tomorrow’s physicians >>
* Video: First-ever look at crystals forming in real-time at atomic resolution >>

* Credit-card firms are becoming reluctant regulators of the web >>
* Dilbert: Long Rambling Stories >>
* TED: The Way We Work ; 5 tips for dealing with meeting overload >>
* Why enterprise patch management pains are cybercriminals’ gain >>

* Tour Firefly Aerospace’s Factory and Test Site With Their CEO, Tom Markusic >>
* CodeRibbon: The second iteration of the Patchworks editor >>
* Solar-powered aircraft flown for nearly three weeks without landing >>
* And You Will Know Us by the Company We Keep >>

* Radar trends October: Developments in Security, Law, Quantum Computing, and More >>
* Security.org: 68% of Americans use the same password across accounts >>
* China Unveils Long-Range GJ-11 Drones That Can Launch Decoys At Enemy Warships >>

* Energy Firm Reveals Scotland’s First Underwater Substation for Offshore Wind >>
* Musk Says He Is ‘Dying’ to Build a Supersonic eVTOL Jet >>
* Scientists Finally Know Why Wisdom Teeth Only Emerge When We’re Basically Adults >>

* Elon Musk Exposed Brutal Truth About Jeff Bezos’ Space Ambitions, If it’s more than a hobby, it’s time to stop complaining about losing, and start doing what it takes to win. >>
* Gogoro launches its battery-swapping tech in China >>
* After fits and starts, Google’s cloud strategy is finally finding its footing >>
* Three steps to making remote work visible during the Great Wait >>

* Life on Mars: astronauts simulate living on the red planet >>
* Why humanity must save nature to save itself >>
* World’s Energy Chaos Turns Russia Into Top Emerging-Market Pick >>
* India’s first 7-Eleven store opens in deal with Reliance Industries >>

* Hydrogen’s moment is here at last >>
* Southwest Airlines Cancels More Than 1,800 Flights >>
* Comcast ‘making a lot of good progress’ with DOCSIS 4.0 >>
* Everything you need to know about DeFi >>

* AI lab DeepMind becomes profitable and bolsters relationship with Google >>
* Microsoft and Nvidia team up to train one of the world’s largest language models >>
* Gardyn uses IoT to help you grow greens indoors >>
* Your cybersecurity team will face burnout, and you need to help >>

* FBL30 – David Pearce: Engineering Happiness & the End of Suffering >>
* Toward Better Pain Control >>
* Everything is accelerating in the exponential age >>

* Building cyber radar systems could alert Indo-Pacific nations and their allies >>
* Singularity – Microsoft’s Experimental OS >>
* LocalStack, you can run your AWS applications or Lambdas entirely on your local machine without connecting to a remote cloud provider! >>

* Apple is appealing the Epic Games ruling it originally called a ‘resounding victory’ >>
* Google Pixel 6 leak teases Magic Eraser feature, plus five years of Android security updates >>
* On ten years of ‘The Vertical Farm’ >>
* America Is Running Out of Everything >>

* New trailers: Star Trek: Discovery, Doctor Who: Flux, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and more >>
* After vaccinating 90 per cent of adults, Malaysia is opening up >>
* Solve for the Kiwi Covid equilibrium? >>
* This Asteroid May Be the Shard of a Dead Protoplanet—and Have More Metal Than All the Reserves on Earth >>

* AI Finds Potential Treatment for Incurable Pediatric Brain Cancer >>
* First, Impressive Vaccines for Covid. Next Up: The Flu. >>
* Neuroscientists Claim to Have Pinpointed The Brain States Unique to ‘Team Flow’ >>

* WhatsApp to introduce ‘pause voice recordings’ feature >>
* US Flight Traffic Controllers Complain Military Tests Interfered with GPS Signals >>
* Dilbert: Sunday Data Looks Two Ways >>

* Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories Could Detect the First Stars When They Exploded as Supernovae >>
* Who Bought $1.6B in Bitcoin Wednesday, and Why? >>
* Spongebob Squarepants is now an Xbox Series X >>

* A new dawn in AI and quantum computing now looks tantalisingly close >>
* SSH Tunneling Explained >>
* The moderating role of culture on the benefits of economic freedom >>

* Chopstick 2 Moved + Buucky Ready for Lifting | SpaceX Pink >>
* Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change? >>
* Facebook is nearing a reputational point of no return >>

* How can a GenZ student prepare best for the future? | Nikhil Raval | TEDx >>
* Birthing the First 22nd Century Industry | Shawn Riley | TEDx >>
* Machines as Teammates | Dr. Vinay Singh | TEDx >>
* Learning from Mars; Or, Facing our Shit | Lydia Kallipoliti | TEDx >>
* Why you should ‘make up’ with makeup. | Shalini Kutti | TEDx >>
* 23 companies powering the creator economy >>

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