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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 September 2021

* Inspiration4 | Splashdown >>
* SpaceX Starship updates and FAA Draft Environmental Review, Inspiration 4, Starlink Lasers >>
* GitLab files to go public as both revenue and losses surge >>
* Inside GitLab’s IPO filing >>

* This AI Makes Digital Copies of Humans! >>
* How Cisco can win ‘Cloud of Thrones’ >>

* anytype.io – an operating system for life >>
* This Can’t Go On >>
* Belgian ISP under 250 Gbps DDoS for days on end >>

* Consolidation of the VPN industry spells trouble for the consumer >>
* FDA panel recommends limiting Pfizer booster shots to Americans 65 and older, and those at high risk of severe COVID-19 >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 18) >>

* As France launches an even better high-speed train, why is the US still so behind? >>
* Meet the Brains Behind SpaceX Rockets >>
* Simulated Elon Musk Lives in a Simulation >>

* Missing text on 4,500-year-old cuneiform tablets can be decoded by a deep-learning AI that works like autosuggestions on a smartphone >>
* NSF Live: Inspiration4 Splashdown Preview, Starship Regulatory Progress, Artemis News, and More >>
* Ports are a mess but shipping company profits are at record highs >>

* Life after COVID: will our masks ever come off? | TEDx >>
* Reimagine Everything | Tyrell Anderson | TEDx >>
* Biden administration to roll out sanctions targeting ransomware payments >>
* Will the Right to Protest survive its migration online? | TEDx >>

* Israel reportedly used a remote-controlled gun to assassinate an Iranian scientist >>
* Facebook Files, Part 3: ‘This Shouldn’t Happen on Facebook’ >>
* Facebook Files, Part 4: The Outrage Algorithm >>

* The Gates Foundation’s approach has both advantages and limits >>
* Greta Thunberg needs to do more than shout platitudes >>
* These Ergonomic Ar Glasses Are Designed With A Minimal Interface To Seamlessly Blend Into Your Life >>

* Quad leaders to call for securing chip supply chain >>
* Accelerating sustainable infrastructure: An investor’s perspective >>
* Action needed: Help us measure project sustainability >>

* Amazon closes 3,000 Chinese-brand online stores in campaign against fake reviews >>
* Ken Xie, Fortinet | Fortinet Security Summit 2021 >>
* Rupesh Chokshi, AT&T Cybersecurity | Fortinet Security Summit 2021 >>

* Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Full Review: Bringing Balance To The Force >>
* Google reportedly plans to add free channels to its smart TV platform >>
* The US Air Force’s MC-130 Seaplane is Finally in the Works >>
* The World’s Whitest Paint Just Won a Guinness World Record >>

* A Smart City in the Desert? Egypt Is Building a New Capital >>
* Heat-Activated Plastic Muscles Can Lift 5000 Times Their Weight >>

* The US Navy Awards Minesweeping Autonomous Subs a $9.5M Contract >>
* Police Brings Tesla With Autopilot On to a Halt After Driver Passes Out >>
* The Future Is Here but Where Are the Flying Cars? >>

* ITER Nuclear Fusion Reactor Hit By COVID Delay, Rising Costs >>
* How To Rapidly Improve At Any Programming Language >>
* Elon Musk says Starlink internet service will leave beta in October >>

* If Aliens Are Out There, We’ll Meet Them in a Few Hundred Million Years >>
* Astronauts Have Used Bacteria to Extract Useful Metals out of Rocks >>

* Dilbert : Long Range Plan >>
* xKcd: Rover Replies >>

* Elon Musk’s failed Tesla robotaxi promise is the height of self-driving hype >>

* ‘Lies and treason’: France could suspend military co-operation and trade talks >>
* French aren’t the only ones furious with Australia’s new defense pact >>
* AUKUS fallout misses the silent spearhead lurking beneath >>
* Preparing for war between US and China – what it means for NZ and Australia >>

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