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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 August 2021

* 7-Eleven’s 20,000 Japan shops to add delivery in battle with Amazon >>
* Virgin Orbit is going public to fund its space satellite program >>
* Remote controlled firefighting tank leads in 5G grants >>

* Here’s What the FDA’s New Approval of Pfizer’s Vaccine Really Means >>
* China reports no new local Covid-19 cases for first time since July, as Delta outbreak wanes >>
* Japan reveals plans £322 MILLION mission to bring back soil samples from Mars’ MOON Phobos by 2029 >>

* Boring Tunneling Cost Predicted to Be $4-5 Million Per Mile >>
* Delta’s rise is fuelled by rampant spread from people who feel fine >>

* Future Tesla AI Cloud Vs Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba >>
* Could Tesla Mass Produce Dojo AI Cloud Systems >>
* Tesla AI Dojo Training as a Service Could Compete with Amazon and Google Cloud >>

* AI Can Write in English. Now It’s Learning Other Languages >>
* FBL23 – Tan Le: Neuroscience and the Future of Wearable Headsets >>
* Zoom is back online following an hour-long outage >>

* Gartner highlights key trends powering the rise of emerging technologies >>
* Ericsson CEO warns China will be ‘formidable’ if 5G or 6G splits >>
* Fall of Afghanistan: Taliban sits on $1 trillion of minerals, China may seek business >>

* Everyone’s going to Mars: Rocket Lab joins the Red Planet Race >>
* This Ai Can Spot An Art Forgery >>
* Can This Sun-Reflecting Fabric Help Fight Climate Change? >>

* A microscopic video shows the coronavirus on the rampage. >>
* These researchers are bringing AI to farmers >>
* NASA’s Curiosity rover video shows a fresh panoramic view of Mars >>

* Scientists Once Thought Personality Was Set in Stone. They Were Wrong >>
* This Physicist Discovered an Escape From Hawking’s Black Hole Paradox >>
* Scientists Break Record By Developing a ‘True’ Bifacial Solar Cell >>

* Pfizer to Acquire Cancer Drugmaker Trillium for $2.3 Billion >>
* How to bypass Sprint/T-Mobile 2fa in under 5 minutes… >>
* Mosquito saliva alone has profound effects on the human immune system >>
* Farmers Are Creating Circular Gardens in the Sahara Desert. Here’s Why >>

* Watch Virgin explain Hyperloop system! (full behind the scenes >>
* Israel is testing 1.4 million children for COVID-19 antibodies >>
* Singularities Can Exist Outside Black Holes—in Other Universes >>
* Gene Editing Used to Block Mosquitos’ Ability to Identify Targets >>

* Harris ‘focused’ on Afghan evacuation as Asia eyes US credibility >>
* Pentagon Orders U.S. Airlines to Help With Afghanistan Evacuees >>
* Taliban warn of ‘consequences’ if US extends evacuation >>

* Regardless of how covid-19 spread, the world needs to prevent lab leaks >>
* How Vietnam went from pandemic hero to COVID shambles >>
* It’s ‘Back to That Isolation Bubble’ for Workers Pining for the Office >>
* More early COVID-19 cases of humans, animals need to be tested for virus origins tracing >>

* Light Reading Recap: Week ending August 20 >>
* How GPT-3 and Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy the Internet >>
* SpaceX preps more powerful ‘Gen2’ satellite system for Starlink >>
* Ahh yes, my mouse driver is asking for a firewall exemption >>

* M1X Mac mini with more ports could launch within months >>
* Ford’s got 100,000 reservations for the Maverick, mostly for the hybrid, report says
* FARMVILLE: Why Nothing Is Stopping Wealthy From Purchasing Thousands Of Acres Of American Farmland Each Year >>

* Autonomous car insurance drives new opportunities >>
* AI will help design chips in ways humans wouldn’t dare, says Synopsys CEO de Geus >>
* To solve space traffic woes, look to the high seas >>

* Taliban, not the West, won Afghanistan’s technological war >>
* Synopsys CEO: AI-designed chips will generate 1,000X performance in 10 years >>
* Why You Should Use GitOps to Experiment With AI >>

* Top 15 Vulnerabilities Attackers Exploited Millions of Times to Hack Linux Systems >>
* Why has Covid-19 had less of an impact in Africa? >>
* A $2 billion fintech startup has become Africa’s fastest unicorn >>

* Police Capture Massive 5-Engine Drone That’s Used for Drug Transportation >>
* This Ship Can Fly at Speeds of 125 MPH and Carry 12 Passengers >>
* T-Mobile is giving customers a free year of Apple TV+ >>

* Equity Monday: Stocks up, cryptos up, regulation up >>
* China’s Mars rover assigned extended mission after exceeding life expectancy >>
* This Autonomous Tesla Hgv Brings Ultra-Futurism To Elon’S Semi Dreams >>

* Intel wins Defense Department contract for cutting-edge chip foundry services >>
* How will the global Covid-19 pandemic end? >>
* It’s Impossible To Tell If This Story Exists, According to Quantum Physics >>

* China’s RCS service still a series of pilot apps >>
* Elon Musk Doubles Down on A.I. Ambitions Despite Regulatory Scrutiny >>
* Why America keeps building corrupt client states >>

* RustPython >>
* An Empirical Cybersecurity Evaluation of GitHub Copilot’s Code Contributions >>
* 45 Teraflops: Intel Unveils Details of Its 100-Billion Transistor AI Chip >>

* More than 100 TRILLION objects lurking at the edge of our solar system are visitors from interstellar space >>
* Morning SpaceX Launch Site Starbase, Boca Chica, TX >>

* Zapier: 60% of knowledge workers use automation to save time >>
* New ways of working in a post-pandemic recovery: It’s all changing, and for the better >>
* Gordon Legal on robo-debt class action: It was never meant to be a Royal Commission >>

* What the Recent Progress in Laser Fusion Means >>
* SpaceX Thinks it can Send Humans to the Moon Sooner Than 2024 >>
* ‘Neurograins’ Could Record Brain Activity From Thousands of Locations >>

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