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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 08 October 2021

* The shortage economy >>
* Pfizer Seeks FDA Approval for Covid-19 Vaccine in Young Children >>
* Is Wearable Tech Finally Having Its Fashion Moment? >>

* The Divide: How broadband impacts public health >>
* Nokia Deepfield CTO: How DDoS attacks are changing >>
* The new order of trade >>
* Studies confirm waning immunity from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine >>

* Self-driving cars: The 21st-century trolley problem >>
* Chopsticks Carriage Prepared for Installation | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* SpaceX chopstick carriage preassembly for Launch tower >>

* The Singleton Hypothesis Suggests Humanity’s Possible Future >>
* Coronavirus aftershocks just keep coming >>
* Robots Take Over Italy’s Vineyards as Wineries Struggle With Covid-19 Worker Shortages >>

* The 2022 Geneva Motor Show is nixed thanks to COVID and the chip shortage >>
* TED Salon: The brain science of obesity >>
* Watch a Bipedal Flying Robot Take On a Tightrope and a Skateboard >>

* Building power where you seemingly don’t belong | Zulfat Suara | TEDx >>
* People-pleasing is no longer an option | Anita Tramontano | TEDx >>
* Are You Driven Like An Avenger? | Matt Brauning | TEDx >>
* We cannot save the Earth | Yungyeong Hyeon | TEDx >>
* We have the power to shape our future | Paolo Lombardi | TEDx >>

* A Huawei Exec, Two Canadians And The Deal That Got Them Home >>
* Facebook is nearing a reputational point of no return >>
* Star Trek nostalgia is a distraction from Blue Origin’s real ambitions >>

* Holograms get real: Startup creates objects out of light and thin air >>
* Russia’s S-70 Unmanned Combat Craft Is Nearing the Prototype Stage >>
* The US Navy Has Sold Two War-Veteran Aircraft Carriers for Pennies >>

* How to Train Large Deep Learning Models as a Startup >>
* Google signs up 150 million people for two-factor authentication: What it is, how it works >>
* The Research Mentality… and how to adopt it for product-led growth >>
* Robot response team >>

* US senators agree to extend debt ceiling to avoid default >>
* Life at 50C: Keeping cool in India’s heatwaves >>
* Code Execution Bug Affects Yamale Python Package — Used by Over 200 Projects >>

* Cybereason: Remote access Trojan targeted telecomms and aerospace >>
* Scott Morrison says social media platforms are publishers if unwilling to identify users >>
* The US Tests The New Generation Laser Weapon On Its Fighter Jet >>

* Microsoft Teams leaves users hanging on the telephone after PSTN integration goes wobbly >>
* After 20 years of drone strikes, it’s time to admit they’ve failed >>

* The U.S. Economic Recovery Is Slowing Down. Don’t Be Alarmed. >>
* World’s first malaria vaccine approved for use in children in Africa >>
* Dilbert: Thursday October 07, 2021Hiring Evil Employees >>

* Gartner’s Windows 11 adoption advice: Explore but don’t rush >>
* Scientists develop a robot that can rapidly sift through piles of clutter to locate lost items >>
* Wind-turbine technicians have one of the fastest growing jobs in the country – but it’s not for the faint of heart >>

* Physical athletes’ visual skills prove sharper than action video game players >>
* Gretel.ai, a platform for generating synthetic and privacy-preserving data >>
* Penetration Testing Your AWS Environment – A CTO’s Guide >>

* The Divide: What Viasat’s Evan Dixon wants DC to know about satellite broadband >>
* GitHub Advisory Database now powers npm audit >>
* No-code in manufacturing: automation without programming >>

* Adobe Elements 2022 will use AI for reframing, pet photo fixes and more >>
* NASA’s Lucy mission to Jupiter’s fossil asteroids: Everything to know >>
* Africa Internet Riches Plundered, Contested by China Broker >>

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