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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 September 2021

* Some of the most iconic 9/11 news coverage is lost. Blame Adobe Flash >>
* Big Tech wants to build the ‘metaverse.’ What on Earth does that mean? >>
* Microsoft Warns of Cross-Account Takeover Bug in Azure Container Instances >>

* Engadget Podcast: iPhone 13 event preview, hands-on with Facebook’s smart glasses >>
* It’s ridiculously easy to secretly record bystanders with Facebook’s new camera glasses >>
* Apple Watch 8 might have a temperature sensor >>

* Almost no one encrypts their emails because it is too much of a hassle >>
* AI can detect a deepfake face because its pupils have jagged edges >>
* Can AI—and a Personal Assistant—Cure Burnout for Working Moms? >>
* Super Heavy Booster 5 Stacking Begins | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Video Friday: Robotic Gaze >>
* This is the new normal, Microsoft tells US workers: Work from home until further notice >>
* This AI Helps Making A Music Video! >>

* Apple Trial Ends in Mixed Verdict >>
* Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules >>
* Apple mostly wins in Epic Games Fortnite trial, but must ease payment rules >>
* Apple’s ‘loss’ is the best result for users, developers, Apple, and Epic >>
* Judge issues permanent injunction on App Store model in Epic v. Apple case >>
* Epic Games asks Apple to reinstate Fortnite in South Korea after new law >>

* Orca AI Just Started Trials for Autonomous Ship Safety Systems >>
* Scientists Want to Send Autonomous ‘Robot Swarms’ to Mine the Moon >>
* Feel the Thrill of Flying and Surfing With Lift Foils’ LIFT3 eFoil >>

* WhatsApp rolls out end-to-end encryption for chat backups >>
* New Research Reveals Animals Are Changing Their Body Shapes to Cope With Climate Change >>
* Microsoft Suggests Those Divisive Windows 11 System Specs Deliver a 99.8% Crash-free Experience >>

* Elon Talks About Booster 4 Static Fire Test + Orion Update >>
* SpaceX Starship Super Heavy Booster 4 Design Changes explained >>
* SpaceX is launching its first civilians on Wednesday >>

* Facebook is reportedly developing custom server chips >>
* From Engineering Intern to Chairman of Tata >>
* Exosuit That Helps With the Heavy Lifting >>

* Salesforce beefs up Service Cloud with new automation features >>
* DeepMind aims to marry deep learning and classic algorithms >>
* Communism and sitcoms informed leading ethics researcher at Salesforce (updated) >>

* Don’t let dissapointments decide your future | Ms.Pragya Nagra | TEDx >>
* Innovation Through Inclusion | Hari Michele Osofsky | TEDx >>
* TED Membership: The mind-bending reality of the universe >>

* “We had never heard of bin Laden. How was this linked to us?”: what 9/11 was like for Afghans >>
* WhatsApp: Security of End-To-End: Encrypted Backups (pdf) >>
* A Duck-Nosed Aircraft Tested Upgraded Warfare Systems for F-16 Fighters >>

* Could 3D Printed Catalysts Make Hypersonic Flights Possible? >>
* Postgres: Boundless `text` and Back Again >>
* Why $46 Billion Couldn’t Prevent an Eviction Crisis >>

* Inside a surreal journey from the Pakistani border to Taliban-controlled Kabul >>
* Google: What’s new for load balancing and service networking >>
* A smarter way to think about public–private partnerships >>

* ProtonMail Now Keeps IP Logs >>
* Researchers enlist robot swarms to mine lunar resources >>
* The 30 best jobs of the future >>

* US Hypersonic Missile Programs Are an SLS-Like Failure >>
* US Debates Halving F-35s Stealth Fighter Procurement >>
* Leveraging Controversy for Good. | King Tonto Dikeh | TEDx >>

* Inside SpaceX $1.3 Billion Dollar Space Bakery >>
* Why Talented Blue Origin Engineers are Leaving to Join SpaceX & Elon Musk >>

* How the Fire Department of New York Changed After 9/11 >>
* How 9/11 Ushered in a New Era of Conspiracy Theories >>
* How 9/11 changed architecture and urban design forever >>

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