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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2021

* SpaceX Starbase Ground Support Systems Near Complete, Movies being made from Space, JWST Update >>
* Author Talks: Indra Nooyi on leadership, life, and crafting a better future >>
* Trailer for ‘Lost in Space’ Season 3 promises epic conclusion to beloved series (video) >>

* PayPal launches its ‘super app’ combining payments, savings, bill pay, crypto, shopping and more >>
* As international travel returns, confusion over vaccines reigns. >>
* The Insane Engineering of the GEnX >>

* Moore’s Law Could Ride EUV for 10 More Years >>
* At Last, AI Joins the Fight Against Covid >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through October 9) >>

* Moderna, Racing for Profits, Keeps Covid Vaccine Out of Reach of Poor >>
* Curveballs and Blindspots: Navigating Uncertainty | Bobbie LaPorte | TEDx >>
* COVID, Family, and Development: The Next Three Generations | Duey Freeman | TEDx >>
* What Is Tesla’s New Megafactory? >>

* Watch A YouTuber Shut Off A Helicopter Engine Mid-Air — Just To Prove Neil deGrasse Tyson Wrong >>
* Is my immunity waning? Doctors advise Pfizer vaccine recipients not to worry >>
* Hair analysis shows: Meditation training reduces long-term stress >>
* Air India: Tata Sons conglomerate seals $2.4bn takeover deal >>

* Facebook apologises as services including Instagram hit again >>
* A Big Bet on Nanotechnology Has Paid Off >>
* New Virtual Obstacle Courses Are Teaching Real Robots How to Walk >>

* The American Bumblebee Has Vanished From Eight States >>
* How much should grocery delivery really cost? >>
* Economists expected far more Americans would be working again by now >>

* Polar Signals open-sources Parca to optimize code and cut cloud bills >>
* Breaking Analysis: The Future of the Semiconductor Industry >>
* Pandemic Year 1 Saw a Dramatic Global Rise in Anxiety and Depression >>

* Should Astronomy Join the New Space Economy? >>
* Delta Variant Does Not Appear To Make Children Sicker >>
* Ireland’s status as tax haven for tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple is ending >>

* China’s Robotaxis Hit the Road >>
* Boeing’s next Starliner test flight moves to first half of 2022 >>
* Pluto’s Atmosphere Is Dying, Showing Us How Earth May Eventually Die >>

* Facebook’s New $10 Million Fund Will Pay Creators To Make VR Content >>
* Security News This Week: Someone Hacked a Navy Warship Facebook Account to Stream Age of Empires >>
* Facebook apologizes for second outage in a week, services back up >>

* Apple files appeal to delay change in App Store payments >>
* Neuroscientists Roll Out First Comprehensive Atlas of Brain Cells >>
* The Rise of the Robo-Voices >>

* Mathematicians Prove Melting Ice Stays Smooth >>
* Biggest Private Companies Are Tik Tok’s Byte Dance and SpaceX >>
* IBM Space Tech Wants to “Democratize Space” with ENDURANCE. >>

* 50 Light-years to 51 Pegasi >>
* Heat Shield Tiles Installed on Ship 21’s Nosecone >>

* #GoogleCloudNext: Data Cloud: Simply transform with a universal data platform >>
* Covid-19 NZ: Singapore, the country that decided to let Covid in >>
* Singapore to allow quarantine-free travel for UK and other nations >>
* On patrol with a real-life Robocop >>

* Facebook and Instagram: The science of social media addicton >>
* Lebanon left without power as grid shuts down >>
* Introducing EdgelessDB: A Database Designed for Confidential Computing >>

* Self-Parking Car In 500 Lines Of Code >>
* Tech Jobs Are Everywhere Now >>
* Real-world data show that filters clean COVID-causing virus from air >>

* NASA’s Low-Noise Supersonic Plane Has No Front Window. Here’s How They See Through >>
* The mystery of Elon Musk’s missing gas >>

* The future of China’s work culture >>
* Chrome dome: The Cold War bombers of the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum >>
* The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux >>

* 50,000,000,000 Instructions Per Second : Design and Implementation of a 256-Core BrainFuck Computer >>
* Cumulative output of China’s first large-scale shale gas field surpasses 40 billion cubic meters >>
* Profit Panacea Is Badly Needed in This Stressed-Out Stock Market >>

* China’s latest fighter jets, drones display war-making capability >>
* Nearly 140 Countries Agree to Global Corporate Minimum Tax >>
* Can We Live Better By Talking About Dying? | Teri Kingston | TEDx >>
* The biggest win in the global minimum tax deal is a return to multilateralism >>

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