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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 September 2021

* How to watch the PlayStation Showcase 2021 >>
* Amazon, fighting SpaceX’s Starlink plans, says Elon Musk’s companies don’t care about rules >>

* Composable Enterprises Will Be Built on Low Code >>
* DevOps Productivity: Have We Reached Its Limits? >>
* Broken Access Control is now the highest vulnerability in OWASP Top 10 2021 >>

* This AI Learned Boxing…With Serious Knockout Power! >>
* mRNA cancer therapy now in human trials after shrinking mouse tumours >>
* Scientists are developing an app that uses AI to diagnose what disease a person has by listening to their cough >>

* NASA has too Many Spacecraft to Communicate With. Time to Build More Dishes >>
* New Matrix Resurrections Trailer Reclaims the Red Pill Narrative >>
* NASA is going to slama spacecraft into an asteroid. Things might get chaotic. >>

* New Laser Shot Through Your Keyhole Can Expose Everything in Your Room >>
* The US Navy Just ‘Cut Steel’ on the Next Generation of Advanced Carriers >>
* Novel Artificial Cell-Like Structures Can Mimic Natural Living Cells >>

* TEDMonterey: The big myth of government deficits >>
* The Deep Math That Can Help Cargo Ships See Into the Future >>
* Amazon, fighting SpaceX’s Starlink plans, says Elon Musk’s companies don’t care about rules >>

* Sex, Drugs and TikTok: What the Viral Video App Shows Minors >>
* iRobot’s new Roomba solves the ‘poopocalypse’ problem and actually avoids dog poop >>
* China reportedly slows down online game approvals as crackdown on video game addiction continues >>

* Wooden robot arm is powered by plastic muscles >>
* Russian cosmonauts take five-hour spacewalk after smoke alarm goes off >>
* First US Navy carrier strike group to deploy with F-35C stealth fighters sails into the South China Sea >>

* Notion acquires India’s Automate.io in push to accelerate product expansion >>
* SpaceX Rocket for First All-Tourist Spaceflight Rolls to Launchpad >>
* Retail’s need for speed: Unlocking value in omnichannel delivery >>

* Russian Ransomware Group REvil Back Online After 2-Month Hiatus >>
* Corporate AI Transformation: How to Not Throw Mud Against the Wall >>
* Hackers Leak VPN Account Passwords From 87,000 Fortinet FortiGate Devices >>

* IBM launches Watson Assistant capabilities for call center automation >>
* Internet of Medical Things: How Connected Devices are Changing Healthcare >>
* JRE #1705 – A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life >>

* European cities are slowing down their street traffic >>
* Milton Glaser’s iconic 9/11 poster is now helping New Yorkers emerge from the pandemic >>
* “A robot army isn’t an ideal opponent, but I would have a water gun” >>

* The Next Biggest Marketplace | Prof Jack Sim | TEDx >>
* How close are you to being an online fraudster? | Jimmy Fong | TEDx >>
* Mind Mastery- The Culture of Wealth | Ugochukwu Omeogu | TEDx >>

* Why nations that fail women fail >>
* Lenovo will double R&D war chest to $9bn for AI push: CEO Yang >>
* Children’s Cases, Leaving Some Hospitals Stretched >>

* How are camera sensors still improving? >>
* 20 Years Later, New Forensic Technology Detected 2 More 9/11 Victims >>
* MIT innovation may make fusion energy a reality soon >>

* Hundreds of foreigners leave Afghanistan on commercial flight >>
* QDA Claw Aerial Update, Starbase Tx Flyover >>
* SpaceX, Starbase, Tx New Highbay Construction Progress Aerial View >>
* Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos: It’s Getting Ugly >>

* Ground-Based Observatories Could use Starshades to see Planets too >>
* This is a 3D-Printed Steel Floor Prototype for a Lunar Habitat >>
* Boost transcription accuracy of class lectures with custom language models for Amazon Transcribe >>

* AWS EKS Anywhere (as long as it’s VMware) hits full release >>
* The Publishers Association Ramps Up Site Blocking to Reduce Piracy >>
* Rocket Lab’s order backlog tops $141M as the company inks five-launch deal with Kinéis >>

* Sequoia’s Pat Grady says it isn’t clear startups ‘should be accelerating’ right now — here’s why >>
* A.I. Can Now Write Its Own Computer Code. That’s Good News for Humans. >>
* The Morning After: Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ tech comes to Whole Foods >>

* MIT-Designed Project Achieves Major Advance Toward Fusion Energy >>
* How Windows 11 will speed up your slow PC >>
* Review: Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories make the case for smart glasses >>

* New SpaceX Starlink Terminals, Satellites and Factories >>
* Making Affordable Robots From iRobot Founder >>
* Apple iPhone 14’s design has already leaked online, a full year in advance… with a flattened camera bump and no notch >>

* Amazon to cover 100%* of college* tuition* for hourly employees* in the US >>
* The Pandemic Has Set Back the Fight Against H.I.V., TB and Malaria >>
* What we know so far about booster shots and the covid-19 vaccines >>
* How Sars-Cov-2 Infects Cells With Its Spike Protein >>

* Blood test could reveal who is most likely to get severe covid-19 >>
* Facebook Reveals $299 Ray-Ban Stories Smartglasses With Camera And Assistant >>
* Next Food Frontier: Fish Made From Plants, or in a Lab >>

* Australia’s high court rules media liable for third party content on their Facebook pages >>
* What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal >>
* Road to Mars Episode 1: Starship Full-Stack and Inspiration4 astronaut Sian Proctor visits Starbase >>

* Neo returns in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ trailer >>
* ‘Star Trek: Picard’ takes us to an alternate reality in February 2022 >>
* ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season four lands on Paramount+ November 18th >>
* ‘Gran Turismo 7’ comes to PS4 and PS5 on March 4th, 2022 >>
* ‘GTA V’ heads to PlayStation 5 in March 2022 >>
* ‘Wolverine’ is getting his own PS5 game from Spider-Man studio Insomniac >>
* ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ brings Venom to PlayStation 5 in 2023 >>
* ‘First look at ‘God of War Ragnarök’ shows a war with Asgard >>
* ‘Uncharted 4’ and ‘Uncharted Lost Legacy’ are coming to PS5 and PC >>

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