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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 October 2021

* Gone in Minutes, Out for Hours: Outage Shakes Facebook >>
* Facebook says ‘faulty configuration change’ to blame for 6-hour outage >>
* Facebook is back online after a massive outage that also took down Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus >>
* Facebook whistleblower reveals identity, says company ‘chooses profits over safety’ >>

* William Shatner to boldly go where no 90-year-old has gone before next week >>
* The Telecoms.com Podcast: Public cloud, China and devices >>
* Booster Forward Section Stacked | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Woman’s depression treated by an implant responding to brain patterns >>
* Russia is building its own sovereign internet — with help from Apple and Google >>
* Amazon lets Prime members send gifts with only an email address or phone number >>

* Windows 11 review: Microsoft’s most pleasant OS—until it isn’t >>
* Our Atmosphere Is Changing. And It’s Making the Earth Dimmer >>
* Google Pay could upend Japan’s smartphone payment leaders >>

* TED: The Way We Work : Want to truly succeed? Lift others up as you climb to the top >>
* Why This Democracy? | Deval Patrick | TEDx >>
* Authenticity is the path towards success | Stephanie Zubiri | TEDx >>
* Poorly Configured Apache Airflow Instances Leak Credentials for Popular Services >>
* Storytelling for healing and guidance in times of crisis | An Alcantara | TEDx >>
* Are you contributing to extinction of cultural diversity? | Deepti Vijaykumar | TEDx >>
* A Tale of Two Spoons: How Ancient Artefacts Still Shape Our Present. | Saba Askary | TEDx >>

* Linus Torvalds on 30 years of Linux, Rust and the open-source community >>
* Creating Wireless Signals with Ethernet Cable to Steal Data from Air-Gapped Systems >>
* Scientists create artificial intelligence that can suggest where to apply makeup to a person’s face to fool facial recognition systems >>

* BioNTech’s CEO says the world might need new COVID-19 vaccines by mid-2022 to protect against emerging variants >>
* A space tourism company wants to build a rocket-less capsule to send passengers into the stratosphere for only $50,000 >>

* iPhone 13 Pro costs Apple $21 more to build than iPhone 12 Pro, study finds >>
* This 13-minute video of a Facebook whistleblower is one of the most clearly articulated arguments against Facebook you’ll see >>
* The Coming Age for Tech x Bio: The ‘Industrial Bio Complex’ >>

* Five-year breach gave hackers access to billions of text messages >>
* Amazon’s Astro robot is stupid. You’ll still fall in love with it. >>
* Give Amazon and Facebook a Seat at the United Nations >>

* Misconfigured older Apache Airflow installations found leaking credentials >>
* Prolific ransomware gang operators arrested in Ukraine >>
* China’s mobile network operators to push nationwide roll-out of new 5G messaging service >>

* Airlines banking on innovation for less emission amid headwinds >>
* Expect a broad-based Asian economic recovery by early next year >>
* China turns up pressure on Taiwan with record warplane dispatches >>

* The age of fossil-fuel abundance is dead >>
* Facebook, Tech Stock Decline Triggers Broader Selloff >>
* The Facebook Files, Part 6: The Whistleblower >>

* CompOps: How Compliance Operations Help Dev Orgs Conquer Increasing Regulatory Hurdles >>
* Xi sends video message for China Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai >>
* What we can learn from China’s proposed AI regulations >>
* WebAssembly: The Future of Cloud Native Distributed Computing >>

* Developers are gaining more tools for the edge >>
* SpaceX Starship 20 ‘Wings’ Testing Ahead of Static Fire >>
* Frankencrane Ready to Lift Again | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* How Carburetors are Made (Basically Magic) – Holley Factory Tour >>
* MIT 20. How Nuclear Energy Works >>

* NSW premier as state records 608 new COVID-19 cases, seven deaths; Victoria sets national daily record with 1763 new cases >>
* Pandora Papers: World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks >>
* Can an Average Passenger Actually Be Talked Through Landing a Plane in an Emergency? >>

* SNL says what we were all thinking in its billionaire Star Trek sketch >>

* Android 12 Review: It’S Mostly About The Looks >>
* AMD CEO: Chip Shortage Will Likely End In The Second Half Of 2022 >>
* Fruit Ninja VR 2 Free Demo Goes Live On Steam Next Fest >>
* My own personal AWS S3 bucket >>

* Astronomers Look at Super-Earths That had Their Atmospheres Stripped Away by Their Stars >>
* Why Chip-Constrained Carmakers Can’t Just Transition To Newer Chips >>
* It’s a New Era for Mental Health at Work >>

* How to Build Digital Dexterity Into Your Workforce >>
* The Secret to Workplace Productivity: No-Code Technology >>
* Epic Games Store is getting a proper achievement system next week >>
* Our cosmic neighbourhood has so many more secrets for us to reveal >>

* A new detector could keep tabs on life on Earth—and maybe beyond above >>
* Quantum computers can now fix their own mistakes without making more >>
* Lubricating arthritic knees with synthetic fluid may help tissue heal >>

* DNA Virus Creates Computer Virus >>
* Can This $22 Billion Megaproject Make Nuclear Fusion Power A Reality? >>

* Trams, Cable Cars, Electric Ferries: How Cities Are Rethinking Transit >>
* Communication With Mars is About to Become Impossible (for two Weeks) >>

* Future Telescopes Could be Seeing the Wrong Planets >>
* How The James Webb Space Telescope Works – Smarter Every Day 262 >>
* China’s new reality is rife with danger >>
* Asian tech talent helps JPMorgan compete: CIO >>

* Chinese AI gets ethical guidelines for the first time, aligning with Beijing’s goal of reining in Big Tech >>
* CompOps: How Compliance Operations Help Dev Orgs Conquer Increasing Regulatory Hurdles >>
* Breaking Analysis: UiPath…Fast Forward to Enterprise Automation >>
* DARPA’S Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) Achieves Successful Flight >>

* New VR Games October 2021: All The Biggest Releases >>
* Hands-On: Tokyo Game Show’s VR App Is A Tiny But Important Step For Virtual Events >>
* Jeff Bezos invests in Indonesian e-commerce startup Ula >>
* Want to Join Tesla FSD Beta? Be a Nice Driver >>
* Research exposes the biological basis of empathy >>

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