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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 September 2021

* Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine Is Safe, Effective for Kids 5-11 >>
* TikTok owner ByteDance limits younger users to 40 minutes a day in China >>
* NSW to trial geolocation and facial recognition app for home-based quarantine >>

* FBL27 – Amber Case: Designing Calm & Human-centric Technology >>
* Uncontrolled Spread: Science, Policy, Institutions, Infrastructure >>
* Tomorrow’s Build: This ‘Pandemic-Ready’ Skyscraper is Coming to Miami >>

* TEDMonterey: Planet City — a sci-fi vision of an astonishing regenerative future >>
* Deep Space Network: A Laser Communications Future >>
* Predicting a Supernova in 2037 >>

* Light Reading Recap: Last week’s telecom news highlights >>
* How New York’s hippest architects are reimagining communal space for the post-Covid era >>
* Pfizer, BioNTech Say Their Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe for Young Children >>

* ‘iPhone 15’ will get in-screen Touch ID, ‘iPhone Fold’ arrives in 2024 says Ming-Chi Kuo >>
* Meet Your Virtual AI Stuntman! >>
* iOS 15 now available with Health sharing & improved device intelligence >>

* Moving to Launch Site >>
* Covid Vaccine Prompts Strong Immune Response in Younger Children, Pfizer Says >>
* Big Tech is replacing human artists with AI >>

* Navy’s New Refueling Drone Just Provided Gas to a F-35 >>
* NASA’s chief scientist will retire in 2022 >>

* China rolls out autonomous driving standards as carmakers work towards making self-driving a reality >>
* After Merkel >>
* Ultra-white paint could reduce the need for air conditioning >>

* US to ease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreign visitors >>
* Amazon’s big fall hardware event is set for September 28th >>
* Amazon’s AI Cameras Are Punishing Drivers for Mistakes They Didn’t Make >>

* Netflix and Apple TV+ clean up at the Emmys with ‘The Crown’ and ‘Ted Lasso’ >>
* A Radical New Motorcycle Design Hit the Tracks for the First Time >>
* A New DARPA Contract Brings Us One Step Closer to Nuclear Thermal Spaceflight >>

* A New Luxury Airship Can Fly You to the North Pole Without Wings >>
* Google Meet will automatically adjust webcam brightness in your browser >>
* How Car Rentals Explain the 2021 Economy >>

* Afghanistan: Fighting off hunger under the Taliban >>
* Use the AWS Cloud for observational life sciences studies >>
* New trailers: Succession, You, Nightmare Alley, Hawkeye, and more >>

* Eurobites: Virgin picks Plume for ‘smart home’ services push in UK >>
* AT&T begins testing Ericsson, Nokia kit ahead of Andromeda auction >>
* Starlink to exit beta, as EU eyes OneWeb stake >>

* Elon’s NEW Updates On Starship Super Heavy Static & Cryo Test >>
* Raptor Center (RC) Engine #67 Removed from Booster 4 | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* This AI could predict 10 years of scientific priorities—if we let it >>

* AI Can Write Code Like Humans—Bugs and All >>
* Equity Monday: A global selloff to kick off Disrupt week >>
* Disrupt 2021 kicks off tomorrow >>

* Building the First Low-Power Network to Support Global IoT Demand >>
* A New Wave of Malware Attack Targeting Organizations in South America >>
* Accurately Forecasting the Weather on Mars and Titan >>
* Quantum computer helps to design a better quantum computer >>

* Race for Fusion Power Heats Up as Multiple Projects Hit New Milestones >>
* American West is running out of water —and Big Oil, of all things, can help fix it >>
* Monday assorted links >>

* Australia reports 1,607 COVID-19 cases as states learn to live with virus >>
* Covid-19 Toll in U.S. Surpasses 1918 Pandemic Deaths >>
* Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for younger kids>>

* There’s an Entire Street of 3D Printed Houses in Texas >>
* Serving Netflix Video at 400Gb/s on FreeBSD >>
* Bye YouTube, Hello PeerTube >>

* A web-based remake of the Windows 3D Pipes screensaver >>
* IT leaders: Here’s how you should navigate the growing cloud market >>
* HackerOne enables ‘ethical hackers’ to identify cybersecurity nightmares >>

* Despite Delta, severe covid-19 is much rarer among vaccinated Britons >>
* Can the Australia-France relationship be salvaged after scrapping the sub deal? >>
* The Divide: How Uprise Fiber seeks to solve what you hate about your ISP >>

* The Therapist Will See You Now. But Where? >>
* Redo HipHop: Clear the Waves | Kwabena Rasuli | TEDx >>
* When Passion Brings About Change | Norah Myerow | TEDxYouth >>

* Safety officials are hitting the brakes on Tesla’s push for automated cars >>
* An emergency room doctor’s view of the Covid crisis >>
* It’s time to relaunch your remote team >>

* Malware Attack on Aviation Sector Uncovered After Going Unnoticed for 2 Years >>
* Tomorrow’s Build: Why All Buildings Should Be Timber >>
* The great resignation: Boomers and Gen X stay put, while millennials and Gen Z walk away >>

* The Last 20 Python Packages You Will Ever Need >>
* Hard life makes you a hero | TEDx >>
* The Growing Maker Culture | Aarav Garg | TEDx >>

* Starship Ship 20 ALL Raptors & TPS Tiles Ready! >>
* Covid: Melbourne construction sites shut after violent vaccine protest >>
* DNS Hosting With Azure DNS >>

* iPhone growth slowdown through 2023 a ‘critical concern’ for Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo says >>
* Netflix Releases Free VR Game, Eden Unearthed, On App Lab For Oculus Quest >>
* Made in America isn’t simple to define or buy. Now what? >>

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