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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 September 2021

* ReWatch SpaceX’s all-civilian Inspiration4 spaceflight >>
* Portable Analyzer Brings Blood Testing to Rural Areas >>
* Meet Your AI Virtual Level Designer! >>

* Colossal Will Recreate Woolly Mammoth’s in 4-6 Years to Preserve Permafrost >>
* NASA awards SpaceX, Blue Origin, and 3 other companies $146 million in contracts to make moon lander designs >>
* SpaceX, Blue Origin awarded NASA contracts to develop moon lander concepts for future Artemis missions >>

* Microsoft now lets you sign in without a password >>
* Microsoft rolls out passwordless login support to its core consumer services >>
* Microsoft issues patch for zero-day exploit that uses malicious Office files >>

* B1M: Dubai Has Built the World’s Deepest Pool >>
* Tele-Driving Startup to Deploy Remote-Controlled Cars as a Step Towards Full Autonomy >>
* 2021 Data/AI Salary Survey >>
* Who Is Driving the Great Resignation? >>

* Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot has learned to replan its routes >>
* Chickens bred to lay bigger and bigger eggs has led to 85% of hens suffering breastbone fractures, study finds >>
* World’s first hands-free JETPACK prototype is unveiled, could take to the skies in 2022 >>

* Inspiration4: Why SpaceX’s first all-private mission is a big deal >>
* Google launches ‘digital twin’ tool for logistics and manufacturing >>
* Snowflake targets financial services with its first industry-specific data cloud >>
* Next-gen software supply chain attacks up 650% in 2021 >>

* Critical Flaws Discovered in Azure App That Microsoft Secretly Installed on Linux VMs >>
* How to Stop a $45 Billion Crime Spree >>
* Tenth launch boosts OneWeb halfway to its target >>
* Huawei wishlist: Global talent, 6G, set own standards >>

* Australia is getting nuclear subs, with American and British help >>
* As a skills crisis mounts, tech leaders pivot: ‘It’s crazy the hiring spree they’re on’ >>
* Very First Webcam Was Invented to Keep an Eye on a Coffee Pot >>
* Build on AWS for Startups Overview | Amazon Web Services >>

* How to live an Awe-full life! | Costa Georgiadis | TEDx >>
* Finding Joy by Disappointing Others | Steven English | TEDx >>
* Scientists are getting closer to understanding long Covid >>
* My Other Car is a Time Machine: A Journey Back to Self Compassion | Mike Iskandar | TEDx >>
* Escaping the Hidden Prison of Auditory Processing Disorder | Angela Loucks Alexander | TEDx >>
* Get Back Up | Jamie McAnsh | TEDx >>

* Firewall: Zero Hour Dev Hiring For ‘Next Generation’ VR Project >>
* Facebook Downplayed Instagram’s Harm to Some Teens >>
* Inspiration4 | Q&A with Inspiration4 Crew >>

* Morning After: Meet the new iPhone 13 >>
* Report Claims Apple AR-VR Headset Uses iPhone/iPad/Mac For Advanced Features >>
* Apple’s iPhone 13 event just proves that you don’t care about 5G >>
* These are the iPhone 13 rumors that got it wrong >>
* Everything released at Apple’s iPhone 13 release event – and what we thought >>
* Report suggests Apple’s A15 Bionic lacks significant CPU upgrades due to chip team brain drain >>
* Introducing iPhone 13 Pro | Apple >>

* Ransomware crims saying ‘We’ll burn your data if you get a negotiator’ can’t be legally paid off anyway >>
* Innovation—the launchpad out of the crisis >>
* Sharon Peacock interview: How we track down new coronavirus variants >>

* iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are Apple’s first phones with dual eSIM support >>
* Scientists Can Now Assemble Entire Genomes On Their Personal Computers In Minutes >>
* YouTube TV expands its live TV service with more Spanish-language networks >>

* Sony unveils an all-black version of the Pulse 3D Headset >>
* TP-Link’s latest WiFi 6 router includes a dedicated band for gaming >>
* SaaS data backup and recovery platform Rewind raises $65M >>

* We Knew Black Holes Have a Temperature. It Turns out They Also Have a Pressure >>
* Here’s Our Best View Yet of Asteroid Kleopatra >>
* Cosmic Dawn Holds the Answers to Many of Astronomy’s Greatest Questions >>
* Rule of the Robots: Warning Signs >>

* Internet, cellphone reception restored after bolt of lightning melts fibre cable >>
* Cyber attack: Kiwibank and MetService still experiencing problems >>
* Poverty went up in 2020, but stimulus checks and beefed up unemployment benefits were a lifeline for millions of Americans >>
* Amazon announces plans to hire 125,000 employees across America >>

* Windstream CMO: SD-WAN stalled, not squashed by pandemic >>
* Light Reading Podcasts: The Leading Lights finalists: Part I >>
* U.S. Industrial Production Recovers to Pre-Pandemic Levels >>

* Free Roam VR is as immersive as it gets >>
* Sunday Service at the Church of Retail >>
* The Possibilities of Augmented Reality >>
* Adventures without a smartphone >>

* What’s the Right Dose for Boosters? >>
* Reinventing the office: What it looks like and what it means for you >>
* An Introduction to AWK >>

* The best way to avoid new Covid variants is to delay booster shots >>
* Scientists are getting closer to understanding long Covid >>
* China takes on Delta and its property developers at the same time >>

* Huawei vows to lead in 6G as U.S. and Japan challenge China >>
* U.S. adds new Indo-Pacific grouping to face off with China >>
* Xpeng to deliver LiDAR-fitted P5 smart EVs this month, defying Elon Musk’s derision by dialling rivalry with Tesla up a notch >>

* Securing Your Software Supply Chain: Leveraging Dark Web Threat Intelligence to Fortify Your Defense >>
* We’ve Solved for Availability; Now to Solve for Hybrid Cross Cloud Latency >>
* Harry Dewhirst, Linksys | Fortinet Security Summit 2021 >>
* Ken Xie, Fortinet | Fortinet Security Summit 2021 >>
* Fortinet Security Summit Wrap | Fortinet Security Summit 2021 >>

* Apple’s next iPhone mirrors last year’s but adds storage >>
* Australia, the US and UK to announce landmark new defence pact >>
* Watch Boeing’s Drone Tanker Refuel US Navy F-35C For the First Time >>
* COBOL- still standing the test of time >>

* The Defiant X Is a Brutally Powerful Helicopter >>
* A New Self-Driving Submarine Can Clean Micro-Plastics on Hydrogen Power >>
* Dumping Hundreds of Microchips Into Your Brain Could Help Epilepsy Research >>

* A New 555 Megawatt Floating Solar Array Will Help Ease Global Fossil Fuel Reliance >>
* North Korea Just Fired Its First Nuclear Cruise Missiles With Range to Hit Japan >>
* The Best, Worst And Weirdest Outfits From The 2021 Met Gala >>

* Walmart to launch autonomous delivery service with Ford and Argo AI >>
* Disney+ is remaking the classic sci-fi movie ‘Flight of the Navigator’ >>
* Why Authorization is Hard >>

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