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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 September 2021

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* The first iPhone with 1TB of storage is reportedly coming Tuesday >>
* What Is Zero Trust? It Depends What You Want to Hear >>
* Mēris Botnet Hit Russia’s Yandex With Massive 22 Million RPS DDoS Attack >>

* Palo Alto Networks reveals malware-detecting WiFi router >>
* Fusion energy nears reality thanks to an ultra-powerful magnet >>
* Google One adds a 5TB storage plan for $24.99 per month >>

* Facebook’s vision of the metaverse has a critical flaw >>
* Computer vision and deep learning provide new ways to detect cyber threats >>
* Only 8% of orgs with web apps for file uploads have adequate cybersecurity >>

* A Short History Of Every Time Apple Ceo Tim Cook Praised Augmented Reality >>
* Upside-down rhino research wins Ig Nobel Prize >>
* Asian telcos race to sell off towers, data centers >>

* 2021 DeepMind x UCL RL Lecture Series – Introduction to Reinforcement Learning [1/13] >>
* Apple’s Insane New Partnership With SpaceX >>

* Virtual ABBA in the Physical World >>
* Taliban rolls out red carpet to China’s Belt and Road Initiative >>
* Societies that treat women badly are poorer and less stable >>
* Cheap Sensors for Smarter Farmers >>

* A Stroke Study Reveals the Future of Human Augmentation >>
* Top 9 Reasons for Digital Transformation Failure >>
* Amazon to FCC: Don’t let SpaceX shirk the rules >>

* Verizon’s Peselli on enterprises’ evolving network consumption model >>
* The Internet casts shade on Zuck’s new Ray-Bans >>
* WhatsApp to Finally Let Users Encrypt Their Chat Backups in the Cloud >>

* AI drives data analytics surge, study finds >>
* This MICRO Nuclear Reactor Runs On Nuclear Waste! >>
* Stuff Made Here breaks down Automatic Bow >>

* A ‘privilege to be out there’: South African wildlife photographer >>
* Coupa, Snowflake and Zscaler: The case for buying the dip >>
* Future of the App Store depends on the difference between a ‘button’ and an ‘external link’ >>

* SpaceX Started Stacking BOOSTER 5 To Catch With Arms + Booster 6 Spotted! >>
* ALMA’s new Receivers Will let it see Longer Wavelengths, Peering Closer to the Beginning of the Universe >>
* In Addition to Gravitational Waves, is There any way to Detect Merging Black Holes >>

* Tesla FSD 10 Testers Agree a Large Improvement Has Been Delivered >>
* With Orbital SpaceX Starship – Cancel SLS and Fund Moon Colonization >>
* Dilbert Has Vacation Days >>
* What’s at stake in Argentina’s midterm primary this Sunday >>
* How 9/11 Changed Data Privacy >>

* How the Afghan Women’s Soccer Team Escaped the Taliban >>
* Security News This Week: Biggest DDoS Attack in History Hit Russian Tech Giant Yandex >>
* Afghanistan: Taliban announce new rules for female students >>

* The hard reality of Brexit is hitting Britain. It’s costing everyone but Boris Johnson >>
* The economy is still a long way from normal >>
* Ford is ending production in India and taking a $2 billion hit in the process >>

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