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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 03 October 2021

* Cloud Wars & Company Wars: Play Nice, But Win >>
* This AI Learned Some Crazy Fighting Moves! >>
* SpaceX Starship Testing Finally Kicks Off, NASA’s Lucy Mission, Landsat 9, William Shatner in Zero G >>

* Donald Trump sues to get his Twitter account back >>
* Three Raptor Engines Delivered | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Australia: Crocodile sinks his teeth into a flying drone >>

* How Google destroyed our startup by terminating our Google Play Developer Account >>
* Brain-cleaning sleeping cap gets US Army funding >>
* Video Friday: Mini Pupper >>

* Windows 11 review: An unnecessary replacement for Windows 10 >>
* Windows 11: Half of enterprise workstations don’t meet the new system requirements, says survey >>
* Windows 11 seems okay >>

* Beyond the Meme: Ever Given, Supply Chains, and the Physical World >>
* These AIs Are About to Revolutionize Biology >>
* Physicists Found a Way to Mimic Neutron Stars in the Lab >>

* The World’s First Artificial Kidney Could Finally Free People From Dialysis >>
* Chip Shortage Makes GM Scrap Its Hands-Free Highway Driving Feature >>
* How Melbourne’s ‘short, sharp’ Covid lockdowns became the longest in the world >>
* Do inflation expectations matter for inflation? >>

* Hackers bypass Coinbase 2FA to steal customer funds >>
* The Cosmos Might Have Defects in Spacetime Left Over From Its Formation >>
* How an eccentric engineer at the Beatles’ record company invented the CT scan >>

* Security News This Week: Help Might Finally Be on the Way to Fight SIM-Swap Attacks >>
* U.S. Fighter Jets Will Operate From Japan’s Newest Aircraft Carrier, the JS Izumo >>
* The Divide: How broadband impacts public health >>

* Japan’s COVID emergency is over. Labor and chip shortages are not >>
* Tesla Delivers ‘Eye Popping’ 241,300 Cars in Record Quarter >>
* Microsoft details new Office 2021 features ahead of Oct. 5 launch >>

* There’s a Multibillion-Dollar Market for Your Phone’s Location Data >>
* Tesla sales continue to surge in the face of chip shortages >>
* More Vaccinations, Less Pushback: America’s Vaccine Mandates Are Working, Says Public Health Professor >>

* Alliance Including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM Vows to Protect Rights and Privacy With ‘Trusted Cloud Principles’ >>
* As Electric Car Makers Ante Up Billions, Software Is Ace in the Hole >>
* How The James Webb Space Telescope Works – Smarter Every Day 262 >>
* The Essentials of Using an Ephemeral Key Under TLS 1.3 >>

* Apple Pay Can be Abused to Make Contactless Payments From Locked iPhones >>
* Parasoft moves into the realm of business performance >>
* The future of testing is DevOps speed with managed risk >>

* Elon Musk Explains Why You DON’T Want To Be Like Him… >>
* So many questions, so few answers | Chief Gélpcal | TEDx >>
* Poverty in Argentina reached 40.6% in first half of 2021 >>

* Swimming in an Uncertain Sea >>
* Extending GitOps to the Enterprise >>
* We’re all fighting the giant: Gig workers around the world are finally organizing >>

* Netflix Reveals Its Most-Watched TV Shows and Movies of All Time >>
* COVID-19 pill could be a “game changer” >>
* YouTube TV lets you stream over 85 live TV channels >>

* 20 Employees and Former Employee Say Blue Origin is Unsafe >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through October 2) >>
* Agile business portfolio management >>

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