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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 September 2021

* Luxury Space Balloon Lets You Glide 100,000 Feet Above the Earth With a Cocktail in Hand >>
* iPhone 13 will get satellite communications in just a few markets >>
* China Is Reportedly Developing Quantum Radar to Detect Stealth Jets >>

* Why We Need to Keep Going to Space and Shouldn’t ‘Fix Earth First’ >>
* How the pandemic made millennials uncool >>
* Dead Internet Theory Posits Forums are Now Almost Entirely Overrun By AI >>

* China roundup: Beijing wants tech giants to shoulder more social responsibilities >>
* Vlog: A glimpse at CIFTIS 2021 >>
* New published patents show Dyson designs for stair-climbing and drawer-opening robots >>

* Is a self-driving car smarter than a seven-month-old? >>
* Ethiopian Airlines Settles With Boeing, Expects Resumed 737 Max Flights in January >>
* IBM’s New Mainframe 7nm CPU Telum: 16 Cores At 5GHz, Virtual L3 and L4 Cache >>
* SpaceX Starlink customers who paid a $100 deposit 7 months ago are frustrated at being unable to contact customer service >>

* Large-Scale Simulations Of The Brain May Need To Wait For Quantum Computers >>
* Britain’s health service is running out of blood test tubes and doctors say it could lead to a ‘catastrophe’ >>

* New AI Algorithm Improves Brain Stimulation Devices to Treat Disease >>
* New Mini-CRISPR Systems Could Dramatically Expand the Scope of Gene Therapy >>

* The Best Birthday Present in 2021? A Covid Vaccine. >>
* Google Data Center Security: 6 Layers Deep >>

* More than one in 10 people in NSW with COVID-19 now end up in hospital >>
* Sugar May Prevent Mosquitos from Spreading Arboviruses >>

* China Will Launch a Constellation of 36 Satellites to Inspect Natural Disasters >>
* A Floating Dutch Cow Farm Could Bypass Climate Crises >>

* Former NASA Engineer Erupts The World’s Tallest Slime Volcano >>
* Here’s Why You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Fail The Milk Crate Challenge >>
* Pixel 3 owners say their phones are bricking without warning >>

* iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 & more: what to expect from Apple >>
* Dogs distinguish human intentional and unintentional action >>
* Covid Delta outbreak: Air NZ, McDonald’s franchisees among biggest wage subsidy recipients so far >>

* Patients waiting too long for cancer diagnoses – specialist >>
* Breaking Analysis: Thinking Outside the Box…AWS signals a new era for storage >>
* Shipping shock: Chinese influencer Cherie apologises after live-stream fans charged US$155 for ‘giveaway’ items >>

* What will form the ‘foundation’ as China moves towards overtaking the US to become the world’s biggest economy? >>
* Panda-shaped photovoltaic plant demonstrates China’s firm effort on cutting carbon emission >>
* China’s large internet companies post faster revenue, profit growth in Jan.-July >>

* Covid Deaths Surge Across a Weary America as a Once-Hopeful Summer Ends >>
* As a rich-world covid-vaccine glut looms, poor countries miss out >>
* Demystifying deep reinforcement learning >>

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